We, watch enthusiasts, know that wearing a beautiful luxury watch on our wrist makes every second count and precisely because of this we simply can’t stop looking for the right supplier. Walkwatches.org is the online replica source that allures us to indulge our passion for fine timepieces at some of the lowest prices we have seen so far. Let’s see if it has what it takes to make us tick!



Walkwatches.org is an elegant designer replica website meant for those with a fine taste for beautiful luxury watches. The Home page greets us with two lavishing large banners carrying the following messages: “Make every second special” and “Keep pace with time”. Right from the first moment you read this, you get a good vibe about the company. Furthermore, the website layout is quite simple. On the top, it has a basic menu bar with the most important informative links and product categories while on the left there is a very long product list. The rest of the page is filled with the New Arrivals. The store looks very well organized and manages to make a pretty good first impression on me.

The collection is very large and it pretty much sums up all the famous watches designers on the market. Not only the number of brands available is outstanding, but also the number of items included in each category. For example, the Rolex collection includes over a thousand models. That is a lot!

The company sends packages only with the most important and reliable international shipping companies such as EMS, DHL and UPS. The estimated delivery time is about 5-10 business days and keep in mind the fact that, normally, two business days are necessary for preparing the dispatch of your order. All packages are shipped with a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your shipment and know exactly when to expect the delivery. Shipping isn’t free. Orders are charged a $20 flat delivery fee.


Even though the collection is huge, the merchant didn’t think of implementing an advanced filter on its website so we can easily choose only the characteristics which interest us and view just the replicas that match them.

For some reason, the product description isn’t complete. It mentions some relevant specifications of these watches, but not the Item Variations, Case Diameter, Bezel, Clasp, Crystal and Water Resistant.  All these are important and need to be explained so that the customers know that type of quality they will be receiving.

The prices seem a little bit too cheap to me. These watches cost about $70-$80. I know that all of them are Japanese and usually Japanese knockoffs are very affordable, but this seems just too unrealistic. You usually get what you pay for and unfortunately a price considerably lower than the market’s average, always, means a lower quality. How prepared are you to sacrifice quality just to get the lowest price possible?

There is no single information on the website about the accepted payment methods. Because of this I had to place a test order to see what payments options the Order Form offers. After Checking Out of the Shopping Cart and registering an account I was given only the option to pay by Visa card. Actually, there were three Visa buttons in the Order Form, each one directing me to a different payment processing page. I do not like the fact that this wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the website so that potential customers know what the available payment methods are before submitting the order.

After turning the website upside down I still wasn’t able to find any details about its refund, exchange and warranty policy. The only mention of it I have found is on the FAQ page where it says that we should view the Warranty section for further details about returning an item. The thing is, there is no such section or page on the whole site. I do not like the fact that the website has incorrect, incoherent and misleading information and I feel that this shows its lack of professionalism and trustworthiness.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: The pictures are of very poor quality. Each product has just one photo and this photo isn’t at all that flattering. Some of them look like they are scans from a printed catalog while others look like someone took them with a camera phone. There are also some that look pretty decent, but the clarity is, still, quite low. Additionally, the pictures have different watermarks. Some say www.2010watches.com, others say Walkwatches.net while others are watermarked with both names.  Even though I am pretty sure that these photos are owned by the company and that we will not find them anywhere else on the Internet, I cannot be sure that these are an accurate representation of the actual merchandise Walkwatches.org sells.

Customer service: On the Contact Us page it says that we can contact the company including by FREE live chat services. Well, this is highly inaccurate as nowhere on the website there is a chat button. Another way of getting a hold of Customer Service is by emailing them at wwserve@gmail.com, and they claim to answer all inquiries in about 1-3 hours. I seriously doubt that! Presenting misleading information about the services it provides is another reason why this merchant shatters my trust in the legitimacy of its business.

Summary: Walkwatches.org is an Internet based replica company that at first seems professional, well organized and trustworthy. Still, after looking further into the depths of its policies, services and products we find out that the truth is very far from this false impression. Its business is more fake than its products. There are no mentions on its page about its payment and return policies, the pictures are of very poor quality, the website is full or errors and incoherencies and its customer care department shows a low responsativity. I honestly, cannot recommend this merchant as a trusted source of replica watches.

Datejust Diamond Rolex Replica

The watch world was blessed with just a few remarkable ladies’ watches and the Rolex Datejust is one of these few designs. It is an exceptional model of unique beauty and refinement and the entire collection is a perfect symbol for timeless elegance. The watch follows the classic Rolex design, but with its 26 mm case has that feminine touch needed for its client base. It is a very small and delicate timepiece, a true work of art forged from the finest steel and adorned with precious diamonds. Without a doubt, the Rolex Datejust is the ideal glamour watch, a modern fashion jewelry that will never be out of style

The first watch with an automatically changing date displayed on the dial was introduced in 1945 and it represents the source of inspiration for the contemporary Rolex Lady Datejust. The womens’ version of this revolutionary timepiece has a softer and classier appearance, but it basically respects all the main functional and aesthetical principles of the first DateJust design.

Diamond Replica Datejust Lady 5

I have recently purchased a replica of the Lady Datejust. At that time it seemed to me like the most appropriate idea considering the high price of the original watch. I thought I could never save so much as to afford the very expensive authentic Rolex. In the end, I was very disappointed with the whole experience of buying a replica and I felt that I must share it with others and this way possibly prevent someone else from going through the same hassle and disappointment as I did.

Diamond Datejust Lady 1

This replica is surely not intended for daily use and most certainly it is not a watch that will pass the test of time. I wore it daily and after 3 months I started noticing that the stainless steel was rubbing off. I was very surprised, especially as it was advertised as solid stainless steel. The sad part is that this type of defect is not covered by the guarantee or this is what the company informed me. Either way, sending it back for a replacement was not a trouble I was willing to go through. A couple hundred dollars replica is just not worth the long wait and nerves.

Diamond Replica Datejust Lady 4

And there were many other defects I have spotted on this replica. The most annoying one was the closing part of the bracelet. On the real watch, the clasp should have been a hidden one, shaped like the rest of the links. All Datejust models have a concealed clasp making the band look like a continuous bracelet with the Rolex logo applied in the middle. On my imitation the band looks very fake because the clasp is very visible. It is incredibly noticeable making it clear that we are dealing with a knock-off.

Diamond Replica Datejust Lady 2

Also, the writing on the dial is messy and irregular. It so bad that you know from the start something is off with this DateJust. Furthermore, the letters on the face of the watch started to fade off and I simply do not understand how this was possible as these are not subject to any external factors. Including the weight and feel of the replicas are different. The imitation doesn’t feel as sturdy and heavy as the real one. The quality of the metal is poor and the band is hollow. This reduces significantly the weight of the watch and it doesn’t feel at all like the real Datejust.

Diamond Replica Datejust Lady 3

The bottom line is that this Rolex Lady Datejust replica is just an awful attempt of cloning the perfection of the original watch. The design, the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials are some of the worst I have ever seen. What has disappointed me even more is the refusal of the company to even consider these problems and try to offer me a satisfactory solution. They simply did not care and did not bother to deal with these complaints. If you just look at these photos you will notice most of the defects I have mentioned above: the steel has worn off almost completely, the writing on the dial is fading off and the claps looks terribly fake. After three months of use the watch is in the worst possible state and it cannot be worn anymore. So now the only option for me is to throw it in the trash bin and learn my lesson about replica watches: quality doesn’t come cheap. If you want a Rolex that will last a lifetime then you need to start saving money for the original one.