To be or not to be…an UK based website? That is the question that most replica companies probably think of when they start up a new website. It has become a very popular trend to use a .uk domain and to list their prices in GBP. It seems that UK customers are more profitable than the rest and, also, that being an UK based company inspires more confidence.


The collection is huge. The menu includes countless brand names. You need a great deal of patience to simply view all of them, just the brand names. I don’t want to even think how it would be to browse the whole collection, brand by brand. Each category has its endless selection of design and, of course, an Advanced Search option isn’t available. You need a lot of time to go through all of them not to mention ever finding the model you are looking for.

The prices are a true surprise. You can find many beautiful watches at $59. These are Japanese made. The Swiss models cost about $300, more or less. Indeed, it’s hard to say “no” given these prices and you may very well be tricked into placing an order just to see what the quality of these very affordable timepieces is. It’s very difficult to control your curiosity. The page of each watch shows a description that does not say very much about the quality of the replicas. It only offers basic information, but not the specifics you really need to know before ordering one.  The product suggestions from the section “Customers who bought this product also purchased…” is a very nice touch, tough.

The order processing time is 1-2 days as for most websites. European customers are privileged as they get the orders faster, more exactly in 5-7 days. For USA, Australia, most countries of South America the delivery takes 10 days. The shipping fee is a flat rate of 13.41 GBP and a tracking number is provided. I simply adore their ‘Lost packages” policy. If a package isn’t delivered in 4 weeks then it will be considered as lost and a new one will be reshipped free of charge or, if the customer wishes so, a refund will be issued. This shows that the company puts its customer sfirst and its profit second.

The company offers 14 days refund/exchange policy and a 180 days repair warranty. Please note that no return will be accepted without prior contacting the company by email and saying the reason of the return. It seems fair. A company needs to keep a record of all the packages sent to its customers, as well as of all the packages being sent back to its warehouse. The costs of sending back the items are supported by the customer and when a refund is requested a 20-40 GBP shipping and handling fee will be deducted from the initial transaction.


The website looks ok, elegant and simple. It uses black and white colors. You will surely notice the shiny diamonds used to mark its buttons. I guess, it wants to have a luxurious appearance, but it only manages to look childish. The prices are in GBP, but judging by its English I really doubt that this is an UK based website. It may address British customers, but it certainly isn’t an UK merchant. My first impression is that it is a below average replica store with obvious medium quality and doubtful services.

The accepted payment options are Visa and Mastercard. Yes, these are ones of the most used payment options worldwide, but I find it very odd that the merchant doesn’t provide alternatives to card payment, such as Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Gram, Echecks or Paypal. It is hard not to be afraid that once you put your card details in you will never hear back from the company. Offering non-card payment options gives you a feeling of security even if you do not intend of using them.

Pictures:  The product photos are of decent quality. I like that you can enlarge each picture, but I also hate the fact that you don’t have that easy and common “Next” button to jump to the following picture. You need to open another window to see it. Otherwise, the clarity is great and the watches are shown from all important angles and close-ups to essential details are available. You can really see the most relevant parts of each watch. You could almost believe that these photos are of their actual stock, if it wouldn’t be for that “rolex2u.com” watermark that is present on all pictures.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: You can contact the company just through a contact form available on the website. Do not even dream of a phone number, email address or live chat that you can use to address your questions and get an immediate response. You only have the contact form. Given the nature of its business, I find it necessary to offer an immediate response to its customer such as the ones provide by a contact phone number or by a live chat service.

Summary:  Ourwatchesale, PrimeTime or Rolex2U? Which one is it? This website shows so many different names that it really gets confusing. This certainly isn’t a case of mistaken identities. It is just a common case of domain change and probably too many to keep a track of them. I just hate websites with multiple names. It shows they did not take the time to put their online store together; they did not take the time to earn our trust.


Jieswatches.com is a website that sounds Chinese and definitely looks Chinese. This being said, we need to know if behind its low prices there is a merchant that is trustworthy or not. Can we trust its products and its aftersales services, and more important can we trust that we will get our order after paying for it?


