Are Replica Watches Waterproof

Indeed, some of the replica watches we find online are perfect imitations of the authentic timepieces. These are so well copied that not even experts can tell the difference or, at least, this is what fake watches manufacturers claim. But when it comes to waterproofness, it’s a whole different story. Some stores will tell you up front that their knockoffs can’t be used under water while others will say that they recommend diving with it only up to 10 or 30 meters. Why is this? Why is there such a huge difference in the water resistance of replicas? What makes a fake watch waterproof and why aren’t all made this way?

The truth is that replica watches aren’t waterproof and this is a well-known fact. The merchants who say that their fakes won’t be damaged by water exposure know the truth. Making a timepiece that is completely sealed and able to submerge to a depth of 10, 100 or 300 meters is something that requires a lot of costs, and unfortunately replica manufacturers are not willing to invest in this technology. They will settle with making watches that have a similar design, but that’s it.

Now, if you are asking yourself what makes a watch waterproof then allow me to clear things up for you. It has rubber seals around the winding crown and caseback. This prevents water from getting inside and damaging the mechanism. Replica watches have some rubber seals, but the poor quality of the craftsmanship is reflected in the fact that these knockoffs can’t pass the real waterproof test. What will happen is that you will swim or shower a couple of times with the watch on your wrist, but after a while you will start noticing moisture inside the dial, rust on the metallic parts and soon the inside mechanism will stop completely.

As I was saying before, replica manufacturers are very aware of this fact and this is why in all their policies it says that the guaranty does not cover water damages. Even if it says in the product description that it is water resistant up to 10 meters, any kind of water damage will revoke the warranty. This is why it is not recommended to use a fake under water. When it breaks- and believe me, it will happen- you are stuck with it. No jeweler will want to repair it it.

My respect goes to those stores that admit the truth- replica watches aren’t waterproof and they recommend you to avoid exposing the watch to any quantity of water. They will also tell you that the watches have a rubber seal and a lock down crown, but water will still get inside if the watch is submerged. In the end, the choice is yours, but you at least know what to expect and what to avoid.

I don’t think that the lack of water resistance of a replica watch is a good reason for not buying this type of products. I think that we need to understand that these are just copies that cost a fraction of the price of the original watches. They look and feel authentic and as long as we keep them away from water we will be pretty happy with their functionality.

Swiss VS Japanese Replicas

Were you ever curious about what are the main differences between a Swiss and Japanese replica? This has been a question I have thought about for quite some time and even though I have made some extensive research I just couldn’t fully understand it until recently. I even sent numerous emails to the most reputable replica websites trying to get an answer, but this didn’t do the trick either. To be more exact, I have selected five replica companies to which I have sent inquiries about the differences between a Swiss and a Japanese Cartier Santons 100 replica and in return I have received some general information about the products. The answers were superficial and hesitant. The basic ideas were: that Swiss fakes have a better quality mechanism; Swiss imitations are made from a superior stainless steel and Swiss knockoffs are made with a more thicker and resistant gold plating. These answers seemed a little bit too vague to me.

Swiss-Japanese-Cartier copy

Irritated by their inability of giving me a clear answer or at least an understandable one, I have decided to buy both versions of the same model and from the same retailer. This way I could compare both watches in terms of looks, quality and usability and see the actual differences with my own eyes. The Japanese one was about $200 and the Swiss one about $600. It took about a week or so to receive both products, and when I got them I was amazed to discover that just by looking at both replicas I couldn’t tell them apart.  Upon a close inspection I have concluded that both have the same weight, all the correct markings, the same size and feel. I could only notice a small difference in the color of the hands, but besides this small detail everything else is exactly the same.

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Swiss Replica Mechanism

Obviously, the inside mechanism is the basic difference between the two versions of this Cartier Santons 100. The $600 knockoff has a Swiss made Sellita SW 200 automatic movement with 26 jewels. After researching it online I found out that this is one of the most reliable mechanisms available on the replica market. Of course, tests were needed to confirm this so after more than a week I was pleased to see that my Swiss Cartier fake was losing only 3 seconds in a 48 hours time frame, which is actually pretty good for an automatic movement watch, especially for a replica.

