Swiss VS Japanese Replicas

Were you ever curious about what are the main differences between a Swiss and Japanese replica? This has been a question I have thought about for quite some time and even though I have made some extensive research I just couldn’t fully understand it until recently. I even sent numerous emails to the most reputable replica websites trying to get an answer, but this didn’t do the trick either. To be more exact, I have selected five replica companies to which I have sent inquiries about the differences between a Swiss and a Japanese Cartier Santons 100 replica and in return I have received some general information about the products. The answers were superficial and hesitant. The basic ideas were: that Swiss fakes have a better quality mechanism; Swiss imitations are made from a superior stainless steel and Swiss knockoffs are made with a more thicker and resistant gold plating. These answers seemed a little bit too vague to me.

Swiss-Japanese-Cartier copy

Irritated by their inability of giving me a clear answer or at least an understandable one, I have decided to buy both versions of the same model and from the same retailer. This way I could compare both watches in terms of looks, quality and usability and see the actual differences with my own eyes. The Japanese one was about $200 and the Swiss one about $600. It took about a week or so to receive both products, and when I got them I was amazed to discover that just by looking at both replicas I couldn’t tell them apart.  Upon a close inspection I have concluded that both have the same weight, all the correct markings, the same size and feel. I could only notice a small difference in the color of the hands, but besides this small detail everything else is exactly the same.

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Obviously, the inside mechanism is the basic difference between the two versions of this Cartier Santons 100. The $600 knockoff has a Swiss made Sellita SW 200 automatic movement with 26 jewels. After researching it online I found out that this is one of the most reliable mechanisms available on the replica market. Of course, tests were needed to confirm this so after more than a week I was pleased to see that my Swiss Cartier fake was losing only 3 seconds in a 48 hours time frame, which is actually pretty good for an automatic movement watch, especially for a replica.

Japanese Mechanism

Japanese Mechanism

Japanese Mechanism

Japanese Mechanism

The $200 clone watch also has a high grade kinetic movement, but it isn’t as accurate as the Swiss one and when removing the back and seeing the inside mechanism you realize that it looks like scraped metal, at least, compared to the Swiss one.

It doesn’t take an expert to see the obvious. At a quick and superficial comparison of these two fake watches, unmistakably the Japanese one looks like an inferior quality movement replica. Most certainly, it is not a worthy match for its more upgraded Swiss competitor. Even if at first it may look like these two are identical, upon a more thorough inspection you start realizing the huge difference that sets them apart both in terms of quality and price: the superior mechanism. For a luxury product it is essential to look flawlessly, but for a watch the time keeping capabilities are crucial because the bottom line is that you are buying a watch and not just a jewelry.

Difference Between Japanese and Swiss Replica Movement

Difference Between Japanese and Swiss Replica Movement

In the end we just need to be honest and determine if we are only after the looks of a watch or after overall quality. If aesthetics is the only thing that interests us then the cheaper Japanese replica is the best option. It will look just like the more expensive Swiss one, but cost significantly less. While if a longer life expectancy and a highly accurate movement are the most important qualities we are looking to get in a watch, then a Swiss replica is the perfect choice. This experiment has achieved what many replica companies weren’t able to: it gave me the correct answers to all the justified questions I had about Swiss and Japanese fakes. Now I know what the actual difference is between these two and it will surely help me and many others to pick out the replica suitable for both our needs and expectations.


I was always in love with the elegant and modern Rolex GMT II PVD, and I have always dreamt of having one, but I just never got around to purchasing it. The main reason is its considerable high price. This is why a couple of months ago I have bought myself a replica of this beautiful black Rolex GMT II model. The original watch was created especially for pilots and for long distance travelers who need to simultaneously read the time of different time zones. What is even more amazing about this design is that it can show three time zones due to the addition of a rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel and a separate 24-hour hand. Needless to say that this model has become very fashionable and nowadays it is used even by people who do not necessarily need the extra time zones function. The watch looks very nice and the combination between the PVD coating and the ceramic bezel is simply brilliant.

I think that because the GMT hand can be very easily changed without setting the minutes or hours, this turns the additional time zones option into a very cool feature. This very interesting function may come in handy if you have a friend or family in a different time zone and you always want to know what time it is over there before calling.

