Replica Bulgari Diagono Professional

Bvlgari, the famous Italian designer has become a very important presence on the luxury watches market ever since it launched the much appreciated Octo Finnisimo Tourbillon. Over the years, the brand has continuously upgraded the design and internal components of its watches by bringing surprising innovations. While the overall look of these timepieces is iconic for the Bulgari style and personality, it also flirts with futuristic aesthetics, complex functions and state of the art comfort enhancements.

Authentic Watch

Authentic Watch

Particularly, the Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT is a simpler and more classic model that appeals to those who adore wearing beautiful watches without compromising their classy style. Even though the watch may seem sporty looking and casual, it has many clever details that make it suitable for more formal attires. The sleek black dial, the simplicity of the watch’ face, body and bracelet recommends it for successful men with a sense of modernity and adventure.

Bulgari GMT Replica

For all the above reasons, I simply adore the Diagono Professional GMT. Of course, I am not a successful or rich man so I really cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on the genuine watch, but I know enough about designer watches to guarantee the purchase of a very authentic looking replica. Luckily for you, I am ready to share this knowledge with you!

Diagono GMT Imitation

When you are buying a Diagono Professional GMT replica watch, you must first inspect the dial. This is the most important part of any watch. A good knockoff should have a clean black dial with a matte surface. At the 6 o’clock position there should be the small dial that counts from 1 to 31 days. The purpose of this dial is to indicate the date. The hour markers are made from stainless steel and are covered with a thin luminescent coating to offer better legibility in the dark. Also, all correctly cloned watches should have at 12 o’clock an oversized numeral and the texts “BVLGARI” and “AUTOMATIC” beneath it.

crown and buttons of fake watch

The most impressive thing about this Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT model is that it shows triple time zone. How is this possible? Well, the first time zone’s hour is indicated by the main hour hand, the second time zone’s hour is indicated by the hand with a red tipped arrow and the third time zone is indicated by the 24 hours rotating bezel. As I was saying at the begging of this review, Bvlgari is very keen on designing very innovative and futuristic looking watches so no matter how simple this model may appear to be, it is very complex in terms of functionality.

Fake Bulgari Diagono Back

Some fans call this Diagono Professional GMT as “Diagono Pepsi dial” because of the blue and red inner bezel that is iconic for the very famous soft drinks brand. This is another detail you should pay attention to. The markings on this bi-colored ring are very important. The red and blue should end and begin only at the numbers 6 and 18.

band screws

The original Bvlgari comes only with a sapphire crystal, but on a replica it will be very difficult to find this same type of crystal. In most cases, the Asian knockoffs have a mineral crystal while the Swiss ones have a sapphire crystal. The latter one is more resistant. Mine comes with a mineral crystal, but I am very pleased with it. Until now it holds up really well.

The outside bezel, the case and the bracelet of a good quality Bvlgari Diagono Pro GMT replica watch should always be made out of solid stainless steel. Only this way the watch will be heavy and sturdy as the authentic product. Also, the entire silvery surface must be completely brushed as to have a rough and manly look. On the bezel there should be engraved- the hour numerals, plus its core functionality- “GMT”.

The authentic Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT costs over $10,000 so considering this staggering price you can understand why so many watch enthusiasts prefer to buy a replica instead. As long as you pay attention to all the small design details you should be able to easily find a decent quality replica watch online at a fair price. This is what I did and I am now one of the satisfied owners of a beautiful Bulgari knockoff.

Black Gold Daytona

Rolex Daytona is a watch that does not need any introduction. This all times classic is well known for its impeccable style, sleek lines and extreme functionality. For many, it is a way of re-affirming their social status while for others it is a life-time dream came true. After all, who could honestly say that he wouldn’t love wearing such a luxurious and beautiful timepiece on his wrist?

genuine Diamond Daytona

Authentic Watch

It goes without saying; I am a big fan of Rolex Daytona watches. I can’t say with certainty when this passion begun or if I have a favorite color version, but one thing is for sure- I will never get enough of these extraordinary watches. I currently own three versions and the latest addition is the Rolex Daytona with black dial, diamond markers, gold case and black leather strap. This is also the most flashy and pretentious combo of all. I like it because you can style it up with an office suit or a tuxedo when you are attending a formal event, but it also looks great with a white polo shirt and simple pants.