The list of available brands is endless. You just scroll and scroll and it seems like you will never get to the end of it. Each brand name includes an impressive number of replicas. For example, Rolex has over 5000 designs, Omega, Breitling and Cartier over 1000 items. The downside is that there is no advanced search option and you might spend ages before finding the watch you are looking for. Still, when you see the low prices you may be convinced that it is worth it. You can buy your very own Rolex at $70. Of course, there are others that cost more, but $108 seems to be the upper limit for the Japanese models. Swiss watches cost about $300.

The product description page is better than expected. It has a very cute “hearts” rating system and the option of writing your very own review for the replica. The product specifications list everything: the weight, the color, the size, the materials, the movement and functions. The English is awful, but at least it provides everything you need to know so you can clearly understand what you are buying.

The packages are shipped worldwide with air mail for free, but it takes about 15-40 business days to get it. That’s a lot. Shipping with EMS is also available. It takes 7-14 business days and it costs $20. If you wish to receive it sooner, you can choose DHL for $35. A tracking number will be provided for all packages. The shipping options are pretty fair and divers. It allows you to choose the one that suits you best. Maybe you are looking for free shipping and don’t care about waiting for a very long time. Or maybe you want to expedite the delivery and you are prepared to pay extra for it. Either way, you have a choice.


Jieswatches.com is a pretty rudimentary looking website. It has a very out of date design. The nice banner images make it look acceptable, but the rest is plain awful. There is nothing out of the ordinary on the whole homepage. There are menus on all sides of the page, but besides that it is very basic. No interactive features, no personal touch such as reviews or customer’s comments. Nothing. The first impression is that this is a Chinese website hoping to get a break among international customers craving for low priced replicas.

The accepted payment methods are: Credit Card. Don’t ask me what this mean because I don’t have a clue. I searched the whole website and no mention of the card companies it accepts. After Checkout it shows the payment information section where you are supposed to enter your card details, but it doesn’t say Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Diners Club or any other. Nothing. Obviously, it can’t take all of them so something is terribly wrong here. Especially, if you consider the statement from the bottom of the page: “All Customers Will Get 60% Discount Plus Extra 5% Off Prices With Coupon Code”. No one offers 60% plus extra 5% off to all its replica watches. In my opinion, this company may very well be a scam.

Jieswatches.com offers a 15 days return and refund policy. Within the first 15 days you need to contact the sales department to submit your complaint and to get a return authorization. The shipping back expenses need to be paid by the customer. Also, the company will not refund 15% of the order because it will be considered a shipping and handling fee. Still, it doesn’t say if you benefit from a warranty covering manufacturer’s defects. I mean, if your watch breaks after the first 15 days, what happens with it? Will they repair it? Or do you just have to accept the loss and live with it?

Pictures: The merchant lists many detailed photos for all his replicas. The problem with these photos is that the quality is not so good. The images are quite small and you can not enlarge them. This is such a shame as the pictures are very good and show numerous details and angles of these knock-offs. If when you look at the photos you can only see a nice watch, but not its particularities then it all seems pointless. The photos have the watermark watchjust.com so I am not very sure that these pictures belong to the company. These may very well be copied from a different source.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: The customer service this company offers is bogus. I am pretty positive about this as when you click on the “live chat” button it takes you to the contact page where you can only send a message through the contact form or use their Gmail address to send your inquiries. A phone number is not available and even if one would be listed I am convinced that it would be fony to.

Summary: Jieswatches.com is an online company that doesn’t inspire to much trust to its customers because it looks unprofessional, its accepted payment options seem designed to trick people into putting their details online without any security, their policies are incoherent and their customer service is nonexistent.  I do not recommend that you order from this company as it seems to be a very unreliable website, very possible a scam store.


Hello Panerai! This is how we salute an online based merchant decided to show us what a good replica is all about. HelloPanerai is also its name and the foundation of its business, the key brand that defines its goal on this market. While for us, watch collectors, it is just a new source of priceless timepieces waiting to be discovered.


