What are the main qualities of a decent replica store? Should it have superior quality watches, excellent customer service, low prices or an easy to use website? Can it have all of these? It rarely does, but, somehow, manages to comply with some of these requirements.

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PROS: is a pretty decent looking website. It has a nicely designed template that perfectly merges powerful tons of purple with dark hues. Furthermore, it uses flowery embellishments when it is supposed to be a website that sells mostly men’s watches.  I won’t say too much about the fact that it has one of the most copied website templates on the web. Better to use a popular design than to use an ugly one. After all, here, we are dealing with companies that live to replicate so originality isn’t a criteria for us. Who copies it best gets to the top faster!

No one can argue the fact that looks like an elegant and professional online store. It is tidy, user friendly and very easy to use. The top side menu bar includes all the available brands and these are quite numerous. Even though the menu is considerably large and bulky, it somehow manages to look nice and well organized. I also like the fact that all the brands are divided into sub collections, making it really simple for you to find your favorite designs. Additionally, there is an advanced search bar in the left side of the page. This very helpful menu lets you search the replicas by price, gender, movement, manufacturing country and band type.

The company carries watches with quartz movement and automatic movement. The automatic movement ones have mechanisms that were made in Japan or Switzerland. The Japanese Miyota automatic movement replicas are less expensive and these costs about 100-200 GBP while the Swiss ETA automatic movement knockoffs are priced at 200-400 GBP. The description page is very nicely written. I like the fact that it manages to present all the technical details of these replica watches in a very comprehensive manner. Also, it includes all the relevant information needed for concluding if an imitation watch is of good quality or not. is able to process credit card payments such as Visa and Mastercard, and also Western Union transactions. Frankly, these are the world’s most used and secure payment option and I am sure that any one of us has access to at least one of them. Furthermore, when you add a product to the Shopping cart, it notifies you that if you purchase two items you get a 10% discount. Tempting, isn’t it?

The delivery is free for every order you place on this fake watches website. The company claims to dispatch the packages the next day, except for some orders that require an additional verification. Also, all orders are shipped with the same company: DHL. The delivery takes about 1-5 business days and a tracking number is provided so we can trace the package online.

If you have purchased a replica watch from this merchant then you will be pleased to find out that it offers a 14 days refund and exchange policy. You just need to send the watches back to them and they will issue a full refund for the amount you have paid. The company can also exchange the product if you request this.

CONS: does not mention anything about what its policy is regarding customer seizure or about a lost package policy. What happens then?

Furthermore, it does not say a thing about the shipping charges involved with returning the replicas. Who will pay for these? Just as it does not tells us a word about having a repairs warranty that protects the replica watches after the first 14 days pass.

Domain registered: UK

Pictures: The company has excellent product photos. All the pictures are of very good quality and extremely clear. For each replica watch there are numerous images showing the product from all angles, presenting details such as the clasp, inside of the band, caseback, winding crown and even how it looks on an actual wrist. You can clearly tell that these photos were taken by a professional, but sadly they still raise a serious question mark. This is because some of the replica watches have photos that are watermarked with the name

Customer service: No phone number, no chat and no email address. What kind of customer service is this? The website only includes a contact form where you can type in your questions and wait until someone will answer…no one tells you when this will be.  I am very reluctant about ordering a replica watch from a company that is this hard to reach. When you are buying something online you need to know that you can rely on the company to resolve any problems you might have with your order. How can this be if you can’t reach their customer care department? They should at least provide phone or chat service.

Summary: is clearly a Chinese replica watches company that gives the impression of conducting its business from the UK. It has a wide selection of designer replica watches at very affordable prices. The website provides a very friendly shopping experience thanks to its informative descriptions, useful advanced search bar and easy to use menu bar. The company can also process payments with Visa, Mastercard ad Western Union, offer free delivery by DHL for all orders and provide a 14 days refund and exchange policy. The downsides are that it does not have a repairs warranty, some of the product pictures have the watermark of a different company and it has a poor customer service. As an overall impression, seems like a good website where to purchase fake watches, but it still has its flaws. If you are willing to take your chances with this company, at least be sure that you are not spending too much on your first order with them!