Authentic GMT Maser II

Honestly, I am quite satisfied with my replica in terms of style and aesthetics. What I just adore about this design are the simple lines, classy looks and luxurious details. Everything about the Rolex GMT II PVD speaks of a refined elegance and makes you want to own one. I am perfectly aware of the fact that it is a replica, but it is still a darn good one. I have turned this watch upside down trying to find differences, but it is almost impossible to spot any design mistakes between my fake and the original Rolex.

Fake GMT Master PVD (2)

You literarily need to be a watch expert to tell that this is just a clone of the authentic GMT Master II. After long hours of comparing and staring at the watch, the only difference I found was the wrong order of the hands stack. What does this mean? The GMT hour hand should always be placed over the hour hand and not under it. My fake watch has the GMT hand under the hour hand and this is a sign that it is a replica. Luckily, not many people know this very small detail and it is also not very visible. I really do not think that anyone will ever notice it.

Fake GMT Master PVD (1)

 Another thing that raises a serious question mark regarding the authenticity of the watch is the “PRO-HUNTER” text printed on the lower part of the dial. The PRO-HUNTER special edition Rolex GMT Master II was issued in a series of 100 pieces so it is a highly exclusive design. I obviously do not look like the kind of guy who could afford such a rare collector’s item and neither the type of person that has the influence to even get close to one.

Besides these very small details, there are no other noticeable differences between this imitation and the real watch. The case, the crystal, bezel, dial and the band look identical to the original GMT Master II. The replica is also made from solid and sturdy materials which makes it quite heavy and feels good on the wrist. It has almost the same weight as the authentic Rolex.  As far as the time accuracy goes, I must confess that it is actually pretty good. It keeps good time even if you wouldn’t expect this from an automatic movement knock-off.

The all black design of the Rolex GMT II PVD is definitely my favorite timepiece because it is modern and classy at the same time. It is a model with a lot of style and a fashion jewelry that adds an incredible appeal to the person wearing it. Now, after finally receiving my replica and wearing it for a couple of months I am positive that I have made the right choice. I have saved a lot of money by buying a good fake and I have also turned into reality my dream of owning this beautiful watch.

Breitling Bentley Barnato Racing

For all those who simply love racing as much as they love watches, Breitling for Bentley Barnato Racing is without a doubt a remarkable chronological work of art. It was named after the very famous race car driver Woolf Barnato. He was part of the legendary Bentley team who won many races during the 1920s.  At the moment, the Barnato Racing is one of the most sought after timepieces and it has won the hearts of numerous watch fans.

Bentley For Bentley Barnato Racing

The uniqueness of its design consists of its daring sports look enhanced by the black counters shaped as the steering wheels of the memorable Bentley Speed Cars that won the Le Mans 24 hours race five times between 1924 and 1930. Still, it doesn’t take a racing enthusiast to see that this model is a true masterpiece both in form and functionality. Its natural esthetics is completed by an inner bezel marked with a tachometric scale and by a bezel with a raised knurled motif. I guess it is only fair to say that anyone wearing a Barnato Racing watch would definitely feel like a champion. Who needs a trophy when you got the Breitling for Bentley Barnato Racing on your wrist?

Front View

While examining the white dial of this replica I felt relieved to see that it is extremely well reproduced. The knurled motif bezel, the inner tachometric scale, the minutes indexes, the hour markers and the date window are exactly the same as on the original watch. The Breitling applied silver winged logo is correctly copied as well. All these details would manage to convince anyone that we are dealing with an authentic Barnato Racing, if it wasn’t be for the small disc-type contrasting black counters. Even though these are placed at different heights shaping a modern 3D looking dial, just the same as the original design, the markings on the small three dials are very different when compared to the authentic watch. A 1:1 replica should indicate: 20, 40, 60 on the 3 o’clock sub-dial, 2, 4, 6 on the 6 o’clock one and 5, 10, 15 at 9 o’clock; whereas this knock-off shows seconds, minutes and hours.