Fake Rolex Daytona Dial

The trick to buying a very authentic looking Rolex Daytona replica watch is to carefully examine all the design details. Even if you are buying it online, there are many things a picture can tell you about its quality that it would really be a shame to buy it without taking at least a couple of hours to compare the design of the fake watch with the one of the original Daytona.

watch side view

In this case, I always start with the dial. This part of the watch is the most complex one and it includes so many things that could give you away. First of all, the dial should be completely black and have a matte finish. It must not have any visible defects, scratches, discolorations or stains. Then check out the lettering. Rolex uses a special font and color for this model and even the smallest difference means that anyone could be able to tell that it is a fake. The hour markers are also very complex. At 12 o’clock we have the Rolex crown logo, at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock there are the numbers 15, 30 and 45. For the rest of the markers it uses square shaped diamonds with a gold outline.

view of replica watch from above

The iconic mark of Rolex Daytona watches is the 3 small chronographs that are positioned at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. These need to have the following indexes- 10, 20, 30 at the 3 o’clock small dial, 20, 40, 60 at the 6 o’clock dial and 3, 6, 9, 12 at the 9 o’clock one. These must be gold on black. Another thing you should do to be sure that what you are buying is what you really want is to contact the company and ask if these chronographs work or if they are just for show. Yes, many Rolex Daytona replica watches have decorative small dials that do not function. In most cases, the Swiss movement fake watches support the chronograph feature and are fully functional.

chronograph buttons & winding crown

When it comes to the crystal, this can be either mineral or sapphire. The best one is sapphire which is more resistant to scratches, daily wear and even accidentally hitting it against a hard object. Not all replica manufacturers use sapphire crystal because it is more expensive. Make sure you also ask about this and that the Rolex Daytona fake you are buying comes with a sapphire crystal.

The case and the bezel of a good quality Rolex Daytona fake watch must be made from solid stainless steel. Yes, even if the watch is gold color. The stainless steel is usually plated with triple wrapped gold plating which looks very genuine and is quite resistant.

band and clasp

Regarding the winding crown, this carries one of the most important authenticity markings- the triple-lock crown. This is represented by a small Rolex crown that has 3 dots beneath. These dots tell you how many rubber seals the watch has and to how many hundreds of meters it is water resistant. The original Daytona has the crown logo with 3 dots meaning 3 rubber seals and water resistant up to 300 meters. Of course, a replica isn’t recommended for swimming, but it must have the little crown with 3 dots in order to look authentic. A knockoff with 1, 2 dots or a line will look fake.

Other things you should really check out before buying an imitation Daytona online are the bezel, the leather strap and the clasp. The bezel should have a polished surface and all the correct indexes while the leather band should be black and have also black stitches. Some poor replicas come with stitching. This is a huge mistake. Also, on the clasp there must be the small raised Rolex logo.

I am sure that by following these tips you can very easily find a very good quality and authentic looking Rolex Daytona replica watch. You just need to have patience and a pronounced attention to detail. And after you get the beautiful knockoff you will finally understand why it isn’t worth paying over $10,000 for the real thing.

If elite knockoffs is what you are looking for then maybe you should check out This online store offers a large collection of fake timepieces at very good prices. But is the quality good enough? Well, that’s a whole different discussion that will be presented below. Keep reading to find out.

In my opinion, is a very peculiar looking website. Indeed, I like to see a uniquely designed online store from time to time, but this is a whole kind of different. The homepage is gray and orange and the featured products are crowded in the center of the page. The buttons are oversized, the images are just too tiny and the legibility of this site is plain awful. There are so many visual elements stuffed on the homepage that it is really difficult to focus on the products. Needless to say, this e-shop isn’t user friendly, but its simple structure makes it easy to browse.

Swiss Grade Panerai & Hublot

We observe that the page has two menus. The top side one features the main product categories, such as Swiss Replicas, Swiss Rolex, Jap Replicas, Jap Rolex, Ladies and Boxes. On the left side there are the buttons for the informative sections, like Shipping, Warranty, Payment and so on. The company carries about 40 different brands and that’s a lot. Each brand lists a couple hundred different designs, but browsing through all of them is quite smooth and easy as these are already organized by gender and type of movement.

As I was saying before, the company carries both Swiss and Japanese movement replica watches. While the Japanese automatic mechanism fakes cost about $150-$280, the Swiss self-winding movement replicas cost about $300-$700. Maybe you feel that this price is too much for a knockoff, but if you consider the durability, functionality and aesthetics of the imitation watch, it really sounds like a good bargain. And let’s not forget that the authentic watches cost about $10,000.

I am not that convinced about the product pictures displayed on I say this because some replica watches have a white background while some have a black one. I have been browsing through the knockoffs and pictures and besides the fact that the clarity is very poor, the images have the name of a different website written on them. This clearly shows that the company doesn’t use its own product pictures.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that this merchant offers free worldwide delivery. I always like discovering new replica watches stores that offer free shipping. Basically, it dispatches all the orders by using EMS and the usual delivery time is about 10 business days. As you probably know, EMS is a very reliable carrier and it provides a tracking number for all its packages. This way you can trace the replica watch online at any given moment. offers a pretty diversified and broad range of payment options. The company can process Western Union, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. These are some of the most used and secure payment option for online orders. From my experience, when you are buying products online it is always better to pay by credit card. This way, if there are any problems you can notify your bank and they will help you to make things right.

