Are Replica Watches Waterproof

Indeed, some of the replica watches we find online are perfect imitations of the authentic timepieces. These are so well copied that not even experts can tell the difference or, at least, this is what fake watches manufacturers claim. But when it comes to waterproofness, it’s a whole different story. Some stores will tell you up front that their knockoffs can’t be used under water while others will say that they recommend diving with it only up to 10 or 30 meters. Why is this? Why is there such a huge difference in the water resistance of replicas? What makes a fake watch waterproof and why aren’t all made this way?

The truth is that replica watches aren’t waterproof and this is a well-known fact. The merchants who say that their fakes won’t be damaged by water exposure know the truth. Making a timepiece that is completely sealed and able to submerge to a depth of 10, 100 or 300 meters is something that requires a lot of costs, and unfortunately replica manufacturers are not willing to invest in this technology. They will settle with making watches that have a similar design, but that’s it.

Now, if you are asking yourself what makes a watch waterproof then allow me to clear things up for you. It has rubber seals around the winding crown and caseback. This prevents water from getting inside and damaging the mechanism. Replica watches have some rubber seals, but the poor quality of the craftsmanship is reflected in the fact that these knockoffs can’t pass the real waterproof test. What will happen is that you will swim or shower a couple of times with the watch on your wrist, but after a while you will start noticing moisture inside the dial, rust on the metallic parts and soon the inside mechanism will stop completely.

As I was saying before, replica manufacturers are very aware of this fact and this is why in all their policies it says that the guaranty does not cover water damages. Even if it says in the product description that it is water resistant up to 10 meters, any kind of water damage will revoke the warranty. This is why it is not recommended to use a fake under water. When it breaks- and believe me, it will happen- you are stuck with it. No jeweler will want to repair it it.

My respect goes to those stores that admit the truth- replica watches aren’t waterproof and they recommend you to avoid exposing the watch to any quantity of water. They will also tell you that the watches have a rubber seal and a lock down crown, but water will still get inside if the watch is submerged. In the end, the choice is yours, but you at least know what to expect and what to avoid.

I don’t think that the lack of water resistance of a replica watch is a good reason for not buying this type of products. I think that we need to understand that these are just copies that cost a fraction of the price of the original watches. They look and feel authentic and as long as we keep them away from water we will be pretty happy with their functionality.

Copycat Store Watches Review

Stunning as they might seem, these days, replica watches are like playing the lottery. If you do not know where to buy good quality imitations and how to make sure these are the closest version of the original product at the most affordable price, you could seriously be disappointed by your most recent purchase. This is why knowing what the best places for shopping replica watches are, is crucial. It can make the difference between wasting your money and an excellent purchasing decision. Naturally, when you come across a replica online store that looks as reliable and trustworthy as does, you feel relieved and hopeful about the prospects of buying an imitation watch. But appearances can be deceiving in this business and no matter how trustworthy a merchant might seem, we need to do our research right, be aware of its pros and cons, and know for sure if it is the right choice for satisfying our fashion needs. features a very clean and appealing homepage that doesn’t use complicated details or functionality which might be tricky for inexperienced visitors. Its design is easy on the eye and its functionality sticks to a minimum so that its usability can be maximized. After all, there is no point on having useless features if only just a few of us really need them and know how to correctly use it. Still, it has everything you would expect from a replica watches online store. On its homepage there is a simple top menu bar in white and black which includes all the available brands and when you move the cursor over the brand names, a drop down list of collections unveils. From here you can basically start browsing for your favorite timepiece in just a few clicks. It doesn’t get easier than that, right?

To keep things to a minimum and well dosed, is designed in black and white, a classic and safe color combo choice with which no one could ever possibly fail. But there is more to this homepage than just a simple color scheme and an easy to use menu. Below the menu bar there are four large banners of the company’s best-selling brands. Rolex, Omega, Tage Heur and Breitling are the names showcased here and of course these banners lead to the brand collections represented by their names. And under the banners there is a section where best rated products are showcased and even lower on the page, there are 4 small banners for the Elegant’s Watches, Men’s Watches, Women’s Watches and Sport Watches. And right on the bottom of the screen there is a sliding area for the Latest News which allows you to access the store’s own blog.

After you’re done with admiring the homepage and you get down to actually browsing its products and see which one is right for you, you simply click on one of the brands from the top side menu bar. This takes you to the brand’s page where you will see listed all the available models. Here you have the option of sorting the items by Popularity, Newest and Price. Also, on the left side of the screen you will notice that a side menu bar will appear showing all the available brands, their subcategories and how many products are in each subcategory. Below this left side menu there is a price filter, a dial color, a Gender and Man selection butons. Needless to say, this eases very much the entire browsing process.