Japanese Mechanism

Japanese Mechanism

Japanese Mechanism

Japanese Mechanism

The $200 clone watch also has a high grade kinetic movement, but it isn’t as accurate as the Swiss one and when removing the back and seeing the inside mechanism you realize that it looks like scraped metal, at least, compared to the Swiss one.

It doesn’t take an expert to see the obvious. At a quick and superficial comparison of these two fake watches, unmistakably the Japanese one looks like an inferior quality movement replica. Most certainly, it is not a worthy match for its more upgraded Swiss competitor. Even if at first it may look like these two are identical, upon a more thorough inspection you start realizing the huge difference that sets them apart both in terms of quality and price: the superior mechanism. For a luxury product it is essential to look flawlessly, but for a watch the time keeping capabilities are crucial because the bottom line is that you are buying a watch and not just a jewelry.

Difference Between Japanese and Swiss Replica Movement

Difference Between Japanese and Swiss Replica Movement

In the end we just need to be honest and determine if we are only after the looks of a watch or after overall quality. If aesthetics is the only thing that interests us then the cheaper Japanese replica is the best option. It will look just like the more expensive Swiss one, but cost significantly less. While if a longer life expectancy and a highly accurate movement are the most important qualities we are looking to get in a watch, then a Swiss replica is the perfect choice. This experiment has achieved what many replica companies weren’t able to: it gave me the correct answers to all the justified questions I had about Swiss and Japanese fakes. Now I know what the actual difference is between these two and it will surely help me and many others to pick out the replica suitable for both our needs and expectations.

How To Spot A Cheap Replica Watch

For the untrained eye, replica watches that are really cheap and poorly made and high quality watches can sometimes look the same. However, at a closer inspection you will learn that there are many vital differences between those two, differences that will make a replica watch look like the original or not. Let’s see what the main elements you should focus on when buying your replica watch are and what separates a good replica watch from a bad one.

Screws are the first things you should observe when buying a replica watch; it seems that high quality replica watches come with screws in the strap links while low quality watches simply come with pins.

One of the main things that you need to look for is the Crystal, as genuine watches as well as good replica watches will come with a sapphire crystal that is scratch proof. On the other hand, replica wathes that are cheaper come with a mineral crystal that will be easily scratched and very low end replica watches will simply have a glass face.   Also, this crystal will feature a magnifier over the date, such as the ones found on Rolex watches and a laser etched crown over the 6 o’clock marking. If the crown is visible, you will know that you are dealing with a bad replica watch.

The back cover is another element worth analyzing when trying to buy a good replica watch. However, this feature is actually only available for Rolex Replica Watches that have transparent back cases. If the back watch looks like the one on the genuine watch, you have yourself a high quality watch; if not, better avoid buying that.

Water resistance is another main thing feature that you need to search and this can be easily observed on the O rings in the threads of the winding crown. The replica watches cannot withstand deep pressure but at least they should be good when water is splashed on them.

Chronograph doesn’t work with most low and medium quality watches (Chinese and Japanese), or at least it doesn’t function like the one on genuine watches. The sundials move but don’t have the same functions.

Another thing you should be looking for is the gold plating; some watches are gold plated but Chinese and Japanese models are not, and this can be easily seen with the naked eye. Another problem with the material they are made from is that watches made from stainless steel can be of bad quality too, as stainless steel c comes in 150 grades. The one used in genuine watches is 440 and the lowest one is a cheap, hollow looking one that you don’t want to wear.

In the end, all these elements need to be analyzed in order to judge whether the watch you are buying is high quality or not.

5 Questions To Ask Your Replica Watch Seller

There are some things that you need to check out and gather information about before placing your order for a replica watch. Make sure that you ask the following questions and by analyzing the retailer’s response you will know for sure what kind of business they are conducting.

