Fake Diamond Hours Daydate

The Rolex Day-Date is a watch with an impressive legacy. Many people refer to it as Rolex „President” or „Presidential”. This noble title has been built throughout the years due to its association with many of the US Presidents who have chosen to wear this magnificent timepiece on their wrist. There is no question that the Day-Date is the absolute Rolex watch, a symbol of wealth and power. It is one of the most desired timepieces of all time and certainly the most recognizable one.

Authentic Daydate

Authentic Daydate

The remarkable detail meant to honor its name is that the Day-Date only comes in gold and platinum. Rolex has never made this watch out of stainless steel. Consequently, the price is higher than what most people could afford. So what is the actual price of a Rolex Day-Date? Well, it is $25,000-$30,000. Yes, I know. It is pretty expensive, but the only reason for this is the exclusive use of gold and platinum. It would cost a lot less if Rolex would make it from stainless steel. This truly luxurious watch can be worn only occasionally and at special events. It is a beautiful and elegant design, but it is seen as a watch suited for a middle-aged man. This is because it is quite opulent and obviously a classic dress-watch. You definitely cannot wear a Rolex Day-Date at the office. Plus, just a few young people could afford such an expensive timepiece without making enormous financial sacrifices. However, collectors and watch enthusiasts around the world see the Day-Date as an iconic timepiece, a symbol of distinction.

Rolex Daydate watch

I have decided to select a Rolex Day-Date replica with silver dial, diamond markers and fluted bezel and compare it to the original watch. Let’s see what differences we manage to find. First, as mentioned earlier the original one is available only in gold or platinum while this replica is made from solid 440 stainless steel. Indeed, the craftsmanship is flawless and it has a beautiful finish, but to an expert the use of stainless steel will be the clear proof that we are dealing with an imitation and not with the authentic Rolex. On the other hand, the silver fluted bezel is correctly cloned and has a unique shinning effect. It tends to sparkle like diamonds once it is touched by the palest ray of light.

Fake Platinum Daydate

The Rolex Day-Date has a 36 mm case diameter and the dial has changed very little since it was initially launched, in 1956. This makes it a watch pretty easy to reproduce. Replica watch companies had decades for perfecting their imitating performances for this particular model. Now, getting back to our comparison, this Day-Date knockoff has the correct 36 mm case size and the dial seems to be also copied perfectly. The markings on the watch face are accurate, the diamond makers have a clear shine, the hands and gradations are made correctly, the crystal is sapphire and it has the Rolex word engraved all around the inside of the dial. What I notice as being different is the Cyclops lens which should be round shaped and not oval as on this replica.

Fake Daydate Details

Not many people know this, but Rolex has made a special type of bracelet for the Day-Date. It is called the President bracelet and it will never be on a genuine Rolex watch that isn’t a Day-Date. The President band is extremely elegant with its thinner and delicate links, brushed on the outer part and polished at the inner part. The clasp is very well hidden. It looks just like a regular link, except it has the little Rolex crown logo applied over it. To open it, simply pull downward on the crown. I must admit, that the replica has a very authentic looking band. It has all the markings and basic aesthetic particularities of the original Day-Date. Also, by being made out of solid stainless steel it feels very heavy and robust, just like any real Rolex band should feel.

Back Cover Image

Jubilee Bracelet Replica

After a very close inspection, I have to admit that this Rolex Day-Date clone is a very well made replica. Indeed, it is not crafted from real gold and the magnifying lens has a slightly different shape, but unless you have $25,000-$30,000 to spare I would definitely recommend buying one instead of the original watch.

Red Rolex Daytona

What is there to say about the Rolex Daytona? It is the luxury watch that during the last 50 years has become a real fashion icon, the first revolutionary timepiece that has set the standards for timeless perfection. There is no watch aficionado on this world who doesn’t appreciate it for its ultimate design and astonishing accuracy.

The first series was launched in the early 60s and it was continued until the late 80s. Up until now it is still considered one of the most exclusive and pricey watches of all times.  The main reason for the high popularity of the Rolex Daytona is the fact that each model had a unique four digits code. This particular code is what actually turned the model into a timepiece desired by every watch collector around the world. In the early 90s, Rolex has launched a second series for the Daytona which is still being continued, but it simply cannot rival with the fame and popularity of the first one.

Genuine Daytona

Genuine Daytona

Every car enthusiasts knows that Rolex is the most important sponsor for the Rolex 24 at Daytona endurance race. This is why the watch was designed and constructed right from the beginning as an extremely precise and accurate time keeping device suitable for racing fans.  What added tremendous to its value was the incredible success it had as a status symbol watch.