Talking about price, these replica watches cost anywhere between $185 and $245. I think it is fair to say that these are pretty affordable prices. After all, let’s not forget that some of these original brand watches are more expensive than a car and some can even compete with the price of a house. This being said, it is really easy to understand why so many people prefer buying a replica timepiece instead of the genuine product. Because no matter how much you like it, it still is just a jewelry, an accessory and nowadays you need to be responsible about your money even if fashion and style are your passion. So why not spend a couple hundred bucks instead of $10,000 or more? I also have to mention that these days, $150-$250 is the average price asked by online replica watches merchants for decent quality Japanese imitations which is really a very good price considering how authentic these products are. offers a pretty diverse range of replicas from the most appreciated brands available of the market such as Rolex and Cartier to Breitling and Patek Philippe. Here you will surely find something to indulge your lust for high end timepieces. To keep things simple, this online replica merchant doesn’t offer hundreds and hundreds of models of the same brand. It has a very short selection of best-selling designs which are neatly listed and displayed so that we can make our decision quickly and simple.

When you are buying a replica from you have a range of payment options to choose from. The company offers the following choices when it comes to paying for your order: Western Union, Bitcoin and Echeck. When choosing to pay by Western Union all customers enjoy a 5% discounts whereas Bitcoin payments get 15% off. As we are all motivated by lower prices, I think we can agree that these discounts are not something that can easily be ignored and most of us would probably pick one of these two payment options just so that we can pay less.

One very good news when it comes to buying replicas from is that this company offers free worldwide delivery. Yes, you’ve read it right. No matter what replicas, how many you buy and where you want them delivered, you will get free of charge shipping. Isn’t this great or what? Not that many replica merchants offer this nowadays so I think you can agree that it is a really great thing. It is the detail that makes the difference when it comes to getting the best deal out there. Furthermore, the orders are being shipped only with major International carriers such as EMS and DHL, a tracking number is provided so you can follow the progress of the shipment online and the usual delivery time is about 4-7 business days.

This merchant provides a 10 days money back or exchange policy. Basically, within the first 10 days from the delivery you can ship the product back if you are not happy with it and they will issue a full refund. If the replica watch has been worn or used then you cannot return it for a refund, but for an exchange. Another thing is that the company does not charge a restocking fee, but the shipping back costs are the customer’s responsibility so before sending an imitation watch back for a refund or exchange take all these into consideration and decide if it is really worth the hassle.

Even though this online replica store offers customer service only by email, I was very impressed with the quality of their services and with how professional and friendly they can be. For almost a week I have sent over a dozen of emails asking about the quality of their replica watches, about the warranty and about the company’s policies and they have always answered my emails quickly and in a sensible manner. I was very pleased with how they took the time to explain everything carefully and with rich details. They’ve made me feel valued. And I also trust them that no matter what happens they will always stick by their products.

From what I can tell, a one of the most trustworthy online replica stores I have seen in a while. It really inspires me confidence and security. Probably because I was able to chat many times with its customer service operators by email and each time I was delighted with the degree of care and attention they’ve showed me. When you invest this much time in communicating with your customers, it is clear that you care about their satisfaction. There are other things as well that I really liked about this company. It offers free worldwide delivery, a 10 days refund/exchange policy, discounts for a selected range of payment methods and really affordable prices. Plus, its website is super easy to use and it looks very modern, fresh and appealing. Now, really, what more could you want?

Omega De Ville Hour Vision Replica

Another remarkable product from Omega, the De Ville Hour Vision 431.63.41.21 is an exceptional watch that has become popular with watch lovers from all over the world. It is an authentic timepiece that many consider the flagship design of the brand. The watch smartly ingeniously combines outstanding aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to give a wristwatch that is not only technologically advanced but is also fashionable.

gold omega watch with brown leather band

Authentic Omega

Omega De Ville Hour Vision replica watch


  • Gender: Unisex/men’s watch
  • Case material: Red Gold/Rose Gold
  • Clasp: Fold Clasp
  • Power reserve: 60 h
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Caliber: Co-axial 8501
  • Bracelet material: Leather
  • Bezel material: Red gold/Rose gold
  • Dial color: Silver
  • Water proof: 100m
  • Case diameter: 41mm
  • Glass: Sapphire glass
  • Buckle Material: Rose gold/Red gold
  • Chronometer
  • Display back
  • Luminescent hands
  • Date area
  • Luminous indexes

chocolate Omega fake watch dial


Omega De Ville Vision watch owes it popularity to a number of brilliant features.

omega see through case

See-through Case: The watch comes with a 360 degree see-through case. The nifty design allows a splendid view of the watch’s most essential features including the hands and the date area. Its sapphire crystal sides allows light that illuminates the dial to give the wearer a nice view.

watch hands and markings

Luminescent hands: The luminescent hands of the watch are a particularly essential feature considering the fact that they make the watch easy to read. The feature also allows the wearer to read the watch even under dim lighting.

fake gold omega watch clasp

Leather Bracelet: The De Ville Hour Vision is a gorgeous timepiece that comes with an elegant leather bracelet. The bracelet has been designed to bring out the sophistication and beauty of the watch. It has also been designed to ensure the complete comfort of the wearer. It is a durable material that is sure to last for long without losing its elegance.

