The soul of a company is the merchandise it offers and it this case promises to provide top notch replica timepieces that will forever change your opinion about the quality of knock-off watches. Let your heart and soul discover the luxurious replicas this merchant has to offer and feast yourself on timeless perfection.


The design is very simplistic. I find it to be very casual and relaxed. The focus is on the products, not on bold promotional gizmos designed to promise you the world IF you buy their products. The replicas speak for themselves through the means of a very rich collection of famous watch brands and also through the big and clear presentation photos listed on the home page. I like it very much. It gives you time to concentrate on the knock-offs and on the policies, and, of course, to discover how legitimate this company really is.

The description of the products is very detailed and constructed in a very comprehensive manner. It lines out all the basic information you need so you can establish the level of quality for a replica. From weight to materials used, from the caliber of automatic mechanism to markings, everything is explained so that you know what to expect from these imitation watches.

The company offers free shipping worldwide with EMS and DHL. The delivery time is about 5-10 business days depending on the customer’s country. The surprisingly great policy this company offers is that if after 4 weeks there are no updates in the tracking details then they consider the package lost and they reship another one for free. I know from experience that most stores let you wait up to 6-8 weeks before even considering that your shipment actually has a problem in being delivered. It is great that states from the beginning their solution to such a problem. accepts Visa, Mastercard and Western Union payments. These are the most common payment methods used by online replica companies. All of them are used by numerous customers across the world and are the most reliable payment forms available on the Internet.


The prices start at $70 for the Japanese watches and go up to $600 for the Swiss ones. The collection is pretty inclusive, but the top side menu bar is not doing the company any favors as it only shows one third of the brand names offered by this online merchant. To see or find only the Swiss models is almost impossible as the menu doesn’t have a separate category for the Swiss watches. Both Swiss and Japanese models are put together in what I like to call “a big mess”. If you are interested in viewing just the Swiss watches from the Rolex collection which includes over 5,000 models then tough luck. It is my opinion that even though you have very low prices and a wide product range, you will end up losing many customers if it is almost impossible to browse through your collection.

Finally, a replica company that offers repairs services after the first 14 days of receipt. provides a 6 months warranty which allows you to send the watch back to them and repair it for free if it breaks. For returns or exchanges, a 14 days policy is applied. What I absolutely dislike is their Shipping and Handling fee of $20-$40 which they will charge when you return a product for a refund. It is something we are used to call Restocking fee. This means that any return will be extremely costly for you. In some cases you might prefer to keep the defective or unsatisfactory product than to endure the absurd additional costs.

Pictures: The photos clearly show that these were taken by and that it represents the actual stock. The style is particular and unique. Each product is presented so that it shows all the relevant details, such as dial, bezel, buttons, back cover, bracelet and clasp. All of the watches have a specific detail which shows that the pictures are property of the company: the bands of the replicas are wrapped in a protective plastic.  An unpleasant detail of the photos is that the watermark has a different company name: This is probably the former domain name of this online store.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service:  The available communication channels provided by this company are a real disappointment. On the top right side of the page there is a banner saying “24/7 Live Chat”. If you click on it, you will have a big surprise: there is no chat option. It takes you to a contact form and it also specifies that you can only contact the company by using this contact form or by emailing them at a gmail account: They don’t even have a business email address. The fact that they use a gmail account shows how unprofessional is the whole foundation of this company.

Summary: is an average replica store with average policies and services. As many China based companies it offers an impressive number of watches, very low prices and free shipping. Still, these apparently positive aspects are compensated by the lack of professional services and by disadvantageous policies. Buying a replica from this company may turn out to be very risky if you receive a low quality product and have to follow their return conditions in order to get your money back.

We all imagine our dream luxury timepiece as a pretty shinny watch that steals our heart from the first moment we lay our eyes on it. tries to convince us that it is the place where we could find that perfect replica watch, the place where excellent quality meets affordable prices. For most of us, it is exactly what we are looking on a replica and the reason why we choose to buy from a certain online company. Now, let’s see if this replica website is the real deal or not.

