There are only a few replica watches sites online that have such an unfriendly appearance as does. Its design has nothing to do with the looks of an online store. The homepage resembles more to a blog or forum layout than to an e-shop. The consequence is the low visibility of the menu, the absence of any optic hints that make you see this page as a place that offers replicas for sale. If it weren’t for the ‘Swiss replica watches” logo from the top of the page, it wouldn’t’ cross my mind that this is a site where I could order these types of products. But besides its poor design, what are the particularities of this online company? Keep reading and you will find out.

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The menu is located somewhere in the upper left side of the page. Yes, those small gray texts are actually menu buttons. You weren’t expecting this, right? From there you can start browsing the Rolex category, the “Other Brands” or reading the informative pages. The color scheme is black and gray with a few red accents, on the top of the screen there is a small square banner and the rest of the page is filled with dull text. The most interesting thing here is the announcement they make right on the center of the homepage: “We are NOT affiliated with any other site. We do NOT offer or sell Replicas made in South Asia. All our replicas are precise quality timepieces made by Swiss jewelers.” They seem to care a lot about making this clear. It shows commitment for their products and reputation.

Browsing the collection is even more difficult. After you click on Rolex, a new page loads with some hypnotic colored banner and text, and you can barely see the sub-collections that are located slightly above these. I was hoping for a better visibility for the available replica watches from each collection, but my hopes were shredded to pieces by a “mini-window” in the left side of the page that shows only 4 products at a time and you need to click on navigation arrows to see the next 4 replicas and so on.

As you were probably expecting, these Swiss replica watches have a pretty hefty price. The cheapest ones are $1,000 and the prices go up to $1,500. The yellow gold, rose gold and of course, the diamond models are the most pricey ones. Of course, these fakes are equipped with some of the most precise automatic mechanisms available on the market, such as Swiss Valjoux 7752 Automatic Chronograph. If you are looking for a top notch Swiss replica watch then this is surely the best place to start!

I was quite shocked to see that given their pretenses of offering the best Swiss made replicas and the high prices of these knockoffs, they offer such poor product pictures. Each item has only one photo and this isn’t even of decent quality. The clarity is awful and the image is so small than you can barely see anything about the design of the watch. Awful. And what’s worse is that there are different types of pictures with different kinds of clarity and backgrounds. This proves the fact that the photos were copied from different catalogs.

The product description is pretty nice. It is inclusive and detailed. It offers all the important details about every technical or aesthetic part of the watch. Any replica watches shopper- experienced or not- can easily understand the particularities of these knockoffs after reading this thorough description.

All orders are dispatched with EMS, UPS, FEDEX or DHL and the shipping fee depends on the destination country. Good news for USA customers, delivery to this country is completely free. For other countries there is a flat rate shipping fee of $50. The estimated delivery time is about 2 weeks and usually needs about 2-3 days to have the watch ready for dispatch. Needless to say, all orders are sent with a tracking number that can be used to trace the package online.

The company is able to process payment with credit cards, but it does not say with which ones. It also accepts Western Union, Bank Wire and Escrow. Please note that orders paid with Western Union enjoy a minimum 25% discount. Of course, this discount will not be cumulated with other offers. But the most interesting payment method is by far Escrow. It seems that you can pay the replica after it is delivered. Escrow payments imply a 6.3% fee and the delivery takes about 2-3 weeks. provides a 7 days exchange and refund policy. If you get a Swiss replica watch from this company and you aren’t completely satisfied with it then be sure to contact customer service before the first 7 days run out. You need to know that used products can’t be returned, only the ones that are in the same conditions as when they were initially shipped. The store also offers a 2 years warranty for all its fake watches and those who are called “cloned watches” have a 4 years warranty. Cloned watches are supposedly 100% identical to the original products. They were made after taking apart a real watch and cloning each part 1:1.

The company offers customer services by phone, email and chat. The phone number is from USA, it has 4 extensions for different departments- sales, support, returns and wholesale- and it is toll free. The page lists 3 different email addresses: one is for sales, one for support and one for wholesale. There is also a contact form included on the page. I have noticed the chat button on several sections of the site, but when I was visiting the store this said “Offline”, but judging by how diversified the contact options are, I tend to believe that this company really is reputable.

