For those who adore Swiss watches, the most exact and durable replica timepieces available on the market, has compiled a very attractive and wide collection of artfully designed fake watches at very tempting prices. The company allures us to discover the passion for Swiss crafted knockoffs that offer very authentic appearance and functionality, as well as excellent services and customer orientated policies.

The website looks very professional and elegant even though it is incredibly simple. The homepage features a white & black layout with a wide sliding banner that includes very appealing images of luxury designer watches. On the top of the page there is a slim black on white menu bar with buttons for 4 of the most popular brands and an “other brands” button that reveals the rest of the available watch companies. Also, when you roll the mouse cursor over one of the categories you see a list with the sub-collections appear. To start browsing the products, simply click on one of them.

Swiss Made Replica

Considering everything mentioned above, the site is quite friendly and easy to browse. It doesn’t have too many aesthetic complications or modern features. It rather focuses on the products it sells than on the design of the page. Actually, the hugest advantage of this store is that it carries only Swiss made replica watches. It does not offer any Japanese fakes. The prices for its Swiss replica watches start at $1,000 and go up to $1,300. At first glance, you may be tempted to say that these knockoffs are pretty expensive, but if you take a moment to consider the quality and degree of design accuracy then you will realize that it is definitely worth the price. These watches were constructed as to be perfect imitations of the original watches.

I also think that it is better for a fake watches company to offer a more limited selection of cloned products as this means that it is keen on providing very good quality. The less brands and type of movements it carries the better is the accuracy and quality of its knockoffs. Again, if you are looking for the best replicas on the market then you should not refuse this online store yet. has pretty decent pictures for its replica watches. Every product features about 4-5 diverse photos that show the dial, caseback, bracelet, buttons and inside mechanism. The clear purpose of the company is to prove to its potential customers that the company is able to supply very good quality products that look and feel legit. Frankly, it succeeds this even if these images are not the clearest or most beautiful photos I have seen so far.

The company offers the following payment options- Western Union, Bank Wire and credit card payments. The available credit card types are Visa and Mastercard and there is no option of paying with Paypal. Yes, the website clearly states this. Furthermore, for Western Union or Bank Wire payments you enjoy a 15% discount. Tempting, isn’t it? I must admit that the first time I saw this on the page I thought that it is a very good idea, but let’s face it- when you are ordering stuff online you want to have your money protected. This being said, credit card seems like the most secure option. No matter what goes wrong, your bank will always have you covered.

As any decent and self-respecting company, offers free world wide delivery. The store sends out packages to any destination country without charging a dime- no matter what your order total or weight of the package is. Considering the price of these replica watches, it’s no wonder. The packages are shipped with EMS, DHL or TNT and all of them have a tracking number available. The estimated delivery time depends on the country where the package is sent. For instance, items sent to USA take about 10-14 days to arrive, packages sent to UK and Europe take about 14-17 days and orders sent to the rest of the world take about 14-17 days.

The most interesting and greatest thing about is that all the replica watches bought from its site come with a 2 years free repairs warranty. This warranty means that no matter what manufacturing defects your watch may experience you can choose to send it back for repairs. Also, if within the first 7 days from the delivery you decide that you want to return the watch for a full refund or exchange they will grant your request. The only thing you need to consider is that the costs of returning the items must be paid by you, plus the initial shipping fee isn’t refundable.

I guess that by now you probably know how important customer service is when you are purchasing replica watches online. There are so many questions you need to ask the store and so many things that can go wrong that you must know that at any time of the day you can get a hold of the company and resolve the issue. I’m not sure about the decency of the customer services offered by as every time I wanted to chat with their agents the chat said “offline”. Also, there are no contact details on the whole website- such as phone number or email address. You can only send a message by using the Contact Form.

For those who are looking for a good quality Swiss watch, feels like the best available option. Its replica watches are pretty expensive, but the quality appears to be very good. These timepieces come with a 2 years free repairs warranty, a 7 days refund policy, have very good product pictures, enjoy free delivery and can be paid by using a very diverse selection of payment options.

If you are reading this then you are probably one of those people who love Swiss watches and everything associated with luxury and beauty. Out of the numerous timepieces out there, Swiss watches are the most amazing and precious designs available on the watches industry. invites us to feast our eyes and passion with some of the most popular and exquisite Swiss models ever made. The question is- does this company offer everything it promises? Are these replicas of good quality, does the store offer good services and are its policies fair enough?

swiss fake watches store

This online store has a pretty simple and friendly designed website. When you access the homepage you are welcomed by a nice design with a red and white color combo, a discrete top menu bar, a small sliding banner with elegant pictures and a couple of sponsored products. As the top menu bar has only 5 brands included, in the left side of the page there is a long list with all the available brands. The company seems to offer a very large and diversified collection of very famous designer names and each category includes countless different models. To make browsing really easy, divides all brands into sub-categories so that we can quickly locate the models we want to purchase.