PROS website is not as shiny as one would imagine, but it is pretty interesting though. It has a complex, well studied design, filled with many promotional and flashy banners that would do about anything to convince you to buy from this place. I got to admire their determination and their hard marketing work. The problem is they over-do it and you feel lost on their website. You simply don’t know what to do next. So much promotional information flashes before your eyes that you miss out on the actual purpose of this store: their replica watches.

Even dividing their collection is a pretty complex task. For example, there are two criteria: gender and how hot a brand is.  So this means we have the first segregation: men’s, women’s and unisex; and the second segregation: hot brands and other brands. What did I tell you? They like to overthink everything. And this is just the main menu. From here you start browsing the watches and you discover a pretty inclusive collection.  Most of them will surprise you pleasantly. You will find timeless masterpieces desired by collectors all around the world and also more fashion forward designs that are both stylish and modern.

What do I find particularly interesting on this website? Well, this would be the nice personal touch given by something as simple as the “Buyers Talks” with comments, photos and names of customers; the “Products comments” and the list of watch related articles. It all shows how well they know how to sell their merchandise and to some buyers it may even build some confidence in the liability of the company. Of course, I don’t expect the buyer’s comments and the product reviews to be real, but you have to admire their creativity.

The watches are pretty affordable. If you get one of their great deals for the watch you are looking for then you may end up paying $80 for it or even less. For example, a black PVD Tag Heuer Mercedes Benz model is only $79.99 after applying a promotional 42% discount. Oh yeah, the shipping is free for orders over $50. Bottom line, if you choose wisely you could buy a pretty decent replica watch for a very low price.

The accepted payment methods are credit card and Western Union. takes all major card payments, such as  Visa; MasterCard online, JCB, American Express. The fact that the merchant can process so many card companies shows that it has a solid and secure payment processor and makes me believe that we can trust our money with them.


As expected, their shipping policy is more complicated than the one of an average replica company. Most countries get free shipping for orders over $50. Some do not get free shipping, but have to pay $9.95. It doesn’t say which countries. This type of shipping takes 10-16 days. Express shipping doesn’t seem to be very convenient or fast as it takes 7-12 working days and it starts at $19.95. And the conditions continue with many long lists of countries where the shipping is $35 and takes more than a month for the package to arrive. Too complicated if you ask me!

Now let’s talk about their refund and exchange policy. Don’t bother reading it because its incorrect and forced English language will give you a serious head ache. The bottom line is that you have a 7 days refund option and a 14 days exchange policy. There is nothing about what happens after the first 14 days, if the product breaks. Is there a longer time frame for a repair warranty? Or is this all they guarantee: that your product will work just for 14 days? Their return conditions are absurd and seem to be more like a joke than a professional policy. For example, “The problems related to material differentiate from the buyer’s imagination”…” which we will not regard them as the quality problem”. So customers with a rich and vivid  imagination, beware of this company as they will not accept anything that you imagine as being wrong with your replica watch.

Pictures: The photos are very good and seem to be of the actual replica watches that sells.  The quality is excellent and the images show every angle and detail of the products. It shows the dial, the back case, the bezel and crown, the inside and outside of the band and of course, the closing system of the bracelet. The clarity is so good that you can even see the finger prints on the stainless steel.

Domain Registered: USA

Customer Service: offers customer service by email and chat. This brings back my eternal problem: the importance of a contact phone number. This replica store doesn’t offer phone support. Only the most professional and liable companies afford a customer service phone line and are also able communicate without any speech difficulties. Nowadays, only a few online knock-off merchants offer customer service by phone because most of them are based in China and for them it is very difficult to find operators that speak decent English.

Summary: offers everything you would expect from a China based replica store: a wide selection of luxury brand timepieces at affordable prices. Plus, the promise of free delivery for orders over $50. Furthermore, the excellent product photos and the determination to clarify every aspect of their policies, shows they have nothing to hide. They will definitely deliver what they promise: an affordable imitation watch.