Clasp: Another nifty feature of the De Ville Hour Vision is the sturdy clasp. It has been specially designed to not only fasten the watch effectively but also to be comfortable on the wearer. The aesthetics of the clasp is also quite astonishing.

watch dial with date window

Other Features: The 60 h power reserve of the watch is another feature that makes it an exceptional timepiece. It works for extended periods of time without having to worry about power. It has also been designed to be waterproof, a feature that protects it from any damage that can be caused by moisture or water.


The Omega De Ville Hour Vision 431.63.41.21 is definitely a wristwatch worth owning. It boasts of numerous elegant features that makes it a one of a king accessory. It has been built to ensure high levels of accuracy with impeccable functionality. It has been built to the best of standards with regards to both functionality and elegance. They are also comfortable when worn.

Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 Replica

When it comes to quality, elegance and precision, the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 is a true masterpiece. Made by the renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker – Breitling SA, the watch combines functionality and beauty for a uniquely elegant timepiece. It has been designed and crafted with conformity to the current standards of technology. The watch has been inspected for quality, condition and authenticity.

Authentic Breitling model A26364 watch

Authentic Breitling

Replica Breitling Bentley Supersports Watch

Replica Breitling Supersports

Genuine Watch Features

Some of the popular features of the watch that makes it a timepiece worth having include:

  • The model number of the watch is 5lbkj6 while its reference number is A26364.
  • It falls under the Breitling brand of watches of the model Bentley Supersports.
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Gender: Men’s watch/Unisex
  • It has a round shaped case that measures 49 mm in diameter.
  • Its dial color is black while the dial meters are stick
  • The case material is made of stainless steel and measures 15 mm in thickness
  • The crystal used on the watch is sapphire
  • Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 has a water resistance of up to 100m.
  • Other notable features of the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 are the tachymeter, the chronograph, its bi-rotational bezel and the date area.

Fake Breitling Watch Chronograph

Replica Breitling Watch dial and hands

Black dial Fake Breitling Watch date window

Fake Watch Features

Movement: Automatic

Dial size: 49mm

Chronograph functions don’t function

The watch and band are heavy, made from solid stainless steel, not hollow links.

Seller told me the watch is not water proof

The bezel is unidirectional instead of bi-directional.

Fake Breitling Watch stainless steel bezel

One of the features of the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 that makes it an exceptional timepiece is its remarkable precision. Breitling has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of the watch in its production. It is therefore one of the most accurate wristwatches in the planet.

Replica Breitling Watch back cover

The watch is also easy to read, a feature that users are likely to find useful. It consists of a black dial and brightly colored marks and hands. The contrasting colors of the hands and marks against the dial makes it pretty easy to read. It also features a special watch glass that allows a clear view of the dial and the hands.

Fake Breitling Watch band pins

To ensure the comfort of the wearer, the strap of the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 is made of quality stainless steel.

It is a water resistant watch with a water resistance of up to 100m. This feature helps keep the watch protected even under water. The water resistance, coupled with the stainless steel casing makes the watch robust against moisture and or water. The 15mm stainless steel casing is also strong to protect the interior of the watch.


The Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 from Breitling is certainly a good looking replica, that closely resembles original watch, but some functions are just missing from my knockoff. Its intricate design is unique while the ingenious combination of features is what everyone needs in a watch. It is also a spectacular watch that can complete any outfit flawlessly.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

Seamaster Planet Ocean watch is one of the most robust Omega diver’s watches. Waterproof to up to 600 meters with 43.5 mm size dial, this timepiece is a great addition to any watch aficionados collection. Genuine watch is powered by 8900 caliber movement announced in at Baselworld 2015, designated ‘Master Chronometer’, made in-house by Omega. You can see this beautiful made mechanism through a transparent back case. This mechanism is an upgraded version of the 8500B movement from previous Omega Seamaster models.