Hellopanerai.net is a website that finally brings joy to my eyes. It looks smart, elegant and a little bit glossy. Let’s start with their tag line: „learn the past, watch the present, and create the future”. This is for sure one of the smartest things I have ever seen on a replica website. It lets you know from the start that this store is different from others. The layout is very simple and tidy. It has a simple top menu, a two photos slide bar and underneath, it shows the sponsored categories, such as Bestsellers, Best Products, Popular Products and Promotion. Everything is elegantly presented, just as it should be on any respectable online replica store.

The name suggests that the company sells only Panerai replicas, but the Menu bar reveals another truth: the collection includes numerous other brands. Basically, any luxury watch name that you could think of is listed on this website. The menu shows these categories:  Ferrari, Luminor, Radiomir, Special Editions, Specialties, Vintage collection and Other Brands. Of course, when you roll over the Other Brands section you see an endless list of famous names. Honestly, their selection is pretty impressive.

The prices start at $100 for the Japanese watches and go up to $1000 for some Special Edition Swiss watches. The merchant’s main focus is on diversity both in brands, design and prices. Regardless of what your preferences are you will surely find your dream watch here at a decent price.  The page of each watch shows a carefully studied description focused on offering detailed information about all the basic functions and materials used on the watch, as well as regarding the sizes and warranty.


The accepted payment methods are: credit card (but it doesn’t say what type), Western Union, Money Gram and bank transfer. I find it very odd that they do not state what card payments they accept. The merchant has a list of payment options that are considered as ideal and it suggests that you use them: credit card, Western Union and Money Gram. Bank Transfer is listed as a non-preferred payment option. To continue with this bizarre payment policy full of ambiguous recommendations they add the following information:  “6% CC fee for new customer, 5% CC fee for regular customer”. Let’s not forget that their bottom line is: “Make the order and choose Pay by CC, or write comment to pay by CC/, then checkout for the order, we will contact you.” It is a very usual way of placing a credit card order and it doesn’t inspire me any confidence at all.

The shipping with EMS costs about $15-$25 depending on the delivery country and with Fedex /DHL it is about $35-$50. EMS takes about 7-14 business days and Fedex/DHL about 5-7 working days. The company’s “we are not responsible” policy is a real turn off for those considering ordering from this place. More exactly, if you are not available to pick up the package they do not care what happens with it. Tough luck for you! If you refuse the package they also do not care about this and it probably means that you are also not entitled to a refund either. If the content of the package is stolen during shipping, you guessed it, they are not responsible. Basically, if you paid for it and you didn’t get it, well, that’s your misfortune.  Live with it!

The Japanese watches have a 3 months warranty and the Swiss watches have a 6 months warranty. Only manufacturer’s defects are covered by the warranty. Water damages, discolorations or any other damages are not covered by the warranty. Three months for Japanese watches and six months for the Swiss ones seems a pretty short warranty, from my point of view.  It doesn’t say anything good about the quality of the watches. There is a 100% refund policy, but it doesn’t say in how many days from the delivery you must return the order. The shipping expenses will be paid by the customer and if the merchandise isn’t in its original state then a 25% restocking fee will be charged.

Pictures:  The company features many detailed and high quality photos for all its replicas. From what I can tell, these photos are of their products and not of the original watches, nor photos copied from another source. The style is particularly different and all of them have watermarks with the website’s name and email address. The images are very clear and show many different angles of the watches allowing you to see that these are actually very good imitation timepieces.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: The customer service is reachable only online, not by phone. They offer many contact ways such as contact form, chat, email, MSN or Skype. All of them avoid a tangible contact with the person at the other end and do not offer you a feeling of security about the nature of its business. But in the end, you got to appreciate the fact that they invested so much effort and resources in allowing you to get a hold of them no matter what you may need.

Summary: Hellopanerai.net is a website offering a wide range of replica watches. While their focus is kept on the Panerai name, there is still a visible intention of appealing to its clientele through the long list of many other famous brands. The merchant is obviously based in China and the watches he is offering are of medium quality, but presented in a very elegant and attractive way. Their services are certainly not comparable to the ones of a respected brand, but it will do for the prices they offer.


