FakeWatchMall.com is supposed to be a modern, friendly and alluring store offering us some of the most beautiful replica timepieces, or this is what the company wants us to believe. Is it really such a great and generous source of high quality fake watches? We will soon find out!

The website is indeed a statement of professionalism, focusing on combining beautiful pictures, easy to use menus and functional features such as the currency convertor, account option, and an advanced search.  I am sure that every watch passionate person that enters this site feels confident about its purchase, simply because it looks just as any trustworthy page should look like. Let’s face it! In the online business appearance is crucial.

Fashion Replica Watches

The company has a very large selection of watch brands and these are all included in the left side menu bar. This very long list of designer names has a very interesting feature. When you slide the cursor over one of the brands, a large list with the available sub-collections appears. It is basically the moment when you decide if you want to continue shopping or exit the website. But as there are so many options here, I am positive that most of you choose to shop.

Having the brands divided into collections is really great. This eases very much the search of the ideal replica watch. Some of the larger categories include 1,000 or even 5,000 items. In these cases, organizing the brands into collections isn’t that helpful, but thankfully the company has already figured this out and it provides a friendly Advanced Search option. This function allows us to search the replica watches by Gender, Strap Material, Strap Color, Dial Color, Movement and Price. By using this option you can find the desired fake timepiece in no time.

The replica products available at FakeWatchMall.com are really affordable. The watches equipped with a Japanese mechanism cost about $100-$250 depending on the model and choice of materials while the ones equipped with a Swiss movement cost about $300-700 also depending on the functions they support and choice of materials. I consider these prices quite fair for replicas that look exactly as the real products and have a good quality movement.

The product description page is quite nicely constructed. It isn’t too bulky or brief. It manages to present in a very friendly and comprehensive manner all the important details regarding the materials, functionality and authenticity markings of these replica watches.

FakeWatchMall.com uses only high quality pictures for all of its fake products. Each knockoff has numerous very clear images that show all the important parts and small details. There is an obvious attention towards demonstrating that the exactness of the design is flawless, that these replicas are very good imitations. To prove this, there are even some photos of the inside mechanism.

If you are keen on ordering one of the clone watches sold by this store then you should probably know that the company takes a very diverse range of payment methods. The supported payment options are Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. Furthermore, if you choose to pay by Western Union you enjoy an additional 5% discount.

 The company ships packages all over the world and it provides two delivery options. You can choose to have your package sent for free, but this implies sending it with registered mail which is really slow. The package will get in about 20 business days and the provided tracking number will update very slowly or at all. The other option is EMS which costs at least $20 depending on the destination country, but this is considerably faster. The package will be delivered in about 10 business days and the tracking number will show the entire shipping progress.

All replicas bought from FakeWatchMall.com are guaranteed by a 7 days refund policy. If you have received the product and you are not happy with it then you can choose to ship it back within the first 7 days from the delivery. The replicas must be in its original condition and returned with all its papers and packaging. Also, a 14 days exchange policy is available if you decide to replace the fake watch with a different model. Very important, all the return costs must be paid by the customer. Another thing, the company does not say if it can repair the watch if it breaks after the first 14 days of use.

I only trust companies that can be contacted if by any chance something goes south with my order. This implies that a company must provide a responsive customer service, one that can be reached by phone, chat and email. On this online site there is a live chat button, but this is just for show as it does not work. When you click it, it takes you to a page that says “Your request could not be completed, as the account you are attempting to reach is no longer active.” There is also no contact phone number so you can call the store and talk to one of their operators. This makes me strongly doubt its care towards the satisfaction of its customers.

The first impression we get for FakeWatchMall.com is one of a reputable and trustworthy store, one that is more than capable to provide us with decent quality replicas at fair prices. The company also offers very good quality product pictures, reliable descriptions, diverse payment options and a 7 days money back policy. Unfortunately it fails when it comes to offering a professional customer service, fast and cost effective delivery methods and a repairs warranty.