Genuine Omega Seamaster black watch

Genuine Omega Seamaster


My replica has some kind of Chinese automatic movement. You can’s see it unless you open the case because case cover is not see-through like in authentic watch. This is the first error on this fake Omega watch. First of so many errors. I don’t really care for the movement. I don’t buy knockoffs because of their mechanism quality, but solid case cover is a dead giveaway of a replica.

blac kdial, steel band omega imitation watch

Authentic watch has 60 hours power reserve, my replica – only 24 hours.


Dial size of my replica is 43.5mm, exactly like the original. For untrained eye, the watch might look like a good imitation, but unfortunately, it’s not.

43.5mm Omega seamaster replica watch black dial

There are numerous errors on dial:

  • Seamaster marking under Omega logo should be orange color. My replica has it in white font.
  • Same thing with 600m / 2000 ft markings. It’s white instead of orange color.
  • 6, 9, 12 hour markings are not as orange as on authentic watch.
  • Date window background is white instead of black

co-axial Master chronometer markings on fake omega watch dial

The Uni-directional rotating stainless steel bezel of my Omega replica is surprisingly good. All the markings are correct and even the luminous dot at 12 o’clock is right size. I’m not sure if it’s ceramic, but it feels right to the touch, so I don’t really care what it’s made of.

Seamaster Replica Bezel

Case, Band and Clasp

The band and case are heavy, made of solid steel. Helium-escape valve is there and it’s possible to push it, but it’s obviously doesn’t do anything. I was actually advised by the seller that this watch is not waterproof.

Fake Omega helium button

The clasp is not adjustable, like on genuine Omega and the marking should have only Omega logo, instead of Omega Seamaster Professional.

Omega Replica Seamaster watch clasp


The only 2 good things in this replica are weight and bezel. Rest of the watch is riddled with errors like wrong color font, wrong clasp markings, no see-through caseback…etc.

IWC Pilot Silver Dial IW324005 Replica

IWC is one of the high end watch companies that know how to mix luxury with sportiness. Even though it is a model from the sports watches segment it emphasizes the same class and distinction as a dressy watch. Its core design is very dynamic, sporty and provocative. With a modern and outgoing look, the IWC is the quintessential pilot watch with a chronograph. With a well-balanced design, superior choice of materials and improved functionality, the IWC is the perfect Swiss timepiece.

authentic IWC Pilot watch with grey dial

Authentic IWC Pilot IW324005

IWC started out as a pilot watches manufacturer based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland near the German border. The company produced its iconic aviator watches during both world wars. But only in the 1980s, when the watch industry suffered major changes, it found the courage to go from making just good watches to producing luxury watches. Currently, the brand maximizes its historical legacy as much as possible setting itself apart from the other similar companies on the market.

Fake IWC watch dial close up

Like most famous luxury watches brands nowadays, IWC basis its success and legacy on refinement and not so much on novelty. Devoted fans and watch connoisseurs appreciate the classic design and features of an iconic timepiece and don’t want to see any major changes. They like slight improvements over time, but nothing major that could cause any significant changes in the identity of the watch. I am one of those who adore the look of the IWC pilot watch.

It is a very distinctive timepiece that has the ability of making such a powerful style statement when worn on the wrist. It says that you are a fashionable and refined man who appreciates the finer things in life.

IWC Imitation watch case

Recently, I have purchased an IWC replica and I have been wearing and testing it for a while now so I am ready to share with you my thoughts on this knockoff. Below I will include all the pros and cons I noticed on the watch.

Replica IWC Watch Back Cover

The Case

The case of the IWC Pilot is an example of perfect equilibrium. It is designed as a mix of gentle, supple curves and bold, masculine details. Everything about it suggests a blend of two worlds- luxury meets sportiness. The 36 mm and 10.5 mm thick case is manufactured from full solid stainless steel which is extremely sturdy and resistant. Even though it is a pilot watch, this IWC model is suitable for diving as well. Due to IWC’s patented waterproofed system it can withstand depths of 60 meters. To perfectly enclose this beautiful case the timepiece comes with a screw in crown and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal outlined by a smoothed fixed stainless steel bezel. Similarly, my IWC replica watch has a 36 mm case made from solid stainless steel, has the same sapphire crystal, screw in crown and fixed steel bezel. The only thing that is different is the waterproofness. Unfortunately, my replica is not recommended for diving or swimming. But besides from that, the case looks and feels genuine.