We all want to own a real Rolex and this is exactly how we are tempted to buy from this online replica company: Touch the Rolex Dream! tempts us to get our hands on the best authentic looking Rolex replica there is and feel like millionaires as long as we wear it.


The home page presents the best of this site, meaning, a short description, the hottest products, a big free shipping banner, a very interesting article list, and what I find to be quite innovative for the replica business: “buyer talks” and product comments. Believe it or not the “Buyer Talks” posts also have photos of the customers. I really don’t expect these comments to be real (from actual clients), but I do think that it’s a nice touch to the image of the company.  It presents what everyone imagines buying a replica online is: an extremely satisfactory and cheap journey towards wearing a high quality Rolex watch. How often does it come true? Each time a customer makes an informed shopping decision.

The real difference between this online replica store and others is that it sells only Rolex watches. I honestly can’t mention another replica website selling only one brand of knock-offs. Indeed, Rolex represents a big part of this industry, but still you could earn much more by selling more than one brand. The good part is that when you focus on just one niche you manage to do things better and offer the best quality available on the market. This could be the case for any company that is really interested in investing all efforts for supplying superior quality imitation watches. offers two basic payment options: Credit Card or Western Union; and when they say credit card they mean: Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express. These card companies are the most accepted methods in the world and all major online stores take them. The fact that this seller offers such a wide selection of payment options, shows that he is liable and trustworthy.

CONS: is one of the plainest website I came across so far and I like to think that I’m not that picky. Usually I like online stores that use a white background and simple layouts because they tend to better point out the beauty and quality of their products, but this one is plain dull. It is white with grey text, a very common and large photo on the home page and a left side menu bar. It doesn’t have anything out of the ordinary, except its boring design.

Remember the Free Shipping banner from the home page? Well, I’m afraid it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Reading the Shipping and Delivery page is a real challenge due to its many rules and variables.  Let me start with the fact that shipping isn’t actually free…I mean, it is free for most countries (but those most countries aren’t mentioned) and only if the order is over $50. Oh, and let’s not forget that it takes about 16 working days to receive the order. Express shipping is almost $20 and it takes about 12 days. It doesn’t seem that express to me!  And for a very long list of countries, shipping is $35. Also, do not forget to check and see if your country is included in the very long lists with an average delivery time of one or two months. Story short, it is my honest opinion that the shipping policy is a strong downside of this company.

The Return Policy is another endless list of conditions written with the sole purpose of refusing your return no matter how big your problem is. Presumably, they offer a 7 days refund policy and a 14 days exchange policy, but it seems impossible to qualify for these two options. For example, they will not issue a refund if the product doesn’t look like in the picture or if you are not happy with the quality. Why? Because they manufacture the replicas following very strictly what is displayed on the website. They do not make mistakes. You do! This amuses me. It is the first time a replica company uses this justification for rejecting a refund when the reason is“the product delivered doesn’t look like on the website”.  The exchange policy is as strict as the one for getting a refund so it is pointless to go through it. Bottom line, if you are unhappy with your purchase they will make everything possible to keep it this way.

Pictures: The website shows very good quality and accurate pictures of what seems to be their actual stock. The photos manage to show up close the details, the markings and the particularity of each replica. Just by studying these images you can get a good idea of the quality you will be receiving from As I have said above, I really think the pictures shown on the site are of the actual replicas they sell and I must say that these watches are pretty good imitation timepieces.

Domain registered: PANAMA

Customer service: offers only email and live chat service, even though I am not that sure that the live chat option is really available. The chat button doesn’t have the online/offline notification. It just says “chat now” and if you click on it then you are asked to leave a message, so I am not convinced that you ever get the chance to be attended by a live operator. It seems that a contact phone number isn’t available and this makes me think that the company is either fake or based in China and they can’t provide this service due to the unavailability of an operator who speaks English correctly.