Dial View

As any other highly famous luxury watch, the Daytona is one of the most replicated designs out there. Of course, many of them are just awful fakes which any person with a common sense would be able to spot as a cheap imitation. On the other hand, many others are very good replicas, almost impossible to differentiate from the original one. These incredibly accurate knock-offs are usually hard to find and one may need a lot of patience and knowledge to tell them apart from the bad fakes. To help you understand the most common mistakes of a poorly replicated Rolex Daytona, we will run a quick comparison between a well-made copy and the real watch.

Inner Bezel view

The first difference you will spot is when you look at the case and band of the watch. Real Rolex watches are manufactured from a single block of stainless steel. This type of steel is very durable, sturdy and has a particular look and feel. Indeed, this replica of the Rolex Daytona is made from a 440 solid stainless steel and it appears as resistant and good as the authentic one, but, still, a trained eye could spot a couple of irregularities in the finishing and in the weight of the case and bracelet.

Logo Close-up

Chronograph Close-up

The design of the dial is very good. The hour markers, the minutes’ indexes, the hands and small three dials are identical to the original one. On the inside of the dial there is also the ROLEX word engraved all around the face of the watch, a well-known Rolex authenticity marking. Furthermore, the bezel is very accurately replicated and the winding crown has the correct little crown logo with the three dots representing the triple lock waterproofness capabilities of this model. Turning the watch round reveals the specific Rolex solid stainless steel back with the green hologram sticker over it, as well as the serial number printed on the green sticker.

Crown Close-up

Back Cover Close-up

When you take a closer glance at the clasp you start noticing a couple of other mistakes. The little Rolex crown is fitted differently; the clasp also comes in another size and the writing on the inside of the closing system doesn’t resemble at all to the one printed on the original model. However, these flaws are not very obvious. Most people will not be able to see these mistakes and after all we must be aware that a replica is just a replica. It will never be the original product no matter how good it looks or how much we pay for it. There will always be room for mistakes. Once we realize this we can go ahead and start searching for a replica watch and possibly even find the almost perfect one.

Black Dial Submariner

There is no person on this world, especially a watch fan, who doesn’t know the basics of a Rolex Submariner.  Nevertheless, as any other luxury watch this too deserves a review destined to reveal the differences between the original one and the average replica watch buyable at any online store. The Submariner is unquestionably a symbol of sophistication, quality and excellence. Whether or not replica companies are capable of providing the same degree of timeless perfection is an entirely different story. This being said, we as customers, need to know how to make a correct assessment and determine in a flash if we are dealing with an exact replica or with a godawful one.

Authentic Submariner

Authentic Submariner

So let’s take a look at a Rolex Submariner replica and run a quick, but thorough comparison to determine how different from the real thing it really is. For this exact purpose, I have selected the Rolex Submariner with the Date window, black dial and stainless steel case. Nowadays, the Submariner with No Date has become quite preferred by watch enthusiasts due to its cleaner looking dial, but I still like best the one with the Date function.

Black Rolex Sub Folex

Rolex Imitation Watch side view

The Submariner was designed as a commercial diver’s watch and this is a very important particularity of its legacy. It is a timepiece that can withstand at a depth of 300 meters. It is more than a sports model. It is a time keeping device designed to look and be used as a professional diver’s watch. What all those interested in buying a replica Submariner need to understand is that a knock-off will never be able to come even close to these water resistance capabilities. A replica will never be suitable for diving or swimming. Period.  Indeed, looking at this replica you can see the Rolex waterproof symbol applied on the end part of the winding crown. This symbol is called the TripleLock Crown and it certifies the outstanding underwater performances of a Rolex watch. The fact that this imitation Submariner has it makes it look pretty authentic.

Cyclop on Rolex Submariner Replica

Fake Rolex Crown Lugs

The dial of the Submariner is extremely functional, yet surprisingly tidy and legible. The Submariner has a unique design that will forever remain unaltered. It is its biggest fortune and at the same time its tremendous mischance. No change applied to its classic design has ever been a stranger to out of proportion controversies. Each time a change was made to its appearance, Rolex aficionados around the globe have heavy-handed criticized the company’s decision. This means that any variations in the design of a replica Submariner are simply an inaccuracy and not because it imitates an older model. Looking both at the pictures of this replica and at those of the original one, I can’t see any differences. The dial, the bezel, all the indicators and the date window are identical. Indisputably, both look exactly the same. It may come as a shock for most people, but some replicas are impossible to spot even upon a very close inspection. Including the inner Rolex word stamped all around the inside of the dial has been flawlessly replicated. Moreover, this particular knock-off also has the luminous coated hands and hour markers. These luminescent indicators make it easy for you to read the time in the dark.