Grey Dial IWC Watch Replica

The Dial

The dial of this IWC Pilot watch is stunningly refined. I absolutely love its brushed silver surface with contrasting orange hour markers, indexes and hands. And to enhance extra legibility, the 12 o’clock marker and the hour and minutes hands are filled in with luminescent glow in the dark coating. And the last detail that completes the functionality of this watch is the discreet date window located at 3 o’clock. By being small sized and not having a magnifying lens it makes the watch look even more elegant. When I put my replica next to the original watch I can spot a few differences that bother me quite badly. The first of them is the fact that my knockoff does not have the luminescent coating on the 12 o’clock marker and on the minutes and hours hands. Instead, it has orange coating to match the rest of the markings and hands. Then, the 12 o’clock triangle should be below the minutes markers, yet on my imitation IWC this triangle is in between the minutes markers. Also, the minutes markers and the writing on the replica dial are black instead of orange which is incorrect. So there are quite a lot of errors on the dial of this replica, ruining the overall pleasant look of the watch.

The Movement

The IWC Pilot is one of the greatest watches designed by the brand so naturally it comes with a very innovative and reliable mechanism. The model is equipped with a 35111 Calibre automatic, self-winding movement that operates at a 28800.0 vph (4.0 hz) frequency, has 25 jewels and a 42 hours power reserve. The particularity of this watch is the soft-iron inner case that ensures protection against magnetic fields. This superior automatic mechanism also offers a date display and central hacking seconds. It is a very functional and practical movement that allows its wearer to enjoy the best a modern aviator watch can offer. I have to be realistic and say that even though my replica IWC is a very good quality watch, it still can’t compare to the genuine one from this point of view. My knockoff has a very good and precise movement, but it is a mere Japanese automatic mechanism and not the superior Swiss 35111 Calibre that is used on the real IWC. I am very happy with the way my watch works and considering the price I paid for it, it serves its purpose splendidly.

fake IWC Watch Sapphire Crystal

The Bracelet

My IWC replica aviator comes with a full solid stainless steel bracelet that has the distinctive IWC five links designs. There are 5 separate rows of interlaced small links that connect one to each other in a perfect symmetry emphasizing a beautiful elegance on the wrist. Three of these rows are created by using square links and two rows have longer rectangular links. They complement each other very nicely. The overall look is the one of a very classy and practical bracelet. Even the clasp is a hidden clasp. On the outside it looks just like the rest of band. I like this type of bracelet type band. It is very comfortable and elegant on the wrist. And for a replica it looks and feels very authentic too.

I adore the look of the IWC pilot watch. It is that kind of timeless watch that looks effortlessly cool with any attire and in any setting. The IWC is the perfect watch for impressing your friends or colleagues at the office or at parties. It knows how to steal the show with a sporty and modern design without compromising functionality. My replica IWC pilot is a very nice looking watch and it also keeps very accurate time, but I was very disappointed to see that it has numerous differences on the dial. Differences which are very easy to spot and for a connoisseur it will be obvious that this is a fake and not the authentic watch.

Hublot Black Big Bang Replica

Big Bang is one of the most important Hublot collections ever produced. Thanks to the Big Bang, Hublot has reborn in 2004 as a modern, stylish and innovative brand. The unique and appealing design of the Big Bang attracted numerous watches enthusiasts that were looking for a bold sports watch with a charismatic personality. Actually, the particularity of the Big Bang is defined by the company’s unofficial slogan “the art of fusion”. The design of the watch is a fusion of materials, textures and colors. Unusual materials such as titanium, steel carbon fiber, ceramic, rubber and resin are used together for creating stunning timepieces that have a distinctive look and feel. Strong, provocative and functional, the Hubglot Big Bang is a watch that ignites your passion for modern sports watches with a touch of luxury.

Even though when the Big Bang was first launched on the market, its 44 mm case was considered to be oversized, nowadays people adore wearing big watches and the Big Bang is currently the smallest model in the Hublot portfolio. Oversized timepieces are extremely popular right now so the Big Bang is a great choice for those who prefer masculine designs with a rugged construction. The military style dial, the “H” screws used on the bezel and the unique combination of materials define an intriguingly modern watch.

Authentic Hublot black dial watch

Authentic Hublot

One of my favorite Hublot Big Bang models is the Big Bang reference 301.SX.1170.RX. It is one of those timepieces that have an understated beauty which captures your attention instantly due to a very inspired choice of nicely balanced colors and materials. The brushed stainless steel and deep black tones make a stunning duo in this case, a duo that lets you know with a big bang that this watch is a keeper. And I have every intention of turning it into the centerpiece of my replica watches collection. This is why a couple of months back I have ordered a knockoff of the black Hublot Big Bang 301.SX.1170.RX and now after wearing it on numerous occasions I am ready to share with you my thoughts on this replica.