We shouldn’t judge an online store simply by appearance because we may miss out on some great replica watches. At first impression, looks like a very unfriendly and unprofessional company. But when you start exploring its products and reading its policies you see it in a completely different light. Of course, it has some Cons like the different product pictures and high prices. But the Pros seem to weight more- Swiss replica watches with Valjoux movement, worldwide delivery, diverse payment methods, 7 days return policy, 2-4 years free repairs warranty and a professional customer service.

Are you ready for discovering a new replica watches store that carries a wide range of beautiful designer timepieces at very affordable prices? If you are then you may want to read the below review of does not even look like an online store. It rather looks like a blog. And frankly I do not understand how it can have such a sloppy and unfriendly appearance. It is probably because the homepage is too crowded with its oversized banner that features too many designer watches, the numerous large brads logos and the bulky texts. It isn’t such a complicated website, but it is too messy for my liking.

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The menu is very simple and it has only the following buttons- Information, Men’s Watches, Ladies’ Watches and Categories. Of course, the collection is impressive and when you click on one of these buttons a new page loads where you see in the left side of the screen an endless list of watch brands. Even though each category has an impressive number of different designs, browsing through all of them isn’t that tiresome because these are very neatly organized into sub collections. Each one lists about 100 items so you really do not feel the need of an Advanced Search option. carries replica watches with both Japanese automatic movement and Swiss ETA automatic mechanism. Of course, there is a considerable price difference between these two types of qualities. The less expensive ones are the Japanese fake watches which are equipped with a 21 jewels Miyota movement. These cost about $130-$200. The Swiss replica watches are pricier. These are equipped with a 25 jewels ETA mechanism and cost about $250-$400.

I was impressed with the pictures I found on this website. Each image is very clear and has a high resolution. It is that type of professional and good quality photo that allows you to see every single detail of the product. Also, the merchant shows a very high attention for presenting all the important angles and parts of these replica watches. Things like the texture of the dial, the shine of the bezel, the logos on the clasp and caseback are nicely presented. The pictures are a very nice preview of the quality offered by this company.

The product description is also very well made. It is quite detailed and rich in relevant information regarding the design, functionality and materials used for making these fake watches. ships packages worldwide and offers 4 shipping choices. These options are Hong Kong Post which is free of charge and takes about 15-20 business days to deliver the package, EMS which costs about $12 and takes about 7-10 business days to arrive at your door, DHL for $30 and FEDEX for $35. The last two shipping carriers are the fastest ones available- the estimated delivery time is about 3-6 business days. Of course, all the paid shipping options will provide the customer with a tracking number.

The website supports a very wide range of payment methods. When you place an order on this online store you can choose to pay by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Transfer. I am always very glad to find a company that understands how important it is to offer as many payment options as possible. This makes it more easy to order from and convenient for online shoppers. What I do not like is the fact that the page where you enter your card details isn’t protected by a security certificate. provides a 180 days free repairs warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, but will not allow you to repair your watch for free if it has water damages, battery failures, cracked crystal, scratches or broken outside parts. Sadly, the website does not say a thing about a return policy. It simply does not mention how many days you have from the delivery to send back the replica watch for a refund or replacement. Before you order from this store, please make sure you contact its customer care agents and find out more about its refund and exchange policies.

I see that there is a Live Chat button on the website, but when I have accessed the page this said “Offline”. I even tried to leave a message by clicking on it, but it said “Message cannot be sent to the Online Support because the email address was not specified by this Live Support account administrator.” This suggests that the Live Chat is only for show and that it doesn’t actually work. On the Contact Us page there is a phone number from China, a Gmail address, an MSN and a Skype ID. I have tried the phone number to see if anyone answers and to my surprise a very nice agent took my call and answered all my questions in a very friendly manner. She said that they are experiencing some technical problems with the Live Chat and this is why it currently isn’t working.

There is no such thing like the perfect fake watches store. This is something that you should never forget when it comes to ordering replica watches online. There are only websites that are either reputable or not. seems to be pretty decent. It has really good product pictures, nice customer services, fair prices, numerous payment options and a free repairs warranty. What makes me feel reluctant about this company is the fact that the payment page isn’t secured and that it does not mention a thing about its return policy.