Summary: is an online replica website that sells only Rolex knock-offs at very affordable prices. It is the right place for a watch passionate who is seeking to find the largest selection of Rolex imitation timepieces available on the Internet.

Are you nutty Upon Watches? Then you are the perfect customer for this company. hopes to be the number one source for nutty watch collectors that would do anything to get their hands on the best-selling replica watches ever made. But before going over our heads let’s see if is more than just an impressive list of famous watch brands.

PROS: has a very clean and familiar design. It is so familiar that you have the feeling you have seen it before…and it is very likely that you did.  Lately, replica companies change their domain and appearance so often that it’s hard to keep track. Still, I’m not yet convinced that this is the case for this website, but rather that it’s just a way of making you feel like you know the company and that you can trust it. If you take a moment to scroll down the page you will notice the Blog Archives section in the left. I am positive that I haven’t seen such a rich blog archive on none of the other replica websites.

The home page includes a big banner with their latest promotion: “a 20% discount for orders over $129”. This shows that the company has deals for its products on a regular basis and no matter when you are ordering you will always get your hands on a sale. On the same page, under the 20% discount banner, the sponsored replicas are presented in 3 categories: Monthly Specials(discounted),  Featured Products and New Products. Everything you need to get started is right here, on the home page. Just have your card ready because this will turn out to be quite a hectic shopping spree.

On the left there is the menu bar which lists quite an impressive number of brand names. Just say it and they got it. This is the place to be if you are thinking of having your very own collection of luxury timepieces. Start browsing the website and make your pick. They even have a category for couple watches. Both you and your partner will be delighted to share the same style of famous watch brand. Are you passionate about cars? Then you too have come to the right store as lists a collection of watches manufactured by automobile brands such as Audi, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Ford. This website truly has it all.


I absolutely disagree with the way the descriptions of these watches were constructed. The biggest part is some nonsense about whom the merchant is and what it sells, and the actual descriptive part has so many errors that it’s very difficult to believe it may actually contain something real. More exactly: silver, white or brown dial watches say “black dial”, and stainless steel bands are listed as leather or rubber and vice versa. It is all just a big mess and it doesn’t do any service to the image of this company.

The best way to tell if a company is reputable is to first read its shipping, payment and return policies. To my surprise lacked such important information. I browsed and browsed the website and I could only find some basic information about Shipping. More exactly, the packages are shipped with EMS, Hong Kong EMS, DHL , UPS, FedEx and TNT. This means that the packages are shipped from China and that the replicas are manufactured in China too. The estimated delivery time is about 3-5 days and a tracking number is provided. The shipping fee to most countries is $20 for one or two watches, and free shipping for more than three watches.  In addition, it says that guarantees the delivery; still if the package is undeliverable due to an incorrect address then they will not reship it.

The accepted payment methods are Visa and Western Union and it usually takes about 24 hours to process your payment. Basically, you put in your credit card information and you wait and see if it was all just a scam or if this is a serious company that will actually ship your order after cashing in.  There is absolutely no information about a refund policy or about returning the products for replacement or repairs. This is very frustrating and it makes you wonder why not put it all out on the website especially if you consider how informative  this website is with its blog posts and the watches reviews sliding in and out on the home page.

Pictures: The pictures show how unprofessional this company is. The watches have two or maybe three very poor quality photos, and some are not even in the same style. The main photo may be on a white background and the additional image from the bottom may be on a black background. These pictures look like they were copied from the Internet and put together to fool the inexperienced shopper.  On top of that, all the photos bear the watermark of, a website that was shut down. It is needless to say that the photos do not inspire me any bit of confidence.

Domain Registered: CANADA

Customer service: The only available communication channel is via email. doesn’t offer customer service by phone or live chat. The email address isn’t a business one. It is a gmail account, Once again, this reinforces the overall unreliable nature of this company and of the business it runs.