Replica Hublot model

Replica Hublot

My Hublot replica watch comes with a sleek vertical brushed stainless steel case that emphasizes a distinctive masculine and rugged look. Unlike other polished and shiny sport timepieces, this one makes a bold statement and accentuates the casual aesthetics of the case by using a matte finish dial and a texturized black rubber strap. I guess, the secret to its unique looks is the total absence of shine. There are no polished surfaces whatsoever. Everything is brushed or matte creating a stunning visual effect which I absolutely adore.

stainless steel lugs of fake Hublot watch

The case

The case of this Hublot Big Bang model measures 44 mm in diameter and is 24.5 mm thick. Manufactured from solid stainless steel which has been vertically brushed, the case is designed to be water resistant up to depths of 100 m/330 ft. The caseback is transparent as to offer a glance at the inside mechanism. The watch is adorned with a stunning scratch resistant sapphire crystal which shines beautifully above the dial and a vertically brushed bezel fixed with 6 iconic “H” style screws- each one having a different orientation.  On the sides of the case there are two black Kevlar guards fixed with 2 “H” screws. Also, on the right side of the case there is the winding crown and two stainless steel push buttons with rubber inserts on the ends. After extensively wearing the watch and comparing its case to the one of the original watch I came to the conclusion that this is a pretty exact replica. The case, the bezel, the crystal, buttons and screws are identical to the ones used on the genuine watch. The only difference I could notice was the caseback. My Hublot imitation does not have the clear back. Instead it comes with a solid stainless steel back as shown in the below photo.

Back case cover of stainless steel hublot big bang watch

The dial

Call me crazy, but I think that the dial of this Hublot Big Bang Chronograph 44 mm is pure perfection. There is something about its beautiful matte black satin-finished Rhodium-plated dial that bedazzles me. And there’s more to its charm. To complete its unique look Hublot has used brushed finished stainless steel Appliques hour markers with luminescent fill and brushed finish stainless steel hands with luminous tips.

Replica Big Bang Watch Dial with Errors

To offer enhanced legibility, on the outer edge of the dial there is also a white printed minutes track that features 5 minutes Arabic numeric intervals. The utility and functionality of the dial is given by the 3 small dials and the date window.  There is a small dial located at 3 o’clock which displays 30 minutes, one at the 6 o’clock position which counts 12 hours and another one at the 9 o’clock position which shows seconds. The date window is positioned between the 4 and 5 o’clock.  Upon a very close look at my replica I noticed that it is not as exact as it might seem. I was disappointed to see that the hour markers and hands are plain brushed, but not vertically brushed as the original one, and that the numerals printed on the 3 and 6 o’clock small dials are different than the ones on the real Hublot Big Bang. Furthermore, the background color and the font used on the date window are also incorrect.

left chrono subdial of hublot watch

replica chronograph sub-dial with wrong markings

The movement

The Hublot Big Bang 301.SB.131.RX comes with a modified Swiss ETA automatic chronograph movement that is also known as Caliber HUB4100. This extremely precise and complex mechanism beats at 28,800 vph, has 48 jewels and it is made out of 252 parts. It is a very beautifully constructed movement which features a custom made Hublot automatic rotor that can be admired through the transparent caseback. Additionally, the watch offers an impressive 42 hours power reserve. I assume there is no surprise here, but my replica watch doesn’t come with the same type of automatic movement. It is not even close. As I opted for the cheaper version, my imitation has a Japanese automatic movement that work pretty nicely, has a smooth sweeping second hand and a 18-20 hours power reserve. I have worn this watch very often and every single time it has kept very accurate time. I really think it is worth its price.

steel bezel of Hiblot watch imitation

Right subdial with wrong markings

The bracelet

On the wrist, my Hublot replica feels sporty and comfortable, mainly due to its inspired choice of band. Hublot made this model with a black lined rubber strap that is complemented by a stainless steel deployment buckle clasp. The band has that nice masculine vibe we all love about Hublot watches, plus it feels amazing. Even though it is an oversized model, somehow the weight is distributed perfectly on the wrist and you just don’t feel its weight. It feels natural and practical. I have checked very carefully the strap and clasp of my replica and compared it to the authentic ones. I couldn’t see any differences. The material, the texture and the authenticity markings are exactly the same.

Hublot band clasp imitation with GENEVE engravings

I am a very big fan of the Hublot Big Bang. It is the ultimate sports watch and I can say without any doubts that the 301.SB.131.RX model is one of my favorites. It has a simple, but unique design that is perfect for modern men who appreciate the finer things in life. And even though my Big Bang replica is similar from some point of views and works great, it still has a couple of major errors that bother me. Nevertheless, it is a great watch that has received many compliments for its unusual design, oversized dimension and interesting materials. And I will continue to wear it proudly every time I get the chance. seems to be the perfect place for buying beautiful replica watches at very good prices. It has a nice design, a diverse collection of fake timepieces and affordable prices. It manages to create a very good first impression- the one of a professional store. But is it really that professional? Let’s find out!