The store offers a 1 one year free repairs warranty that applies for all replica watches that have a manufacturing defect or do not function as mentioned on the website. Of course, all return fees must be paid by the customer. There is also a 7 days refund or replacement policy. The knockoff can be returned if you aren’t happy with it, but a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from your card. Also, for replacements no discounts can be applied and a $25 shipping fee must be paid by the company so they can ship you the replacement watch.

I honestly believe that no one should ever order a replica watch online without prior talking to the company’s customer service department and clarifying all his doubts about the quality of the products, security of the transaction and complying with the policies. This is why I now tell you that if you find a company like this one that does not have a contact number or chat service, do not overlook this aspect. Send a message by using the contact form or the Gmail address and wait until you get an answer. Make sure all your worries are clarified. If you do not get an answer then move further with a different fake watches store. isn’t among the replica watches online sites that I consider trustworthy. I am not at all convinced by the quality of its products or services. This is because the company uses pictures that weren’t taken in its own studio, doesn’t offer responsive customer services and has costly return policies. But on the other hand, the prices are good; it offers free world wide delivery and a one year free repairs warranty.

The reason why someone would ever spend more money on a Swiss replica watch than on a Japanese one is the fact that these type of knockoffs are supposed to be solid. Durable, accurate and nicely crafted, Swiss replica watches are the best quality available on the market. This is why, companies like advertises its products by claiming that these are solid Swiss watches made to look and last just like the authentic ones. Is this really so? Let’s find out together.

AAA Grade Replica

The homepage looks nice. It is not very elegant, modern or appealing, but it is ok. The site has a white and beige background and the content of the page mostly consists of a sleek black menu, two common looking sliding banners and a couple of product pictures. At first glance, the site has a friendly and simplistic appearance, this making it very easy to browse.

The site has only one menu and this is located right at the top of the page. It includes only a couple of buttons to the most popular brands available on this e-shop. But don’t be fooled by these modest appearances. The company offers replicas of many other famous watch companies. After you click on one of the categories from the main menu, a new page loads and in the right side of the screen there is a very long list with the brands that are available here.

Each brand is divided into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections. For example, Omega includes Seamaster, Speedmaster, Deville and so on. The selection of replica watches is very wide and diversified, but each sub-category includes only 2-3 pages of products. Unlike the majority of replica watches online stores, this company concentrates only on the best-selling designs. It doesn’t display an overwhelming number of different models for each collection. This is actually a good thing. It allows you to focus only on the watch that you are interested in buying.

As you have probably guessed after reading the name of this store, the company targets UK customers. This intention is also reinforced by the fact that all the prices are displayed in GBP. carries two types of replica watches. The first one is the Swiss fake watches collection which includes products priced at 200 GBP- 300 GBP. The second one refers to the Japanese replica timepieces. This category is more affordable and the prices range from 70 GBP to 150 GBP.

On this website there are actually very beautiful and good quality product pictures. All the products appear to have images that were taken in the same studio and by the same photographer. This makes me believe that the company understands the necessity of having reliable photos. The issue is that I haven’t found a way of enlarging the displayed images. Each product has over 10 pictures that show the replica watch from all possible angles, but these are showcased at a very small size. There is no option to see the photos at a better resolution.

The company offers two options for delivering our packages. The first one is free worldwide delivery and the estimated delivery time is 15-30 business days. The second one costs 20 GBP and the usual delivery time is 7-15 business days. In case you were wondering, the free option implies dispatching the package by EMS and a tracking number will be provided as well. The second option means sending the order by UPS, DHL or FEDEX. I honestly, prefer paying extra and receiving my order in one or two weeks than getting free delivery, but receiving it in a month or even longer. accepts payment only by credit card- Visa or Mastercard. It doesn’t take any alternative payment forms, such as Money Gram, Western Union, Bank Wire or Paypal. I am not too happy about this, especially if we take into consideration the fact that the payment page where you are supposed to enter your card information isn’t protected by a security certificate. In absence of the https at the beginning of the domain name, any third party can hack your card details.

The company offers a “no questions asked” 14 days money back guarantee. This basically means that if within the first 14 days from the delivery you decide that the replica watch is not quite what you had expected you can simply contact the store and request the return information. The product must be shipped back unworn and undamaged. The customer will pay for all the return shipping costs and the refund is issued only after the returned watch arrives at the warehouse. There is no mention of a free repairs warranty.

I was quite disappointed to see that doesn’t offer any sort of real and reliable customer services. After carefully browsing the website, I was unable to find a contact phone number, an email address or a chat button. It seems that if you have any urgent or important questions for the company, the only way you can address them is by sending a message through the Contact Form. is a common looking replica watches online site that focuses on offering a very large collection of watches brands at very low prices. Not only this, but it also tempts us with free delivery and a 14 days “no questions asked” refund policy. My only concerns are regarding the lack of actual customer services, the unsecure payment processing page and the fact that the product pictures can’t be enlarged so you can view the important details of these fake watches.