“Best replica Swiss movement watches online” is the tag line used by hugowatches.com to get the attention of its potential customers. We have heard this so many times that it has become such an annoying cliché.  Still, we got to grant it the benefit of the doubt so continue reading this review and learn how to separate the pretty advertising lines from the real facts.


Hugo Watches Since 1999. This is the statement made on the home page about the long tradition the company has on the replica market. The website seems to be a trusted source of Swiss replica watches, a reputable merchant and a company with a rich experience. The page is flawlessly constructed and particularly elegant due to its classy design and incredibly simple layout.  It has the look of a company that knows what style and refinement are and applies them to its everyday business.

The merchant sells both Swiss and Japanese watches and has a pretty restrictive selection of brands. Only a few luxury watch companies deserve to find a place in its collection. Needless to say that the menu is quite simple, easy to use and this is kind of helpful as in just a few clicks you find what you are looking for. The prices start at $129 and go up to $800. Of course, the quality and the stones used on the watches are the ones that influence this significant price variation.

The product descriptions are very detailed and specific. I like how it explains every feature, every material and every piece of information that is relevant to determine the accuracy and quality of these replicas. In addition, the same attention to detail and functionality is repeatedly represented on the website thorough the currency selection function, account and wishlist options, newsletter submission form and recently viewed section. Everything is carefully implemented so that it considerably improves your shopping experience with hugowatches.com.

The delivery time is 7-12 business days and the company is able to ship worldwide. The main carriers are EMS and DHL and a tracking number is provided for the package. The shipping fee is a flat rate of $20 regardless of the recipient’s country.  Orders that are over $499 benefit from free shipping.


The texts are written in poor English and some of them include sentences that make absolutely no sense. It is very obvious that the company is Chinese. Still, you have to give them credit for the great job they do with website.

The company offers 3 days refund and exchange policy. I find it pretty harsh. Most merchants provide a 10 or 14 days return policy. You need at least a week to test the watch and get used with its functions so you can conclude if it works correctly or not. In 3 days with the joy and excitement of finally receiving your replica watch, everything may seem perfect. After the 3 days period you still get a chance to correct any eventual flaws IF spotted during the one month repairs warranty time frame. Be advised that all returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee and a $30 return fee. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. There are so many conditions that you honestly feel how everything seems to work in the disadvantage of the customer.

Sadly, hugowatches.com only takes Visa card payments.  A huge disappointment especially when you consider the fact that it advertises Visa, Mastercard and Western Union in the bottom of the page. I know, most of us own a Visa, but it still makes you feel unconfident when you think how limited the company is from this point of view. Any liable and experienced online merchant is able to process at least 3 payment options. The payment preferences of all online shoppers have to be equally satisfied.

Pictures: The photos are pretty decent, but the quality is not that good. Also, different products have photos taken in different studios with different lightning and backgrounds. This shows that the company doesn’t own the images, that they probably use different suppliers and these suppliers provided the photos, or that they simply don’t own any product photos and they copied everything from other online sources. It is my opinion that the pictures can not be trusted to estimate the actual quality of the replicas you will be getting from hugowatches.com.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service:  How do we contact hugowatches.com? The answer is that we don’t. Or at least this is what the company hopes to happen. They only provide a contact form on the website. Besides this, there is no other way to reach them, no phone number, no email account and certainly no chat. I absolutely disagree with this type of approach towards customer service. It only shows how less the company cares about the needs and satisfaction of its customers.

Summary:  Hugowatches.com provides a carefully selected range of luxury watch brands and promises to deliver a quality comparable to the one of the original timepieces. The prices are fair and the policies do more justice to the company than to the customer. Before buying from this merchant make sure you understand that a replica watch is only a replica and no matter how it is advertised it will always be just a pale reflection of the genuine watch.