PureInTime.org is a very fancy replica watches online site. It has all the distinctive signs of a company that has a very long experience in selling fake timepieces: professional looking website, a diverse and large collection of knockoffs and a functional live chat service. Its store is a very elegant page that feels very friendly and easy to use. You almost can’t resist not shopping here.

The homepage is nicely structured offering us a pleasant view of its most important features. On the top menu bar we find the buttons for Special Offers, New Arrivals, Watch Boxes, Customer service and Contact us. The products can be found in the Menu located in the left side of the page. Here there are all the available brands, and these are not just a few. The list is incredibly long. You have to scroll down about two or three screens to get to the end on this menu. This means that the company offers a very diverse and wide collection of replica watches. Surely, this is a very good place to find a beautiful fake timepiece.

Pure Swiss Replica Watches

Every brand is divided into sub-categories and when you move the cursor on one of the watch designer names, a list with the available collections unfolds. An advanced search isn’t available, but this isn’t really needed as each sub-category has only 10 products or so.

The watches are sold with three different types of movements: there are two versions for Asian mechanisms and one for Swiss ETA mechanism. The customer can choose between these three and the final price depends on the selected type of movement. The replicas with the most affordable Asian mechanism cost about $100-$200, the ones with the higher quality Asian mechanism are about $150-$250 while the superior Swiss ETA versions are $300-$800, depending on the design and materials used on the watch.

The description page for these replicas is very brief. It lists all the important particularities of these watches without any additional details. For any watch fan who has a broad knowledge of the functions and materials available for imitation watches, this very short description will seem very useful, but for a person who does not know that much about replica this information will simply be incomprehensible.

The company has very good product photos. Every replica watch features more than 10 very professional and clear images that show all the important parts of the watch. You can see small details such as the band, caseback, bezel, crystal and in some pictures the caseback is removed so it can show the inside mechanism. This is a very good thing, reinforcing our trust in the quality of these fake watches.

Pureintime.org is able to process payments by Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire. What I have noticed is that in the order form when you are supposed to select the desired payment option, for Visa and Mastercard there are several different conditions like “amount less than $1000” or “amount over $1500”. These options seem so complicated and confusing, especially as they refer to such a simple thing as paying with your card online. When things aren’t simple and smooth, you usually start having your doubts.

The store can deliver packages worldwide, but the delivery isn’t free. In fact, it seems very expensive. For example, the delivery to USA by Fedex, DHL or UPS costs about $45.00 and it takes about 5 business days for the package to arrive while the delivery by EMS costs $25.00 and takes about 7-10 business days. Of course, the company also needs about two days to have the order prepared for shipping and all packages are sent with a tracking number. Still, for me it seems very much money to pay just for shipping.

It seems that orders can be returned for refund, replacement or repairs only within the first 8 days from the delivery. If you are sending the replica watch back for a refund then you will be refunded the initial transaction amount minus a 25% restocking fee and a $50 return fee. Additionally, all the return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. That sounds way too costly for my tastes. For a replacement there are no restocking fees or return fees to pay, but you still have to support the costs of shipping the order back. Also, it does not say for how many days from the delivery they will offer to repair the watch for free? Is it just 8 days? That doesn’t seem like a very fair repairs warranty.

Pureintime.org can be contacted by live chat, email address and contact form. It does not have a contact phone number and the email address is a very unprofessional Gmail account. Still, the live chat works and it offered me the chance to speak to one of their operators. Her name was Sally and she was quite helpful and patient in clarifying all of my doubts. She answered a bit slowly, but her answers were very useful.

Pureintime.org is just another fake watches online store that gets our attention with an incredibly wide collection of knockoffs available at very tempting prices. The website has an elegant appearance, beautiful and professional product photos, diverse payment methods, a return policy and even a responsive live chat service. But I still cannot allow me to fully trust it because of its lack of consideration for the products descriptions, high shipping fees and very costly return policy.