Where do we find top of the line replica watches? The Internet is so infinite and so are our options, but more infinite are the possibilities of mistakenly ordering a low grade replica and paying a fortune for it. This is why we continue our quest of finding reputable replica merchants by focusing our attention on This online replica store promises to deliver high quality Japanese and Swiss watches at a fair price. As responsible watch collectors that we are, it is our duty to check this merchant thoroughly as see if this is a fact or just an act.

PROS looks like a stylish and classy website. It has a clean and sleek design worthy of any self-respecting replica watch company. The color scheme is the safest choice possible: black and gray. You can tell that it tries very hard to look elegant and tidy. Nowadays, this is something that really deserves our appreciation. The store is really easy to browse. On the top you have a menu bar with only a few of their brands, and on the bottom you have a sliding menu with all their brand names. What I find pretty interesting is that the Home Page says Oops!

The prices start at $90 and go up to $900. Obviously the price variation is due to the quality of the watches and the more expensive Swiss watches are the top of the line. Some say that a really good Swiss replica is undistinguishable from the original one. Considering this it definitely is worth the money! The description page of the products looks quite professional and it is very informative. It basically tells you everything you need to know in order to estimate the quality and price value of these imitation watches.


Their collection doesn’t list too many watch brands, but each category includes quite an impressive number of designs. Going through all of them will be quite a challenge.  It is such a shame that despite the pretty website design, they did not bother to implement a simple advanced search option. This would have made it a lot easier to shop for your replica. Imagine that after 13 pages of Breitling watches, I still did not make it to the Swiss models. If you are looking to get a Swiss knock-off from this website then you need to prepare yourself with a lot of patience.

The packages are shipped with EMS and DHL.  A tracking number is provided and the delivery takes about 7-9 business days.  The company states that it usually needs 2 business days to dispatch your items, even though on every single product from their store it says “ships in 24 hours”. So which one is it? Please note that overnight delivery is not available and that the shipping charges are about $20 for EMS and $30-$40 for DHL.

The store offers a return and exchange policy. You are supposed to ship the order back within 14 days from the delivery. The shipping charges and the safe delivery of the products are the customer’s responsibility. This also refers to the initial shipping charge which will not be refunded, in case a refund is requested. Of course, the refund or exchange will be processed only after the goods are received back by the merchant and inspected. Any intentional damage or worn signs will revoke the refund or exchange request.  It doesn’t mention if a repairs policy exists and what it covers.

On the FAQ page it is stated that the accepted payment options are Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. The truth is that after Checkout you have only one payment option and that option is Visa. Misleading its customers like this regarding the accepted payment methods gives us our first reasons to doubt about the company. Vulnerable online merchants are the ones that are unable to offer alternative payment options. Providing only one payment choice shows that this website is not a trustworthy one.

Pictures: On the photos there is a watermark saying “”. This clearly means that the photos do not belong to The pictures were either copied from a different store or this website used to have a different domain. Regardless of the reasons for this name mess-up, it is still another reason to doubt about the liability of the company and about the quality of its products. This is, if it actually sells watches and if it isn’t another bogus replica website.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service: Customer service is the heart and soul of a company and, in the online business; it is also the most important test of authenticity. To test how real and how committed a company is you just need to check its customer care department. In this case the store fails to convince us. Why? Because it starts with two lies: “ appreciates any of your questions, comments or suggestions about our products, services or our website. Our customer service team is at your service 7*24 by live chat.” The company’s name isn’t „” and the live chat button doesn’t work. It redirects you to the Contact Us page. The email address is incorrect:, there is no contact phone number and the Contact Form is probably also bogus. It is more than enough to think that this is a Scam.

Summary:  The identity of is still very unclear to me. The domain name says Topwatchesline, the homepage says, the photos say and the Contact Us page says I honestly don’t think that this is just another case of mistaken identities; I am pretty convinced that it is just a simple SCAM. I do not recommend to anyone to purchase from this store. Better to be safe than sorry!

It is very easy to get hooked by the desire to buy an exquisite designer watch at a fraction of its original price. This is exactly how replica companies hope to get your attention: by showing off the lowest prices possible and make it more interesting by throwing in a big discount. How could anyone resist? Or better said: how could a watch passionate person say “no”? Simple: just start to put in balance the PROS and the CONS and you will eventually make the right purchasing decision.

PROS: looks clean and fresh. It has a very nice design. The layout isn’t complicated at all. The menu includes only four brands and the main focus is on the big banner with its white, blue and green colors, and, of course, with its outrageous „Up to 70%” discount. I love the attention to esthetics that this website seems to have. Clearly, its main assets are: discounts and refinement.

The big surprise is that even though the top menu shows only four brands, the left side menu reveals a list of countless famous watch brands. Here you will find almost any watch company you can think of. The prices are quite good. These replicas are very affordable; with $50-$90 you can buy your very own designer timepiece. These are supposedly Japanese movement replicas and as far as I can tell, the company doesn’t carry any Swiss models.

