On the replica market just a few websites have the courage to base their business on just one brand. is one of these merchants who bets everything on one card. And who knows? If he plays it well, he may actually become our number one source for high quality Cartier replica watches.


This is one of the best looking websites I have seen in ages. What is so special about it? Well, let’s start with the cool looking leopard from the top of the home page. It reinforces the idea of exclusive luxury products and it makes you feel better about buying a replica; like for some reason these replicas could be as good as the original ones. The rest of the homepage shows a perfect proportion between banners, menus and sponsored products. There is a huge amount on information on just a single page, but it manages to look perfect. I believe this is because everything is neatly organized and very commercial. The main banner has a few sliding images with promotional incentives and below there are three smaller banners with products that have about 50% discount. It really gets your attention right from the start.

The upper menu is divided into “Men’s watches”, “Unisex watches” and “Ladies watches”- what I consider to be a very good distinction of the type of products offered.  From the beginning you know where to search for the products you want to purchase.  There is also a secondary menu bar on the left of the page. This one divides the watches into collections such as: Calibre, Santos, Balon Bleu, Roadster and so on.  As the name of the website clearly says this company only sells Cartier replicas, both watches and jewelry.  So if you are a big fan of Cartier products then you have come to the right place.

As the company sells only one brand, Cartier, the collection is not that rich. Furthermore, the collection is very correctly organized depending on the gender and type of design of each watch. This makes it incredibly easy to find the exact model you were looking for. And, as this wouldn’t be already incredibly simple, the website also has an Advanced Search option to really make it easy for you to find and buy your dream replica watch.

The company ships packages worldwide and the delivery time depends on the destination country. It takes about 5-7 days to deliver items to North America, while for other countries the delivery takes 8-14 business days. All the items are shipped with DHL, USPS or Express Mail. The usual shipping rate is $29 per order. Customers from USA will be glad to hear that they get free shipping on all orders. And if you are not from USA you still have a chance, buy 2 items or more and you also get free delivery. It sounds very good, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like free shipping, right?

When you buy from you benefit from a 30 days exchange and refund policy, plus a one year repairs warranty. The refund and exchange guarantee doesn’t have any silly and impossible conditions. If you are not happy with the product then you can send it back for a replacement or refund. No questions asked. Plain and simple .  At least this is what they state on the website. On the other hand the one year warranty covers only manufacturer’s defects and the defect needs to be confirmed before sending the watch back to them for repairs or replacement. Please note that if the watches have been tampered with, the warranty is void. accepts the following payment methods: Visa, Western Union and Bank Wire. All Western Union and Bank Wire orders receive a 10% discount. These are the most common and the most reliable payment methods used for online shopping. It is impossible for you as a customer to not have access to one of these worldwide used payment options. I also do think that the 10% discount for Bank Wire and Western Union is very appealing and I would definitely take advantage of this additional discount.


The prices of the watches vary from $180 to $320 depending on the mechanism. Just like on the original ones, the movement is either quartz or Swiss automatic. I seriously doubt that at this price you can really buy a real Swiss made automatic mechanism, but let’s take their word for it. Usually decent quality Swiss replicas are priced at over $500 so when you see a Swiss movement clone watch at $300 you start questioning its quality.

The product description page is different from a watch to the other. The style, the font, the accuracy and coherence of the information included on this page varies very much from item to item and it makes you wonder why they show such sloppiness for something as important as the description of their merchandise. When you are buying a watch from the Internet and you cannot actually see it or hold it in your hands to inspect it, you need to be able to at least read some detailed, accurate and reliable information about it. You want to know what you are really buying.

Pictures: The unpleasant part about the pictures is that on the top of the product page it displays only the main photo and in a quite small size. The photo gallery is not available under the main image so you can view additional pictures of the product. Another inconvenient is that if you click on the main photo it doesn’t enlarge it. It just opens a window where it is displayed in the same small size. No zoom option is available. But don’t despair. If you scroll down then you will discover the additional product pictures pasted under the description of the watch. Yes, the photos show multiple angles of the products, but the size is quite small and the manner in which these are displayed is incredibly unprofessional.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service: On the “Contact Us” page we are advised that the quickest way to get a hold of the customer service department is to send a message through the contact form available on the website. And we are assured that the company aims to answer each inquiry in one business day.  If we want an alternative communication way then we can send an email at . As you can see this is a Gmail account and in my experience, reputable and solid companies always use a business contact email and not a Gmail one. As you will also notice, the merchant doesn’t provide customer services by phone or by chat.

Summary: seems to be a very good place for ordering Cartier replica watches. The company has a beautiful and easy to use website, offers a wide selection of Cartier imitation watches, provides very good refund and replacement policies, and delivers packages worldwide with the most reliable shipping carriers. Bottom line, if you are looking to purchase a Cartier replica then this might be just the right place for you. may very well turn out to be the undesignated number one source of high end replica watches, the place where quality and luxury blend perfectly with fair price quotes. But as we all know, facts speak louder than words so let’s turn this website upside down and see how Swiss its timepieces really are.