The quality of these products remains uncertain to me. All the replica watches available on are equipped with a Japanese automatic movement and the prices are displayed in RS (Pakistani Rupee). Most of these fake watches cost less than $100 which is a very low price for the replica market. But the very surprising thing is that the pictures are very good. You can tell that these are images of the actual fake watches the company sells. And each fake is very beautiful, has the exact appearance of the original watch and all the correct markings.

Usability and Design on the Site:

This replica watches store has a very elegant and pleasant looking website. The center of the page is marked by its sleek sliding banners that show some of the best-selling designer watches in the world. The color scheme is black and white with very few color accents. It has a very friendly and alluring appearance, and it is very easy to browse and use.


I like the fact that this company offers customer service by chat, phone number and email. The thing is that the contact phone number is from Pakistan. Still, it shows a lot of care for the needs of its customers. Usually the companies that are the most responsive are also the most trusted ones.


The only accepted payment method is Cash On Delivery which is pretty strange. I do not know many replica stores that offer this type of payment. You basically pay only when you receive the order, but before you actually open the package so this still doesn’t protect you from the unpleasant situation of receiving a broken watch.

Shipping: ships packages all over the word and there are no shipping charges. That’s right, the delivery is free! The packages are shipped with EMS and the estimated delivery time is 5 business days.

Return Policy:

The store guarantees the satisfaction of your purchase with a 3 days return policy, in which case you are entitled to a refund or exchange. Still, there is no mention of a free repairs warranty which should protect you from the disappointment of discovering a manufacturing defect on your replica watch.


There are a lot of good things to say about I like this store because it knows how to look professional: it has a very beautiful and modern designed website, a wide collection of Japanese automatic replica watches, the prices are very low, the product pictures are of good quality, the delivery is free and speedy, it has a return policy and a responsive customer service. Its only downsides are that it does not mention a thing about having a repairs warranty and that the contact phone number is from Pakistan and many of us don’t have the possibility of actually using it.

Each time we hear the word „luxury” we feel like we’re being hypnotized. This concept has a very powerful effect on us, and is very aware of this. It tempts us with the most luxurious and beautiful replica designer watches on the planet, and undeniably we are more than fascinated by the idea of enriching our watches collection with a new gorgeous fake timepiece.


This company sells only Swiss movement watches, which shows that it is focused on quality. Japanese automatic mechanism replica watches are not available on this online site. And the prices aren’t over the top either. Most of these fake timepieces cost about $400-$700. Another important thing to determine the quality of the products is the pictures which appear to be of the actual merchandise. The photos are of very high clarity and show the knockoffs from numerous angles, illustrating how accurate these replicas really are.

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My numerous online purchases of replica watches have showed me that good customer care is everything. There are so many things that can go wrong with an order, even if it is not due to the seller that it is essential to be able to contact the store when this is needed. This is why I recommend you to never ever buy anything online until you are able to contact Customer Care and confirm that these people are reputable and responsive. Unfortunately, can be reached only by contact form, which I do not consider a very responsive communication channel.


The orders are being shipped with EMS and it usually takes about 7 business days to receive a package. All the orders are sent with a working tracking number and the delivery is free of charge. I always prefer companies that offer free shipping because it shows that they are into building a strong and positive relationship with its customers.

Return Policy: provides a 3 days return policy for all its replica watches. Within the first 3 days from the delivery you can choose to send the items back and request a refund, replacement or exchange if you are not happy with the order. Of course, all the return costs must be paid by the customer. Another important thing here is the one month free repairs warranty. If you notice any manufacturing defects on your replica watch, do not waste time. Contact the company at once to send the product back for servicing.


The element of originality of this company is the fact that it only sells Swiss movement replica watches. Besides this, the store has a nice website, free delivery, a return policy, one month repairs warranty and a very large collection of replica watches. What I do not like about it are the lack of alternatives for card payments, poor product photos, high prices and an unprofessional customer service.

Rolex GMT Master Replica

You don’t have to be a Rolex expert to know that the Rolex GMT-Master II red and blue bezel is one of the most iconic sports watches in the world. You probably know it by the name GMT “Pepsi bezel”, a reference to the bezel’s color scheme. In 2014 Rolex has released the new and improved version of the GMT Master II and by doing so it has once more reminded us how easy it is to turn a classic Rolex into a modern and trendy watch.

The Rolex GMT Master II is a technical marvel, one that was first launched in the mid 1950s. It was mostly an aviation watch and its red and blue bezel was inspired by PanAm airlines who was actively supporting Rolex developing their two-times zone GMT sports model. The American aviation company needed a wristwatch capable of displaying multiple time zones at the same time. It was an essential instrument for their pilots during transatlantic flights. Not just PanAm pilot wore the Rolex GMT-Master, but also US Air Force pilots, NASA astronauts and serial jet-setters.

