No matter how rapidly the replica watches market may change some things will always stay the same. And these things refer to the key attributes of a trustworthy source of fake timepieces. You can always tell if a merchant is reliable or not by browsing its online site, reading its policies and testing its customer services. Below I will show you how it’s done!

fectwatches.com homepage printscreen

Fectwatches.com is miles away from being a professional and trustworthy replica watches store. And you can tell this right from the first moment you access the website. The things that give it away are the minor details like the writing on the sliding banner. For instance, on the image of a Rolex Yacht Master II it says “Medications at low prices” and on one of a Rolex Submariner it displays “Questions? Ask our pharmacists.” What kind of company launches its website without first checking that all the features work correctly and that there are no errors on the pages? This shows how unprofessional and unreliable it is.

The design of the online site isn’t that bad. Indeed, it looks a bit disproportioned because it has a wide upper section that takes way too much space of your screen and you can’t see the whole banners and important information on the center of the page. The usability of the website is also very poor. It is difficult to browse the store because the upper menu includes buttons only for the user sections, such as Account, Shopping cart, Check Out, Shop, Blog and Contact Us. The categories menu is somewhere in the lower left side of the page. Beneath the sliding banner there are numerous images of Sponsored Products.

The company doesn’t carry such a wide range of replica watches. In its menu it includes only buttons for 11 of the most popular brands in the world. From my point of view, that is a pretty limited offer. Furthermore, each category includes only about 10-100 items which is a modest number. These are all divided into sub-collections so browsing through the available fake timepiece is easy, quick and smooth. Basically, in a couple of minutes you know if it carries what you were looking to buy or no.

The prices for these replica watches are very affordable. The products are all equipped with a Japanese Miyota automatic movement. There are no Swiss movement timepieces available on this site. And the prices for the Japanese knockoffs range between $80 and $140 depending on the materials, complexity and popularity of the design. Frankly, these imitations are under the market’s average price for this type of products.

The product pictures listed on this website are simply awful. It is more than obvious that the images were taken in 3 different locations as there are at least 3 different backgrounds for the photos. Some are photographed over a white décor while other over a black or gray one. Another worrisome aspect is the quality of the pictures. These are very unclear, blurry and enlarged. You can barely see the important details related to the authenticity and quality of the replica watches such as the dial, the case, the markings or craftsmanship.

To see what kind of replica watches Fectwatches.com offers I decided to compare the photo of a knockoff with the one of the authentic product. I selected an IWC Portofino with white dial, a date window, silver case and black leather strap, a very simple model that is basically pretty easy to imitate. Sadly, the fake watch had many cosmetic faults and all of them were very obvious. The most important things that bothered me were on the dial. The silver hour markers were different. The Roman numerals from 12 and 6 o’clock were replaced with simple batons and the rest of the markers are too thick and short. They lack the elegance and refinement of the genuine ones. Next, the original timepiece has Arabic graduations for the minutes, like 5, 10, 15…50, 55, 60. The replica watch doesn’t. The hands are differently shaped and the minutes hand has an extra circle at the end part that shouldn’t be there. The date window lacks structure and the silver outline that is present on the authentic date aperture. Also, the date number is off centered and in the wrong font. But wait, there’s more! The winding crown and the lugs have a different shape. And the leather strap has brown-reddish stitches that look pretty bad with the overall design of the watch.

Regarding the shipping costs this company charges a flat rate shipping fee of $10 for all orders regardless of their destination, weight or number of items. The packages are dispatched with Ems or regular mail and the estimated shipping time is about 10-14 business days. Even though the delivery time frame is a little bit long the good part is that a tracking number is available and provided for all shipped orders. This can be used online to keep an eye on the status of the shipment.

Even though in the order form it says that the company accepts only Visa and Mastercard payments when you click on the Next button and you get to the payment page, there it says that the supported card types are Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. So which one is it? Besides this unclear aspect there is another troublesome issue. The payment processing page isn’t secure. This means that the content can be hacked by any third party, hence your card information accessed by someone else. This makes me doubt whether placing an order on this site is such a great idea after all.

On the lower part of the page it says that the company offers free delivery even though it doesn’t. For shipping there is a flat rate fee of $10. And it also says that there is a 100% money back guarantee. I searched the entire website trying to find the page for the return and repairs policies, but I did not find any similar information. On Fectwatches.com there is no word about their refund, replacement or repairs warranty. What happens if the watch breaks or if you simply do not like it? Why isn’t this mentioned on their site?

The customer service is no better than the return and repairs policy. The company says that it offers professional customer care and that all inquiries are answered in about 1-3 hours. That’s so far from the truth. There is no phone number or chat service for addressing your questions. You can only use the contact form or their Gmail address to send them your inquiries. I did this and after 2 days I still did not get an answer from them.

Fectwatches.com is from my point of view a website that was set up overnight and that still has numerous errors and shortcomings. It is anything but professional. It is a poor quality online site that has inferior product pictures, inconsistencies in its return and shipping policies, no proper customer services and an insecure payment processing page. The only thing that may tempt you into buying its replica watches are the affordable prices, but that’s it.