Even though the site is called, it doesn’t sell only Swiss made replica watches. The company also carries Japanese fake timepieces that are powered by a 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic mechanism. As the website is dedicated to UK customers, all prices are displayed in GBP. The knockoffs equipped with a 25 jewels ETA automatic self-winding movement cost about 250 GBP to 400 GBP. On the other hand, the Japanese mechanism ones are priced at 100-160 GBP. The prices are pretty ok and in concordance with what most replica watches companies ask for their products.

The thing that makes me feel very confident about the quality offered by this fake timepieces company is the quality and accuracy of the product pictures. provides some of the clearest and most beautiful photos I have seen in a very long time. For each replica watch there are numerous large images that show the knockoffs from every possible angle and the focus is on revealing all the important authenticity markings.

When you decide to order a replica watch from you have the option of paying with Visa, Mastercard, JCB or Western Union. The website states that if you choose to send the money by Western Union transfer then you get an additional 10% discount. I have to admit that this discount feels pretty tempting, but when it comes to the security of my online purchases, I always prefer to stay safe and pay with my Visa. Banks always watch out for the security of their customers’ online transaction so naturally credit card is most likely the safest choice around.

The company is able to deliver orders all across the globe and the best part about its shipping policy is that the delivery is completely free, regardless of the order total, number of purchased items or the weight of the package. It uses EMS, DHL or TNT for dispatching the packages and the usual delivery time is about 7-17 business days. Of course, all the shipments have a tracking number available. This way, you know at any given time where your package is and when to expect the delivery.

I was very disappointed to see that doesn’t say a thing about its return or warranty policy. I have browsed the entire website trying to find a word about a very important part of the after sales services provided by a company to its customers- the return policy-, but nowhere on this website have I found a single sentence of what happens after you receive the order and you discover that you aren’t happy with it. Not stating all the important details and conditions of your refund, exchange or warranty policy means that you are not serious about customer satisfaction or about having a transparent and reliable business. I don’t trusts companies that do not present all the facts publicly on the site and I wouldn’t advise you to order from this place until you confirm everything with its customer service agents.

Speaking about customer service, I have accessed this website numerous times, but every time I did this I saw that the chat button said “offline”. I was really unhappy with this as it made me think that the chat service is just for show. I have also wanted to call the agents and speak about their return policy, but no contact phone number is available. The only way of contacting the store is by email. This is a very bad thing as when you order replicas online you need to be able to immediately contact the company if something goes wrong. With this isn’t possible.

Obviously, we, watch fans are fascinated by any website that has a very large and exquisite selection of famous brands replica watches. When we find such a store that also provides very decent prices and free delivery we are tempted to order right away. The problem is that we also need to consider other important parts of this transaction, such as what happens after we order the fake timepiece. Is the customer service easy to reach so we can contact the company after we get the order? What is its return policy? And will we receive what we see in the pictures? offers good prices, a wide range of payment options and good product pictures, but it does not have an easy to reach customer service and it does not mention anything about its return policy.

Today I was thinking about how great it would be to find another great supplier for good quality replica watches and with this idea in mind I’ve started surfing through the web. After a few quick searches I came across The name instantly caught my attention and it made me curious about how ok these knockoffs really are. What do you say, shall we find out together?

Quality Swiss Replica Watches with Swiss Movement

Its appearance isn’t that impressive or appealing. The design suggests a regular fake watches store that doesn’t care that much about aesthetics, but rather about the products it offers. The background is plain white; there is a very small banner about a 5% summer promotion, sponsored products on the center of the page and two menu bars on the top and left side of the screen. Everything about its design is kept to minimum. carries a very wide collection of fake timepieces. These are organized into Swiss and Japanese and can be accessed either by using the top menu bar or the left side one. The list is incredibly long, thus showing how keen the merchant is on providing a very diversified and inclusive selection of products. Furthermore, each brand category is divided into collections that have the same name as the original ones. This makes it very easy for us to browse the items and locate the style of watch that interests us.

The website offers very decent prices for its replica watches. For instance, the knockoffs equipped with an automatic Japanese movement cost about $150-$250 while the ones that come with an ETA automatic mechanism are priced at $300-$500. I find these prices very affordable for the level of quality that the company claims to offer.

I like the fact that has invested a lot of attention into providing good quality pictures for all of its products. For each knockoff there are about a dozen high quality images that display every single small detail of these items- from the inside of the bracelet and clasp to the craftsmanship of the dial and buttons. Everything is clearly presented on the page of every replica watch it carries. Plus, the images have the email address watermarked on them so you can send a message with all of your questions.

Of course, nowadays almost all replica watches companies ship packages worldwide. This is no surprise to anyone. The really great thing about this site is that it offers free delivery with regular mail and the estimated shipping time is 10-20 working days. Of course, if you are in a hurry and would like to receive it sooner, then you can opt for Fast EMS Express for a $13 fee and a 7-14 working days delivery or for Fedex/UPS/DHL for a $35 fee and a 3-6 working days delivery.