The WOW factor is what sets in motion our thirst for exquisite luxury timepieces, the reason why we pick a Rolex over a SEIKO, and also the reaction we hope others will have while admiring our recent acquired replica watch. A slightly misspelled WOW is what triggers woawatches.net and what shapes its business. Let us a take a tour of the awesomeness it has to offer.


There is nothing interesting on the home page, except the big promotional banner and the numerous watches listed as “New”. So, let’s see what brands we find in the left side menu bar and browse the collection! This may turn out to be a real challenge as the list of available brands is incredibly long. I mean, you scroll and scroll and you feel like you will never get to the bottom of it. This company has a truly remarkable and inclusive collection of replica watches. I bet that you can name any luxury watch brand that pops into your mind and you will find it here.

The prices are very low and start at $50 for the Japanese watches. Just imagine, you can buy from this place a Swiss Rolex watch at $147. For a watch passionate person like me, it is really difficult to cope with the idea that such a thing does exist: a Swiss Rolex at less than $150. Even for a replica, it is an outrageous low price. I am a little bit skeptical that these watches are able to deliver the quality you expect to get when you are ordering a watch online, any type of watch regardless of the brand name or price. No one wants to buy a watch that breaks in a couple of days, regardless of how less it costs.

The shipping fee varies from $20 up to $30 depending on the delivery country. For example, the delivery to USA is $20 and to more remote countries it is $30. The estimated time needed for delivering an order is about 5-10 business days. EMS, DHL and UPS are the shipping carriers used by woawatches.net for sending the orders.


There is nothing wow about the esthetics of this website. The page has a very simplistic layout and fancies a grey and orange color scheme. The top and left side menu bars are unbelievably plain, but also quite easy to use so this doesn’t bother me that much. As a personal note, I find the whole design very unflattering and with no connections to what the name of the company wants to suggest: an online store where every virtual inch will make you say “WOW”.

You can never succeed by doing things half-way. This is one of the problems with woawatches.net. They tend to do things halfway just to have a nice and shiny display window when in fact the inside of the store is empty and a huge mess. This is what I felt when opening the pages of their products. There was nothing about the quality or materials of these watches. There are no product descriptions. Not a single word is there to make you understand what you are paying for. Not caring about these important aspects shows how disorganized this whole business is.

The watches have a 14 days exchange and refund policy. This means that within the first 14 days of receipt you are entitled to send it back for a replacement or for a refund. It doesn’t say what happens after the first 14 days, if there is also a repair policy and its extent. Please note, that the shipping fees involved in returning the items are supported by the customer and not by the company regardless of the reason of the replacement or refund. So before deciding to ship it back, take a long moment to think it over and see if it is worth the hassle and additional costs. Don’t forget that you get what you pay for and in this case it is a $50 Chinese replica.

I was shocked to see that the only accepted payment method is Visa, even though in the bottom of the website it shows the logos for Paypal, Western Union and Visa. The truth is that after Checkout you only have the Visa option. This doesn’t make me feel very secure about this online transaction. Providing just one form of payment shows how unreliable the company really is.

Pictures: The pictures are obviously copied from several sources and merged together so that everything looks nicely and real. The truth is that I seriously doubt the legitimacy of this company, if they don’t even provide product description and photos of their actual replicas. Not offering any of these two important things usually means that the website is a scam. Everything posted on this webpage shows that you can’t trust the merchant. The website is made from pieces copied from the Internet and put together to offer the impression of a successful business.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service: The customer service offered by woawatches.net is just make believe for the more gullible online shoppers. The company surely doesn’t have a professional customer care department that is assigned to handle the inquiries and complaints of its customers. Why is that? Let’s start with the fact that the only way to get a hold of them is by using a gmail account. How unprofessional is that? They don’t have a business email, no phone number and definitely no chat service.

Summary: Woawatches.net is the ultimate expression of a Chinese replica company: poor website content, zero customer service and unreliable after sale services. Trusting your hard earned money with this company is a high risk and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The wide selection of replica watches and very low prices provided by the company are compensated by its lack of product descriptions, deceitful product photos, impossibility of communicating with them and the troublesome replacement and refund policies.