Buying a good replica watch is never easy. There are so many fake watches companies on the Internet and so many things to consider that it may seem like an impossible decision to make. is a website that tempts us with decent prices and with a wide selection of imitation watches. Let’s find out if it is one of the few good replica merchants out there!

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PROS: has an elegant appearance, one that recommends it as a serious online replica store. It is designed with simple lines, dark hues and classy pictures. What I like most about the home page is that even though it is colored in black and gray, it still manages to look very friendly and inviting. This is probably because it has a minimal functionality and it is very neatly organized. Furthermore, all the important buttons and features are placed right on the top so that everyone can easily see them. As a first impression, it appears to be a good place for shopping replica designer watches.

The menu is quite simple and easy to use. It is positioned at the top of the page and it features only eight watch brands. This is not because the company only sells eight watch brands, but because these are the most important ones and also the ones that will convince you to click further and stay on this e-shop. After you click on one of these main watch names, a new page loads and all the available watch designers are presented on the left side of the page. This more generous menu includes many of the world’s most renowned brands.

I took the time and effort to browse most of these replicas, and to quickly review the prices and quality offers. It seems that this fake watches store sells knockoffs with three kinds of movements: Quarts, Japanese Automatic and Swiss Automatic. The Quartz watches cost about 70 GBP, the Japanese one about 80 GBP and the Swiss about 200-400 GBP.

The product description page is very nicely constructed. It is well organized and includes all the important specifications of these replica watches presented in a very simple and easy to understand manner. You know right from the beginning what to expect from a fake watch purchased from


The brands are not divided into sub-categories and there is also no search or filter option to help you browse easier through all the replicas. You simply need to go through all the models, page by page. This is actually a hassle, as each category includes hundreds of items.

Do you know that saying “Talk is cheap”? This applies very nicely to what has to say about its accepted payment methods. This company claims to be able to process the following credit card payments: Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Delta and AMEX, still when it comes to applying this it manages to disappoint us greatly. The only payment options it supports are Visa and Mastercard. No other payment methods are supported. I don’t know about you, but I do not like it when a replica merchant lies without any shame.

Supposedly, the delivery is free here, at, still the website applies a 20 GBP shipping fee to your order. Also, you are not informed of the shipping company that will be used to dispatch your order. You are only told that the store works with several carriers and for each order they will use the most suitable one, whatever that means. Furthermore, it takes about 2 business days to prepare the order for shipping; and depending on the delivery country, it may take from 3-20 days for your package to arrive. That’s a huge time frame. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with waiting for that long time and hoping that I will eventually get my order.

The company provides a 7 days refund and exchange policy, but no repairs warranty. It appears that as long as you return the replica watches no longer than the first 7 days from the delivery, you have the right of claiming a refund or exchange. Of course, photos of the problem will be asked, water damages are not a valid reason for retuning a replica and no wear and tear marks are accepted. Additionally, you are the one that will have to pay for all the return expenses and your refund or exchange will be processed only after the returned products arrive at the company’s warehouse.

Domain registered: China

Pictures: I really couldn’t say that has the best pictures I have ever seen at an online replica watches company, because it doesn’t. It is quite far from this idea. The actual problem is that the images are copied from several different sources and this is very obvious as the photos have different backgrounds and clarity. Some replicas have only one picture while others have a handful. Not only this, but I have also found a couple of images where you could see scratches and stains on the replicas.

Customer service: There is nothing I love more than a replica website that offers great customer service, and vice versa. I absolutely disapprove an online fake watches store that is incapable of providing satisfactory and responsive customer care. And does not supply the level of customer service that ensures satisfaction and liability. Interesting enough, the Contact Us page says that the customer service is reachable 24/7. In fact, you can only reach the store by email and their email address is a highly unprofessional and unsecure Gmail account. From my point of view, a trustworthy replica website must provide phone, email and chat service in order to be considered responsive, liable and even remotely close to the 24/7 customer care ideal.

Summary: is a replica watches website that looks good and seems like a pretty good place to purchase your favorite knockoffs, but it may turn out to be the worst decision you have ever made. Why is that? Well, this is because it lies about the payment methods it can process, it lies about providing free delivery, it does not say what shipping company it uses and how much time it takes for your package to arrive, it does not have a repairs warranty, it uses copied photos and it does not have a professional customer service. For all these reasons, I consider a pretty risky purchasing decision.