There are tons of reasons why someone is willing to buy a replica watch online. The promise of the same luxurious feeling as when wearing the original timepiece, the low price and the passion for exquisite watches are just a few of them. This is why replica watches companies prosper in such a rapid rhythm and why there are so many new fake websites on the web these days. They all thrive from our desire to buy an affordable designer replica, but not all of them can be trusted. How can we tell which ones are reputable and which ones aren’t? Everything is detailed below.

Buywatches.co is not what I usually consider a professional and elegant looking online store. In this line of business looks is everything, but it seems that this merchant didn’t get the memo. Instead of attracting potential customers with a nice and friendly website, it offers an average looking Internet page that is disproportioned, difficult to use and tacky. It is the kind of site that only an amateur would design and this has a negative impact on first time visitors that are discouraged from buying its products due to the poor looks of the page.

At the top of the screen there is a very bulky menu that displays the available brands on three different rows. This makes it tiresome on the eye and difficult to use. When you roll the cursor over one of the categories it shows a drop down list with the available sub-categories. Below the menu there is a small sliding banner with images of very popular designer watches and next to it there is a promotional banner with a 10% discount. The lower part of the page is reserved for the sponsored products.

Buywatches.co offers 11 replica brands which is a pretty limited number from my point of view. And every brand includes just a small selection of fake timepieces that usually vary between a dozen and a coubuywatches-co reviewple hundred. Rolex which is the largest category available lists only 330 items. For me, this is a very small number. The best part about having a limited selection of products is that it is so much easy for potential customers to browse the collection even if there is no advanced search option. In a few clicks you’ve seen it all.

The prices for these replica watches are comparable with the ones offered by most fake timepieces websites. There are both Japanese automatic movement knockoffs and Swiss self-winding imitations. The ones that come with a 21 jewels Miyota mechanism cost about $85-$190 while the ones equipped with 25 jewels ETA movement cost about $300-$500. The prices vary according to the materials used for manufacturing the product, to the complexity of the inside mechanism and the popularity of the model.

The most important thing about buying replica watches online is to determine if the pictures posted on the merchant’s website are of its own products or if these are copied from other sources. This is such an easy thing to tell. A company that has its own product pictures usually has for all its replica watches the same type of photos, taken in the same studio, with the same quality, clarity and background. Plus, a website that invests money and time in creating its own pictures will always display about 8-16 images for each item it sells. This page appears to carry two types of images. One is with watches that were photographed over a black background and do not have any watermarks and the other one is over a black crystal background and has some Chinese writing. This inconsistency in the pictures makes me think that the company doesn’t offer its own product images.

The best way to see if an online replica watches store has good quality products is to simply compare the photos of the knockoffs with the ones of the genuine models. This time I chose an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore with black dial and run a quick comparison with the real thing. The conclusion is that there are many visible differences that make it very obvious that this is a fake. Let’s start with the dial. Here we see that the black thick inner bezel with graduations is missing. Then, at 12 o’clock the authentic watch has two batons markers, but the replica has only the “AP” marking. The texture of the dial is also different. The genuine AP has larger and less raised squares than the imitation product. At the 6 o’clock should be a writing that says “300m/1000 ft AUTOMATIC”, but on the replica we only see “AUTOMATIC”. Next, the date aperture is different. It should be black with white writing, but the fake one is white with black writing. Another important detail is the left side button that is missing on the replica. All these summed up make the knockoff look cheap and of really poor quality.

Authentic AP Watch

Authentic AP Watch

Replica AP Watch

Replica AP Watch

Buywatches.co offers two shipping options.  One refers to free delivery and the shipping company used is regular mail. The estimated delivery time is about 10-20 business days and a tracking number is provided. The other one refers to a more speedy shipping option that costs a flat rate $20 fee regardless of the delivery country or the weight of the package. The package is sent with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 7 business days. The first option gets a tracking number that is updated very slowly while the second option has a tracking number that is updated daily.

When you order a replica watch on this website you have the option of paying only by credit card. The supported payment options are Visa, Mastercard and JCB. I totally dislike the fact that the company doesn’t offer other types of payments like Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire especially if you consider the fact that its payment processing page isn’t secure. It is not encrypted and anyone can hack the information you enter on it. I do not recommend anyone to pay by card on a page that doesn’t have the https in front of the domain name.

On their return page, Buywatches.co does not mention a thing about a refund policy. The only thing this company talks about is about having a 14 days return policy that allows you to exchange the replica watch if it is broken or defective. It does not say that you are entitled to replace it with a different model if you do not like it. Also, there is nothing about a free repairs warranty either. From what I can tell this website isn’t at all concerned with your satisfaction. It is just the type of merchant that once it has your money it says “sorry, there is nothing we can do to help you”.

I am totally disappointed with the customer services offered by this website. The company does not have a valid contact phone number, a live chat service or a professional sales email address. It only has an unreliable Gmail account and a contact form that can be used to send in your inquiries. I find both methods of communication as highly unprofessional. Plus, it says that all messages are answered in 24 hours, but I never got a reply to mine.

Buywatches.co is the place where I would definitely never buy my watches from. This online replica website has all the signs of an unprofessional and unreliable company. It has product pictures that don’t seem to be his, the replicas look different than the original products, the payment processing page is unsecure, it does not have a money back guarantee and it lacks a responsive customer service. The only good things about ordering from this place are the affordable prices and the free delivery.