Summary: is a website that at first glance seems very professional and trustworthy, but after you go further than the Home Page you discover how shady and unsafe this China based company really is. Ordering from this website would qualify as a very risky purchasing decision.

From the pile of generic replica websites we take out one that is particularly distinctive, one that differentiates its business by focusing on affordable prices, discounts, free delivery and a money back guarantee. Now, let’s take a look underneath this pretty picture and see what this company is all about.

PROS: is a very fashionable and stylish website that catches our attention from the first moment with its glam design. Still, the pretty looking layout and the floral accents are the kind you usually find on an online store that targets mostly women, whereas carries replicas both for men and women. I have to say that it’s a little bit too girlie for my taste.

The main page says everything you need to know about this company: it lists their main brands in a very esthetic menu with name and logo for each one, it states that the shop is based in UK, that the delivery is free and that your satisfaction is guaranteed by top notch services and by a 14 days money back guarantee.  It does look and sound very promising, almost too good to be true. I am very reluctant towards the “based in UK” part and I will scan every inch of this site to see if it’s really based in UK or just another Chinese store.

The default currency is GBP, but the page offers the option of changing the currency in the one of your liking. Also, the biggest part of the home page is reserved for displaying the “Huge discounts” watches. For some of them the discount is almost 50 GBP. Some of these offers are a pretty good deal. I like the big and flashy banner on the left side of the page encouraging the visitors to contact the company by email for any questions they may have. This shows that the seller is opened to communication and most important that it really is a reliable merchant.

The menu includes a wide range of brand names. All of them are iconic luxury brands, ones of the most desired in the world. Just name it and they got it. The collection is also pretty inclusive and features both Swiss and Japanese watches, both for men and for women. Take your time before making your decision because before your eyes lays an impressive number of choices. The page of each product presents a very detailed and well-constructed description, as well as a very innovative option of adding your own review for this product or writing a question about it.

The delivery page offers just basic information about their shipping policy, less than I am used to. Presumably they try to ship the package the next day, but this time frame varies depending on different factors. The delivery is free worldwide and regardless of the quantity or weight of the package. It should take just 1-5 business days for the order to arrive and a tracking number will be available, but you can use it only after 48-72 hours from the moment the package is shipped.


I didn’t find any information about the actual warranty of the watch, meaning repairs or replacement, and to what extent of time. The only information available on the website is about the return and exchange policy. The company provides a 14 days return/exchange policy. The return costs are the customer’s responsibility, and  it is very reassuring that the merchant issues a full refund. Still, the big question here is: What happens after the first 14 days? If the watch breaks then will the company fix it or dismiss the issue by saying: “We don’t state on the website that the watches come with a warranty. Please fix it by your own.”

On the bottom of the webpage it says that the accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank Wire. If you go to the checkout page you will see that that the Bank Wire option isn’t available- a misleading information that might inconvenience you if you were thinking of paying with bank transfer. Please note that Western Union payments receive a 30% discount and it is quite an appealing option if you are set on saving up as much as possible when buying your replica.

Pictures: The photos are very good and detailed. It is quite obvious that the images are not of the authentic watches. You can tell that they show the replicas and that these are of very good quality. The problem is that the watermark on the photos says…not so you really cannot be sure that these weren’t copied from another website. Another version may be that the company changed its domain recently and forgot to update the watermark on the photos. Still, it doesn’t look very professional.

Domain Registered: CANADA

Customer Service:  The customer service doesn’t represent the strong side of this business as the only way of getting in touch with the seller is by email. The company doesn’t offer assistance by phone or by live chat. This is a real disappointment as it appears to be a well-studied and clean website that covers all the basic requirements of an online business. Not having a contact phone number or a chat option shows that it doesn’t invest the maximum of available resources for complying with its customer’s needs.

Summary: is a clean and professional looking website offering a wide range of famous brand name replicas. It is an UK based source of good quality imitation watches which tempts us to try its products and services and enjoy the advantages of free worldwide delivery and 14 days money back guarantee.