The wide selection of famous designs manages to impress and it really gets you hooked. The only downside is that the collection is really difficult to browse. Its low usability is a result of the absence of a filter or advanced search option, both are very necessary for organizing large collections.  Still, if you show a strong will and continue to search for your very own needle in this haystack of beautiful watches, I am sure that you will eventually be rewarded with a good quality replica.  I was also pleased to see that the description page is really well constructed and it features everything I find essential to differentiate the best from the rest, information like: movement, materials, weight, and size and water resistance. Everything is transparent, just like I like it. ships packages worldwide with EMS and DHL, and it is free. Yeah, that’s right. All orders get free delivery. The usual delivery time is 5-7 business days to European countries and to other countries it takes about 10 business days. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and in the event that you do not get your package in four weeks, it will be reshipped free of charge. The company guarantees the delivery and assumes all additional charges involved with sending your order again.


All products have a 180 days warranty. Basically, all watches can be returned for a refund or for exchange within the first 14 days from the delivery. After this period, a 180 days free repairs warranty will be applied if the product shows any manufacturer’s defects. The products need to be returned on the customer’s expense and the refund or exchange will be processed only after the items arrive safely at the company’s warehouse. Furthermore, a $20-$40 restocking fee will be deducted from the refund amount. Also, please note that the warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by customs, by wear and tear, or by water exposure. Please consider all the above before deciding whether to send the replica back to the company. You may end up losing a lot of money without being able to actually fix your problem.

The merchant states on the website that it is able to accept card payments, such as Visa and Mastercard. Still, after Checkout the only payment option available is Visa. Mastercard payments are not supported. This is a real disappointment; to go through the whole hassle of finding the watch you desire to purchase, to create an account, to enter your shipping details and to realize that you can’t pay for the order because the only card you own, a Mastercard, is not really supported by the website. Horrible! They should review the payment information posted on their Internet site.

Pictures: The quality of the photos isn’t very good. Plus, you can’t enlarge the pictures. Indeed, the merchant lists numerous images for each product it sells, but this is useless if you can’t actually see the details, markings and particularities of the replicas. To continue in the same negative note, the pictures have a watermark with a different website name on them, more precisely, It seems that nowadays it’s a trend to list pictures without editing the watermark. The source of these photos remains a mystery to me. These were either copy pasted from a different website or is the former website domain of this company. Either way, this really shatters our trust in

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: offers customer service by Contact Form and by email. Needless to say that I totally disapprove with the fact that it uses an ordinary Gmail account as a contact email address. Liable and reputable websites invest the necessary time and money for creating a professional contact email that is both secured and protected- hence all the emails you send to the company are also secured and protected. Just in case you were asking: no, it does not provide a contact phone number. This is another minus for the company’s liability.

Summary: Very true: provides cheap designer watches replicas. Also very true:  the cheap price is determined by the lack of a reliable customer service, by the highly complicated warranty policy, by the unbelievably incoherent payment terms, and also by the very dubious product pictures. So in the end the decision is yours. What do you prefer? A risky purchase just because it’s cheap? Or a secure order at a fair price?

Fake King Power Foudroyante in Zirconium

The King Power series is one of the newest additions to the Hublot collection. The main particularity of this line is the extremely large dial which measures 48 mm, but it’s flawlessly designed so it ends up looking more masculine than oversized. Distinctively, the King Power Foudroyante in Zirconium has functions of hours, minutes, seconds, plus self-winding split-seconds foudroyante chronograph. It was manufactured in a limited series of 500-pieces and this makes it a priceless asset for any true watch collector.

Fake Black Hublot Watch

The Hublot King Power Foudroyante is a big, silver and black, extremely masculine watch. The case diameter is 48mm, and when measured across the crown and lugs it goes a little bit over 50mm. That’s pretty big for any type of sports watch. After taking a closer look and wearing it for some time to see how it actually feels on my wrist, I started loving it. I was very surprised to discover that, even though it’s an oversized watch, it doesn’t feel big or heavy. It is constructed of lightweight materials, so its solid appearance is actually very deceiving as it isn’t heavy at all. These very light materials make the watch seem bulky, solid, but without actually making its wearer endure an exaggerated weight. Hublot has carefully selected each part of this watch as to not let its size interfere with its purpose: the one of a time telling device.

Hublot Foudroyante Replica

King Power Foudroyante Imitation

The bezel is secured with the famous H-shaped screws, a very distinctive Hublot authenticity mark. You may notice that these H-shaped screws don’t exactly line up with each other. Hublot claims that this is purposely done to respect the authenticity of the brand. Any well-made watch needs to have the screws tightened firmly to secure all the parts in place, not just so that everything lines up perfectly together. On the original watch, the back is made of a sapphire non-reflective crystal with a second set of polished H-screws securing the back to the case. On this replica the back is made out of stainless steel. The markings all around the back are identical to the genuine ones, but, sadly, the use of a stainless steel back is a dead giveaway.