Fake Submariner Bezel view

Not to mention, the case is manufactured out of solid 440 stainless steel while over the 40 mm dial a clear sapphire crystal shines elegantly. The watch looks quite big and feels incredibly sturdy. This is a must for all Rolex watches. Additionally, the automatic movement contributes to the authentic heavy feel of this Submariner replica. When turning around the watch we notice the green hologram sticker on the back which is a symbol of authenticity applied to all Rolex models.

Rolex Replica Submariner Bakc View

The band is also made from 440 solids stainless steel and it has the well-known three-link tapering system. This means that the lugs get narrower closer they get to the clasp. With this very small functional detail, the bracelet feels more comfortable, looks more elegant and gives the impression of a larger case. The clasp is a flip lock and has the little Rolex crown logo applied on the outside. Unfortunately the band I received with this watch was from Explorer and not the one with Submariner clasp.

Because price does matter and not everyone affords to spend $7000-$9000 on a watch, we are forced to find the most reasonable and affordable solution for having our very own Submariner. In this case it means acquiring a replica, the best one we can find. After thoroughly inspecting this beautiful Rolex Submariner copy I must admit that it really is a well-made clone and it would represent a wise investment for any watch enthusiast.

Fake Gold Rolex Submariner

There is no person on earth who hasn’t heard of the Rolex Submariner or a watch enthusiast who doesn’t want to own one. It is the second bestselling watch of all times. Particularly, the model number 16618 is a very prestigious design with an 18 k gold case, deep blue dial and oyster bracelet. Everything about this watch inspires luxury, exclusivity and power. Indeed, it is the perfect example to illustrate the success and popularity of the Submariner collection, and how a glamorous design can turn a timepiece into an instant hit among celebrities and wealthy people.

Genuine Submariner

Genuine Submariner

I have bought a replica of the Submariner 16618 a while ago and haven’t been using it very much. You might wonder why that is. Even though it was a couple hundred dollars and I did my researches before buying it, it still wasn’t what I expected. I know a thing or two about real Rolex watches and for me it was pretty easy to notice the most obvious of all inaccuracies: the markings. These are completely off. The model number printed on the inside of the band is 16610 instead of the 16618 and it is applied on an incorrect location of the bracelet. The 16610 model number is for the black dial stainless steel Submariner. The replica manufacturer probably has only this mold and uses it for all Submariner designs, regardless of their actual model numbers.

Replica Gold Submariner

I have been wearing my replica for at least a month when I started noticing that the gold color was staring to rub off on the inside of the band. The outer golden part was still looking good as this side of the bracelet was not subject to extensive wear and tear. I wasn’t expecting it to start peeling off so soon especially as the quality of the gold was advertised as triple wrapped gold plating which is actually quite durable and shouldn’t have these issues within the first years of use. This shows that the quality of the gold plating is inferior and it has never been 18 k triple wrapped gold, especially considering that even from the beginning the yellow gold color was a little bit off. 18 k gold has a different type of yellow. Additionally, the color of the dial resembles more to a violet color than to a blue one. Just looking at the pictures of the real watch and of the replica you can see the obvious differences in the coloration of the band and dial.

Fake Rolex Replica

Sub Knockoff

The only good thing about this replica is its reliable time keeping performances. It really is a very exact and accurate automatic movement watch. Furthermore, the quality of the steel is quite good. The imitation Submariner is made from a solid block of stainless steel and you can tell that the case and band are quite sturdy. The weight of the watch is 137 grams, almost the same weight as the original watch. It definitely is a heavy replica which feels quite authentic when worn on the wrist.

Rolex Submariner Replica Crown

Fake Submariner Clasp Image

My main dissatisfaction with the watch was that the gold started to peel off very soon and, due to this defect, after a month I wasn’t able to wear the watch anymore. This is the reason why I do not recommend gold color replicas. These will never have the correct 18 k gold coloration and the gold plating will start to rub off after a very short period of time even if you wear it occasionally. It is better to stick to the all stainless steel fakes and this way you will probably be able to use the watch for more than a month.