Fake GMT Master watch with pepsi bezel

Fake GMT Master

There haven’t been many improvements to this watch over the decades, but the version that was launched in 2014 brings some very interesting novelties. One of them is the fact that it has a bi-color ceramic bezel. You see, it is very difficult to produce ceramic in lighter colors, like red. This was actually the world’s first red ceramic bezel, a huge achievement for Rolex at that time.

authentic Rolex GMT Master watch with black dial and blue and red bezel

Genuine GMT Master

Unquestionably, the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel is a very beautiful and exciting model. It is the kind of wristwatch that gets everyone’s attention when you step into a room. From watches aficionados to less experienced fans, they all agree that its looks, functionality and quality are unrivaled. And if you were thinking about getting your very own Rolex GMT Master II then below you will find a very useful review for my latest GMT Master II Pepsi bezel replica.

rolex date window opening


The Rolex GMT Master II is famous for its sleek, clean and hypnotic dial. Inspired by the famed Submariner, the dial of the GMT Master II epitomizes simplicity and elegance in its purest form. Its mate finish black dial is in perfect contrast with the highly legible luminescent hour markers that make it possible to read the time even in the harshest lightning conditions. There is nothing too spectacular about its design, but somehow it has the ideal proportions and balance between sophistication and classic beauty. At the 3 o’clock position there is a date window with a 2.5X magnifying lens that displays the date over a white background. As the GMT Master II is supposed to display a second time zone, it has an additional red hours hand that is used to show the time from a different time zone. If you examine the photos of my replica GMT Pepsi you will see that there are no differences between the dial of the original one and the one of my knockoff. Everything is exactly the same, the hour markers, the hands, the logos and writing, even the font used for the date window. I am very impressed with the way this dial was cloned.


Rolex has always manufactured its GMT Master II models with a 40 mm case. The 2014 model has the same case size, but its good looks are accentuated by thicker lugs and crown guards. This makes it seem bigger on the wrist. Furthermore, this model is manufactured exclusively from 18 k white gold which makes it one of the priciest Rolex watches ever and one of the heaviest as well. Wearing this watch implies serious effort and training. It takes a few good days to get used to its weight. And last, but not least, as opposed to all the previous GMTs that had a small twinlock crown, this newer version comes with a large triplock crown. The replica in these pictures has the same 40 mm case, larger winding crown, thicker lugs and crown guards. But obviously, it isn’t manufactured from 18 k white gold, but from solid stainless steel. From my point of view, it is actually better because you can wear the watch without being overwhelmed by the exaggerated weight of 18 k gold. And, another thing, my knockoff comes with a sapphire crystal, the same as the authentic watch.

fake Rolex logo on dial

replica Rolex etched crown on crystal


The Rolex GMT Master II red and blue bezel comes with a Rolex in house movement called 3186 calibre, developed and produced exclusively by the company. This superior movement allows you to set the 24 hour hand so that it displays a second time zone. Other technical details regarding this movement are: the Parachrom hairspring that enhances excellent resistance to temperature variations and shocks, a bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor and a 48 hours power reserve. As expected, my replica watch doesn’t have the same extraordinary self-winding mechanism. Instead, it comes with a pretty decent Japanese automatic movement that is quite accurate and provides the second time zone function as well.

stainles steel watch case


Just as the authentic Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi, my replica comes with an oyster style, flat three piece links bracelet that features the folding Oysterlock safety clasp that has the easylink 5 mm comfort extension link. It practically glides to make the band a little bit bigger. The bracelet looks very elegant and feels amazing on the wrist. What is not the same on my knockoff is the material used to make it. Mine is manufactured from solid stainless steel whereas the genuine bracelet is made from 18k white gold. It is a wide known fact that the Pepsi GMT Master is one of the most expensive watches on Earth due to its exclusive use of 18 k white gold. The watch costs over $40,000.

rolex knockoff winding crown

The Rolex GMT Master II was initially designed as a utilitarian watch for professional air pilots, but over the decades it has become one of the most popular and expensive wristwatches ever made. Its rugged looks and functionality has attracted a wide audience, from experienced globetrotters to fashion enthusiastic. Its versatile appearance, ability of displaying two different time zones and innovations make it the perfect timepiece for the modern man. I had all these things in mind when I decided to order my very own replica of the GMT Pepsi and now I am very happy I did so. The imitation watch is very authentic looking. The only “major” difference is in the hour and minute hands. It works very nice and has a very robust feel to it.