Hublot Big King Crown

This very famous King Power model features two small dials, one at 9 o’clock and one at 3 o’clock with very visible white markers. The dial itself is made from a form of black carbon fiber and has a pretty edgy and outgoing appearance. The hours are indexed by big metallic markers, the same color and material as the hands; while all around the inside of the dial we have a black ring with grayish minute markings. The white and grayish markers are actually supposed to be luminescent and allow us to tell the time even in the dark. The original watch has approximately 42 hours of power reserve, but my replica provides only a 24-36 hours reserve.

back view

The black rubber strap with deployment buckle has a unique look and feel. It is designed to increase considerably the masculine aura of this watch. It is quite thick and smooth on the inside offering extra comfort for the wrist; while distinctively textured with deeply tank-tread designs on the outside. The Hublot-shaped clasp brings an extra usability to the King Power Foudroyante.To open the clasp; you just press two side buttons, and snap it shut when putting it on.

The winding crown is easy to pull out when you need to adjust the date or set the hands. The buttons have non-slip rubber top over the stainless steel to help set the small dials as smoothly as possible. This extra layer of rubber over the buttons seems to be quite resistant to regular wear and use and it doesn’t sacrifice its usability.

The Hublot King Power comes equipped with a high grade automatic mechanism, and so far it seems to be an accurate and reliable timepiece. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t notice any deviations in its time keeping capabilities. As a final note, the materials used on this watch seem to be extremely resistant, providing a noticeable resistance when worn daily.

Overall, the watch is a very decent replica of the original Hublot King Power Foudroyante. It has enough features and technical sophistication to spark the interest of most watch enthusiasts. Its strong, unique, masculine design is extraordinary if you are into modern sports timepieces; or hideous if you like small and subtle watches. But the main benefit is that, even though it replicates one of the most exclusivist design on the planet, its quality classifies it as a mirror image of the real thing. If you’re willing to overlook a few legitimate flaws, it could be an excellent addition to your collection.

Ceramic Bezel Daytona Replica

If you ask any serious watch connoisseur to name the most iconic and the most desired watch in the whole world, he will surely say “Daytona “- without any hesitation.  No other watch has the same awareness and the same distinction as the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. Launched in 1963 and produced in various versions ever since, it is the ultimate racer’s watch. Still, regardless of its many design variations, the stainless steel models (both white dial and black dial versions) are particularly prized by collectors. I have to admit that I am also very fond of the stainless steel Daytona. My all-time favorite is the black dial. I just feel that no other watch can match the distinctive modern look of the Rolex Daytona II with black dial, black ceramic bezel and stainless steel case.

Genuine Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is constructed to be a very robust watch. Its design and its functions maximize the capability of the watch to serve in sporting events, to calculate and measure average speed and elapsed time via the graduated tachymeter bezel and its chronograph registers on the dial. In fact, the watch earned the nickname “Daytona” after the Daytona International Speedway, during the late 1960s. Sadly, the replica I am reviewing now is just a Japanese version of the beautiful Daytona timepiece and it fails to replicate the complicated functions of the graduated tachymeter bezel and of the small chronograph dials. These are just for decorative purposes and if I might add: flawless imitations in terms of design.

Black Ceramic Bezel Daytona Imitation

You simply can’t overlook the clarity of this dial. Underneath the sapphire crystal we find a perfectly defined black dial with hour markers and hands highlighted by silver and white lines. And as a reassurance of the unmatched craftsmanship we notice the inner bezel engraved all around the dial with the repetitive word “ROLEX”. The new addition of the Rolex Daytona II is the black ceramic tachymeter bezel, another mark of distinction for this unique timepiece. On the genuine watch, the tachymeter scale, together with the chronograph, can be used to measure average speeds of up to 400 miles per hour. Again, this feature is not available on the very affordable Japanese movement replicas.

Fake rolex Closeup

The bracelet is constructed with full solid stainless steel links and not with hollow ones like on other lower grade replicas. I was delighted to see that the correct clasp was used, to be more exact, the deploy ant clasp in solid, polished stainless steel. Some people do not like the polished center of the links because it reveals so easily scratches and wear marks, but I consider that when a good quality steel is used this improves significantly the overall look of the watch.

Fake Rolex Closeup 2

Fake Rolex Closeup 3

The winding crown has the logo with the three small dots underneath it. This symbolizes the triple lock capability of the Rolex watches, meaning one of the best engineered crown tube/stem assemblies available on a diving watch. The original Daytona II was manufactured with this type of stem and it allows its owners to dive up to 100 meters (approximately 333 feet). Still, this being a replica I wouldn’t recommend anyone to swim or dive with it. It is very nice that it replicates every marking and design particularity of the genuine watch, but in order to preserve your imitation Rolex Daytona in perfect conditions for as much time as possible, it is highly recommended avoiding any water exposure.

Rolex Daytona Knockoff Clasp

Summarizing the characteristics of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona replica, from the glow of the dial to the sturdiness of the clasp, there are not many errors on this replica. Pity that position of left and right sub-dial is so obvious giveaway. As you can see, on genuine watch they are much closer to bezel.