You have probably noticed that most online replica stores accept only Visa and Mastercard payments, but no alternative payment methods. is an exception. This website takes a very impressive and diversified range of payment options, such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Wire. You name it. They are determined to do everything possible to ensure a smooth ordering process.

As any self-respecting e-shop, offers a 14 days refund or exchange policy and a 180 days free repairs warranty. This is why, when you receive your order you must spend the first days inspecting the knockoff and seeing if the quality is good or not. If you notice any flaws then you should immediately contact the store to return it. But, please note that the return shipping fees are yours to pay and in case of a refund, the initial shipping charge won’t be reimbursed. Regarding the free repairs warranty, this is applicable only to manufacturing defects. Wear and tear defects, water damages or parts falling off are not covered by the warranty.

Obviously, good customer services are essential when you are buying replica watches online. I was very surprised to see that this store offers customer care by chat, MSN, Skype and email. As I did not see a phone number on the site, I started a chat conversation with one of their agents- Sally. She was very nice and friendly and she told me that they have a contact phone number and she gave me that number so I can call them. It was a phone number from China so I didn’t see the point in calling it as Sally had already answered all my questions.

I must say that left me a pretty good impression. It really appears to be an ok place for buying replica watches online. It offers pretty good customer services, it delivers packages to any country in the world for free, the prices are affordable and the payment methods are pretty diverse. If it would improve the design of the site as to be more professional and elegant then it would surely convince every single person that enters the page that it is a great source of high quality imitation timepieces.

For those who have been really nice and can’t wait ‘till Christmas to enjoy a beautiful luxury replica watch there is a new store in town, one that has lots of timeless treats in its sack. is the place to get beautiful and diverse designer fake timepieces at very affordable prices, all year long. From Breitling and Omega to Corum and Graham, these very popular fake watches will make you feel like Christmas morning every day.


The website doesn’t look very professional or friendly. Its design is rather rudimentary and simple. This is because the information isn’t neatly organized on the homepage. There is a very small sliding banner on the upper left part of the screen, a barely visible menu at the top, an all brands menu in the left and a big chunk of text in the center of the page. Everything looks messy, crowded and very confusing. This lowers the visitor’s experience while browsing the site.

As I was saying before, there are two menu bars. One at the top with the buttons for the following categories- Japanese watches, Swiss Watches, Women’s Watches, Men’s Watches, Payment, Shipping and Contact Us. Whereas in the left side of the screen there is an all brands menu which includes a very long list of available watch companies. The thing is that Rolex is missing. Out of the very diversified and wide selection of replica timepieces, Rolex is the only one that isn’t available. I find this odd as it is the most popular brand around.

Each brand category includes a very large number of different models, but these are organized into collections which make browsing a lot easier. Also, the prices appear to be a little bit over the market’s average. Usually, a Japanese replica watch costs about $100-$200, but on it is $200-$350. Of course, Swiss watches are even more expensive. These cost about $350-$600 which is a lot to pay for a fake imitation product.

I do not like the fact that the company offers only one picture for its watches. Indeed, each replica has a very large and clear main photo which shows the dial of the watch, the bezel and top part of the bracelet, but it does not have images of the other very important sides of the products. You can’t see the buttons very well, the caseback and the bracelet. All these are very important when you are determined to buy a good quality replica watch. ships packages worldwide with some of the most important carriers in the world, like EMS and DHL. When you checkout you have the option of paying $35 for EMS or $50 for DHL. The first option is a little bit slower. It takes about 7 business days to receive the package and a tracking number will be provided. The DHL choice implies a 3-5 business days delivery which offers the great advantage of receiving the package in the lowest possible time frame.

The company accepts payments with Visa, Mastercard and JCB. I consider these options as being the most easy to use and accessible. Pretty much everyone has access to at least a couple of them. Plus, when you pay by card you have the certainty that the transaction is secured by your bank. If something wrong happens you can instantly contact your card issuer and ask him to reverse the transaction. offers a 7 days refund policy and a one year free repairs warranty. The thing is that if you wish to return a replica watch for a refund or exchange then you must pay all the return costs plus a $20 restocking fee. Another important thing is that the company has a 12 months free repairs warranty which covers any manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, it does not cover any water or wear and tear damages.

For me, it is important to find a company that offers professional and responsive customer services. I need to know that I can trust a company before I pay. Unfortunately, this store does not provide that kind of customer care. You can contact its agents by contact form or by email, but not by phone or by chat. wants to be the ultimate shopping bonanza when it comes to replica watches, but somehow it does not carry one of the most popular watches brands in the world- Rolex. It offers a very large range of watches brands, but the prices are a little bit above the market’s average. On a different note, the store offers free worldwide delivery by DHL and EMS, still the fees seem a little bit hefty. Another negative thing is related to the customer services which I consider to be very unprofessional and unresponsive. On a different note, I like the fact that the merchant offers a 7 days refund policy and a 12 months free repairs warranty.