Fake Breitling Logo


The back of the case is a living proof that the Bentley Barnato Racing has at its core a great passion for speed, thrill and action. Long story short, everything automobile racing stands for. When you turn around the watch you see the branded winding rotor through a transparent sapphire crystal back. This too is a reminiscence of the Woolf Barnato’s legacy as the winding rotor is actually shaped as the rims of the new Continental GT. The replica we are reviewing here is equipped with an identical looking mechanism viewable through the transparent back. Furthermore, all the engravings are accurate. All around the sapphire crystal it writes “Breitling for Bently Special Edition Certified Chronometer 100m/330ft” and on the actual mechanism it has engraved the words “Bentley Motors” and “Breitling for Bentley” in gold. Everything is replicated flawlessly.

Back Cover

The finely crafted automatic chronograph mechanism of the knock-off is encased into a 47 mm solid 440 stainless steel case. The overall authentic look is reinforced by the presence of the Breitling “B” authenticity marking on the end part of the winding crown. This is indeed a very large and heavy watch, but it is perfect for those who love contemporary, daring and sophisticated watches. You will also notice that once you wrap it around your wrist it feels naturally light and surprisingly comfortable.

Crown and Buttons

The Breitling for Bentley Barnato Racing with white dial replica comes equipped with an elegant brown crocodile strap with the Breitling winged logo embossed on the outside of the clasp. The white stitches on the outer sides of the band bring back a little bit of the old vintage style specific to the glory days of Wolf Barnato- the racing legend.

Band and Clasp

The Barnato Racing collection is the definition of greatness and for most of us, watches enthusiasts, it symbolizes the reason why we love Breitling for Bentley timepieces: it is the perfect blend between British chic and Swiss excellence. Obviously, this very exclusive watch is extremely pricey and rare. Luckily, there is the option of buying a well-made replica instead of the original, a replica such as the one we have reviewed in this article.

Everose Daytona Replica

There is no doubt that Rolex is the most well-known brand in the world. The company is literary one of the first manufacturers of high end watches with enhanced functionality and complex time keeping capabilities. Each new Rolex timepiece represents a statement of style and an absolute innovation. These continuous improvements have distinguished the company and turned it into a status symbol, a certification of one’s richness and power. The Daytona is one of the most popular Rolex designs, a part of the brand’s heritage, both a unique timeless design and an outstanding chronograph movement.

Genuine Daytona

One thing is for sure: the world will never have enough Rolex watches. Each day, the company manufactures thousands of pieces and the demand continues to grow. Still, there are ten times more people who dream of owning one. Unfortunately, the price represents the reason why for many of us, it will most likely continue to be just an impossible dream.  A Rolex watch is very expensive and not everyone can afford such jewelry. Yes, the impossibility of buying a real product is what aliments the market of replica watches, and I must say that Rolex is one of the world’s most copied brands. This is actually good news for Rolex fans that can’t afford the original product as the more Rolex copies there are, the better the quality is. Manufacturing a large number of items of the same design or brand allows, in time, a sustainable improvement of the quality both in terms of design and inside movement.

Replica Everose

2013 Daytona imitation

The Daytona is one of the most famous watches of all times. Its performance, precision and reliability, are what turned it into an iconic self-winding chronograph device. Despite the extended functions of this watch, it is still one of the classiest timepieces ever made. You will surely find thousands of variations of this model all over the Internet, but the quality will differ greatly. We have selected a copy of the Rolex Daytona from a random supplier for comparing it with the original watch. So let’s see if when put next to each other you can easily see the differences.

dial close-up

At first glance, we notice that the dial is the same for both ones. The markers, the logo, the writing printed on the dial, and the hands are identical. Also, the small three dials have the correct style, makers and small hands. So it appears that the first impression is the one of an exact copy. We continue to inspect the indexes on the bezel, the Rolex logo on the winding crown and markings on the case back, but still everything is flawlessly replicated. The only noticeable difference we manage to identify is on the clasp. The design looks highly incorrect due to the wrong representation of the Rolex crown and the incorrect size of the pull piece. Except this minor detail, the band looks very nice. It is made from real leather and feels quite comfortable and authentic on the wrist.

back case hologram


As expected there are still some other small differences between the replica and the original watch such as the quality of the materials, the level of craftsmanship and the smoothness of the sweeping second hand. These are inevitable for fake watches and regular people won’t even notice them. Only watch experts would be able to see these differences and realize that it is just a replica. All things considered, this Rolex Daytona knock-off is an average replica with many of the essential design particularities correctly replicated and fitted. It is a reminder of what we were already assuming: the price of the original watch is no more than a mere exaggeration.