Corum Admiral’s Cup Replica

Corum is a Swiss watch manufacturer that is considered to be quite new on the market when compared to other big names. It was founded in 1955 but it quickly found its audience with bold designs and quality timepieces. The brand offers watches with a big range of prices; some start at $5000 while other easily go over a million dollars. One of the famous models that have this brand name is the Admiral’s Cup; the name was approved by the Royal Racing Club from London and it is a tribute watch made to represent the sailing competition that goes around the world. One of the main features of this model is the bezel which has 12 angles and the flags of the countries according to the international code of sailing.

The watch itself is very complicated as far as design goes and this makes it very difficult for replica manufacturers. While the name isn’t as popular as some other replicas, the one we have here was very well made.

Corum Admiral's Cup Replica Watch Dial

Fake Corum Close-up

Genuine Corum Watch

Genuine Corum Watch

Trying to find a difference between these two models actually takes time and effort and after quite a while of staring at the two, there are no major differences that can I share. There is the pattern on the display and the numbers on the marks but this is not actually mistake but more of a difference in style. The brand name and logo is where it should be, the flags are correct although I think that the one on the “9” mark has green where it should have been black.

Corum Back Cover Watch

Corum Admirals cup clasp

The case keeps with the lines and original design. The authentic watch had a black alligator skin bracelet while the replica only has a rubber one; granted that this can be easily changed and it is not actually a difference between the watches.

Imitation corum Cup Crown

Just in case you are wondering, the button on the side is for blocking the other two so that the user doesn’t start the chronograph functions by accident. While the original case is made of titanium, the replica is just made out of stainless steel but the results are amazingly similar.

Fake Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer is a chronograph initially designed for aircraft pilots but it has become known as a status symbol due to its precise movement and unique design. It is certainly one of the biggest names in the world of luxury watches and this usually means that fake watches that bear the same name are not far away. In fact, Breitling replicas can be found at almost any imitation watches store which makes for quite a lot of variations when it comes to quality. The replica Navitimer presented here is considered to be a good copy and a quick comparison between it and the authentic model will reveal some of the differences.

Fake Navitimer Dial

Genuine Breitling Navitimer

Genuine Breitling Navitimer

Breitling Navitimer Copy Crown

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watch

While the overall design looks pretty good, a closer look will reveal that things aren’t exactly the same. One of the differences that first get noticed is the design and length of the side buttons as well as the design of the crown. The reason why this difference is so easily noticeable is because the Navitimer is famous for its stopwatch function so anything related to that feature has to be the same.

Other design aspects that don’t look exactly the same are the secondary dials. The truth is that this doesn’t really get noticed unless you have two models in front of you to compare but it is worth mentioning. Also on the dial, the brand name and logo is a bit different.

Fake Navitimer Back Cover

Fake Breitling Clasp

As expected from all replica watches, there is a lower quality of steel used to make it and this can be seen when looking at it up-close or after a period of use. Another thing worth mentioning is the design of the outer bezel which isn’t exactly the same. Other small things such as the design and length of the hands can be observed as well as the stitching on the bracelet but such things are expected when it comes to fake watches. A perfect copy, down to the smallest detail, is almost impossible to find.

All in all, this replica Breitling Navitimer is a decent attempt and it should be treated this way; although it is not perfect, finding faults in its design is not very easy. is a replica watches website that seems to have copied all the low quality replica watches websites out there. It has the same bad design and probably the same low quality products so you should probably stay away from this if you don’t want to throw away your money.

We don’t understand why they made an About Us page since the page is empty. This should give you an idea about how trustworthy a company that doesn’t offer any information about itself is. The rest of the categories where you might find information are poorly written and you will probably notice that much of the text has been copied from other replica watches websites. Also, their payment methods are few and they don’t offer any option for customers who don’t want to share their credit card information to complete strangers. Also, they don’t have many delivery options so if you were thinking of lowering your delivery cost you will notice that they only work with expensive delivery companies.

The information about the watches is just something about watches in general, but there are no specific details about the products you will be buying. This shows unprofessionalism, as all websites that sell products like these should take the time to make sure that they give all the information to their potential customers regarding the products they sell.

They do have a big variety of watches but whenever you click on a watch you are disappointed with the quality of the picture provided. There seems to be a zoom button so that you can see the watch better but it doesn’t give you an idea about how good the watch is. Everything seems to be blurred, perhaps to make the watches more appealing by hiding their flaws and making customers more eager to buy them.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we give this website a 2 as it doesn’t manage to impress us and it definitely looks like it’s selling low quality replica watches. It’s definitely a website that should be avoided if you want something that is of better quality.

The problem with this replica watches website is the fact that is completely unreliable when it comes to the website working.  Most of the time the website doesn’t load properly ad when it does it just takes a lot of time. Other times it doesn’t work at all so if you just decided on a watch and want to place an order you might realize that you won’t be able to do so because the website stopped working. This is extremely frustrating and shows a great deal of unprofessionalism.

Another thing that will definitely be frustrating is the low quality of pictures showed on the website. This doesn’t only keep you from actually seeing the way your product looks like but it also shows the fact that the website owners didn’t care to take a lot of time to make this an honest experience for the user or they definitely have something to hide regarding their products.

A big red flag is the low amount of information about the shipping process, this makes it impossible for most people to get the information they want and they also don’t seem to respond to emails very fast, which makes things even worse. Also, there’s no actual information about the company on the About Us page, which is a big red flag, especially for a website that sells products that cost a little more and where there should be trust involved. There are also few payment methods which can make things difficult for people who don’t have one of the options posted by them. Also, most people wouldn’t want to give their personal information on a website and pay with their credit card, so they should also have payment methods that involve more than a credit card, like Moneybookers or PayPal.

Unfortunately, this website is definitely not the option you should be choosing when you want to make sure that you are buying a good replica watch, for so many reasons: the fact that it is very unreliable when it comes to actually working to the fact that there is not information whatsoever about the company. Review is a disappointing website with an odd name for a replica watch website, created as a reference to YouTube. However, they don’t really manage to bring the professionalism and good service YouTube provides so their reference is only a reminder of how bad they are as an online company.

If you manage to get over the bad grammar and actually take a look at the watches you will be disappointed again. First of all, all the watches are on the left side of the website and the categorization is not user friendly at all, so it will take you a while until you find the replica watch you want to buy. Once you found the replica watch you will be able to see a fair amount of pictures with it, but unfortunately all those pictures are of bad quality, so you won’t be seeing much anyway. This is a terrible thing to do for a website that sells their products online and that’s the only way their customers are able to decide whether they like a product or not.

Another thing that bothers us is the information section. What is wrong with a little more information about the whole process? They seem to lack the ability to produce coherent information and you are left in a blur when it comes to the whole payment and return policy process. This is definitely a red flag, especially because the return policy should be a strong point when it comes to online companies, as it is the only way the customer is able to know that in case they don’t like the product, they are able to return it and get their money back. Another problem is the fact that orders over 300 dollars are sent on to the billing address of the credit card, so you won’t be able to surprise someone with a gift from this website, but why would buy want to buy something from here anyway?

It seems that this website is only a row of disappointments, it managed to disappoint us not only with the services and the products it sells but also the way you browse it and the whole design. If we were to buy a replica watch, we would definitely avoid this website at any costs, since there are so many trustworthy websites available out there.