How could anyone resist to an extremely large banner of a beautiful Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with a Rainbow diamond bezel? Or better yet, to an up to 70% discount plus free shipping? Would you honestly say “no” to these very tempting incentives? Or would you rather start browsing and hope that you find a lot of gorgeous replicas at incredibly low prices? Let’s face it: these guys really know how to get your attention right from the first moment you enter their site. So simply forget about everything for a couple of minutes and indulge yourself with a sneak peak of the watches collection has to offer.

The website has a pretty clean design in shades of gray and black. You can tell that its layout and style are focused on an elegant and classy look. The main space on the Home page is used for displaying the extra-large banner, while on the upper part there is a really simple menu with five watch categories, plus a “Home” and a “Contact Us” buttons. The main brands are Rolex, Cartier, Breitling and Omega, probably, because these ones have a higher demand, whereas the other available brands are displayed only when you roll over the “Replica Watches” category.  Scrolling down will reveal a secondary product menu with elegant photos of iconic models as buttons for each category.

When you check out the menu you realize that there isn’t such a big diversity for the brands this company sells. It only provides a few high end watch names, the ones that even a watch illiterate person would recognize. This is most likely the core purpose of to offer only the brands that have a high demand and that will surely sell.  Yes, the number of available brands is very modest, but you will be surprised to discover how many different designs are offered for each one. There are so many that not even dividing them into collections will ease the difficult quest of finding your perfect replica watch. Of course, a filter or an advanced search option could have eliminated this problem, but sadly the website doesn’t support such a lifesaving solution.  In the end, you will just have to browse through the entire collection, page by page, and enjoy a visual walk along the best horological pieces of art ever made by man.

Well, I just didn’t have the heart to go through every single page of these collections, but I did manage to carefully study the most important particularities of its merchandise. The company offers both Swiss and Japanese watches. The Swiss watches are supposed to offer an automatic Valjoux mechanism and are priced at over 250 GBP. Yes, all the prices are in GBP. I don’t know if this is because the company is UK based because it doesn’t say anywhere on the website what its location is. Honestly, I seriously doubt that the company has its headquarters in UK. Most likely, it is a Chinese company targeting UK customers. Furthermore, the Japanese watches are advertised as Asia automatic movement and cost less than 100 GBP which surely means that these are Chinese quality.

The product description page shows that the merchant has every intention of offering accurate information to its customers about the quality and functionality of its replicas. Sadly, the company fails horribly at expressing these descriptive details in a coherent and comprehensive way. This is because of the lack of English language skills.  Specific information such as movement type, materials, colors, weight, size, water resistance, gender and markings are presented with rich details, but written in poor English. Still, if you are really keen on buying a good replica you should surpass this small inconvenient and see if the company is able to provide good services and products.

Orders that are over 69GBP or 99USD benefit from free worldwide delivery. If your purchase is for a smaller amount then you will be charged a 6.9GBP/9.9USD shipping fee.  The company needs about one or two days to prepare the order for shipping and the actual delivery takes about 10-16 business days. The packages are shipped with EMS and a tracking number is provided. From experience, I can tell you that if a company ships out with EMS then that company is surely Chinese based. This is not really an inconvenient as long as everything goes smoothly and your watch functions correctly, but if the watch breaks and you need to send it back to China for servicing then that’s a whole nother story.


The company offers a 7 days refund policy and a 14 days exchange warranty. A product can be exchanged only if it is subject to a long list of conditions. The item must be unworn and is entitled to an exchange if it presents factory defects or if it was shipped incorrectly. Unacceptable exchange reasons are those that refer to the customer’s choices and preferences: wrong size, wrong color, wrong style or if the customer decides he no longer wants the replica. reserves its right to apply charges to the returned orders .This doesn’t seem to be a very fair policy. It is better to make sure you don’t end up in the situation of returning a product to this company and go through this much hassle; even if this means searching for another online replica store.

The available payment methods are Visa and Paypal. It is unclear to me how to pay with Paypal on this site as at Checkout the only available payment method is Visa. There is no option of choosing Paypal. Probably, if you abort filling in your Visa details then you can contact the company with your order number and request further details for completing the Paypal payment. Still, to me, everything about the payment process of this company feels very unsecure and unprofessional.

Pictures: The product pictures are decent quality, made in a professional manner and manage to show the details of the watches from all possible angles. Everything would be great about these pictures if it wouldn’t be for that pesky “” watermark. Again, the website’s name is So do you see my dilemma?

Domain registered: UK

Customer service: Customers have the option of contacting by email or chat, but not by telephone. The business hours are Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM (PST). I have tried to chat with an operator during these hours, but the chat button said offline and it invited me to leave a message. I was disappointed by this and didn’t even bother sending an email to the  contact address as, most likely; Rachael would take 365 days or so to respond to my inquiries.

Summary: could to be a very good place for ordering replica watches. It carries a very large collection of bestselling luxury timepieces, it offers affordable prices and it provides free worldwide delivery. There are still a couple of things about this company I simply do not approve with: its unclear payment options, the unfair return and refund policies and the use of copied product photos. Before deciding wheatear to buy from this online store please contact the customer care department and ask them numerous questions about the products, the warranty and the delivery. Make sure that they are responsive and that regardless of any error that may occur they will do everything possible to correct it.