I don’t know about you, but I sure love finding new and reputable stores where to order my replica watches online. This allows me to diversify my collection with the most popular and beautiful fake timepieces out there. The trick here is to search for websites that offer fair prices, good quality and excellent services. How do you know where to look and how to identify them? Keep reading and I will tell you all about it.

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For instance, let’s take This online store carries a very nice collection of Japanese automatic movement replica watches and at first glance, the prices seem to be pretty low. Of course, what we notice from the beginning is the design of its website, which isn’t that great. It looks very dull and unprofessional. The homepage is white and gray; it has only one small banner and a barely visible top side menu bar. From my point of view, the page isn’t that friendly looking, but I must confess that it is quite easy to browse.

There are two menu bars on the homepage. The top side menu is quite discrete and it only includes 4 of the brands available here, at The left side menu is a little more generous as it lists 7 watch brands. This is a pretty limited number of watch brands. Usually online stores are egger to offer as many brands as possible. The good news is that having less watch names means that the company is more selective about its products and the quality it offers.

All the brand categories are divided into collections that carry the same name as the original collection. This makes it very easy for us to find the desired models, especially if we consider the fact that the website does not have an Advanced Search. Plus, the store does not offer such a wide selection of replica watches. Each category includes just a couple hundred different designs.

The pictures of these fake watches are very nice. The quality is impeccable and the clarity is surprisingly good. Each product features about 10 high quality photos that focus on all the important parts and details of the watches. You can see everything from the shine of the crystal to the way the watch looks on the wrist because there are even pictures with the replica on an actual wrist. Clearly, these photos were taken by a professional photographer and display the merchandise stocked by this merchant. I have noticed that the pictures do not have a watermark so anyone could copy the images from this store. My advice for is to consider protecting its photos by adding a watermark.

What I do not like on this site is that the product descriptions are very bad. You can hardly understand what is written there because these are very schematic and in broken English mixed up with some Italian words.

The prices are pretty low. Also, please note that these are displayed in GBP. All the replica watches available here are equipped with a Japanese automatic movement and the prices vary from 90 GBP to 120 GBP. This is a pretty affordable price range, one that would tempt even the most prudent fake watches shopper. And judging just by the pictures, these knockoffs are definitely worth the money.

The accepted payment methods are a very important part of any online order. You can’t order on a website if it doesn’t provide the right payment options. is that type of store that accepts only Visa and Mastercard payments. It does not offer the alternative of paying by Bank Wire, Western Union or Money Gram. And what’s even more shocking is that the page where you are supposed to enter your card details isn’t secured by a security certificate. This means that your info isn’t protected. A protected page should have https at the beginning of the link.

The company is one of those stores that are able to send packages to customers from all across the globe. Sadly, it does not provide free delivery. There is a flat shipping rate of $25 that is applied to your order, regardless of your destination country. All packages are shipped with EMS or DHL and the usual delivery time is about 5 to 10 business days. Of course, each package has a tracking number so that the customer can trace it online. offers a 5 days return policy. Basically, if you get the replica watch and you notice that they have sent you the wrong one or you simply do not like it, you must contact the store before the first 5 days run out and request the return details. If they have sent you the wrong product then they will pay for the shipping back costs. If you do not like it then you will have to pay for all the return costs. The website does not mention anything about having a free repairs warranty.

When you have been on so many replica watches websites as I did, you start getting used to the lack of Customer Services. So for me it is no surprise that this store can be contacted only by Contact form and by using a very unprofessional Gmail account. There are no options to call their operators or chat with them live. This is a huge disadvantage as when you are buying stuff online you need to be sure that you can easily get a hold of the company. is a replica watches online store where we find a huge contrast between the really good pictures that suggest high quality products and the lack of professional services which make us think that it may not be such a reputable company. The website has very low price, worldwide delivery and a 5 days return policy, but it doesn’t provide responsive customer services and reliable and secure payment methods. But in the end, the choice is your- wether to trust it or not.