Do the watches come with water resistance?

This is a very important question because water can easily damage your watch if you decide to buy it. The replica retailer should sell watches with some waterproof, but it’s pretty hard to check that out since nobody would take the risk of placing their own watch underwater just to see whether it is waterproof or not.

Are the replica watches crafted in gold?

A lot of replica watch manufacturers could lie about this and promise you a gold watch. However, for an average price a gold watch is impossible, so if the retailer promises that, they are probably lying. On the other hand, a watch that is gold plated may be a good alternative and definitely cheaper.

What is the refund policy?

If the retailer is vague about their refund policy or it comes with hard to understand or very narrow conditions, you should definitely stay away from them. Never trust or buy from a retailer that doesn’t allow unsatisfied customers to return their watches or products easy. The watches they could send you could be broken or damaged so it’s better to know from the start that you can always get the money back.

Where is the replica watch made?

Look for retailers that make replica watches in Switzerland, Germany or United States, but also those located in Hong Kong or Japan. Avoid those located in China or Bangkok.

If you are manufacturing Japanese replicas, does the chronograph on them work well?

The problem with the chronograph on Japanese replica watches is the fact that some of them do not function like the ones on the genuine watches, so it is important to know the answer to this question.  Actually, only Swiss replica watches come with a good working chronograph and they usually cost a lot more than the Japanese ones.

Advantages Of Paying With A Credit Card

A lot of people feel like it’s better to use one of the non-direct payment methods when buying online; the reason they choose this is because they feel safer regarding their personal information. However, there is one major advantage when it comes to paying online and using your own credit card directly.

There are different services that you can easily use to pay online; some of them are Western Union, MoneyGram (now Skril) or Paypal. These are usually easily available for all replica watch sellers. However, there are some disadvantages when it comes to using them.  One of the major things that you should look for is the fact that websites that have this option are usually legitimate, because only registered companies are allowed to get this service. There are also what is called a payment gateway company, which provides sites with accounts where money are kept as reserve in case companies are trying to scam their customers. These usually keep a percent of the sales and this usually covers credit card payment disputes that are sometimes made by customers that make purchases. So, this means that you are protected against fraud every time you make a purchase. If you pay by money transfer and want to get your money back because you might have issues with your seller, you will be at the mercy of the seller; this means that there is no system you can use to make sure you get a refund. You could use the refund policy some of these websites have, but you might also have a problem with them as they are often slow and some are even against replica products purchases. For example, Western Union has a fraud department where you can file a complaint and they will put the seller on a black list, but that won’t get your money back. However, if you pay directly with your credit card and manage to prove to them that you bought a bad replica watch or a broken one, you will get your money back and they will charge back the money from the replica watch seller.

High Quality Replica Watches Second Hand

There are many differences between high quality replica watches and low quality ones but one of the differences you can easily notice is the way the Second Hand works, depending on the mechanism’s quality.

Some replica watches manufacturers manage to replicate how mechanical watches’ second hand tick very rapidly. For example, genuine Rolex watches tick with a rate that is six times per second and you only notice the jumps if you look very closely, otherwise they can’t be easily perceived.

On the other hand, we have the cheap replica Rolex watches; these tick a lot differently than they should as they have a mechanism that has quartz movement, which means that it is battery operated. Because of this, the second hand of these low end replica watches can be easily seen and heard when it “jumps”. On the high quality replica watches this second hand will “jump” faster as they also come with mechanical movement. Of course, this “jump” that the second hand does is not as smooth as that in genuine Rolex watches, this one ticks with a rate of almost three or even four times per second, unlike the genuine watches that have a big rate of six times per second.

How Durable Is a Replica Rolex

Fake watches have been a part of our society for a very long time now and people are choosing them over genuine watches due to their affordable price. However, there are many people that are reluctant to buy such a watch due to the fact that people usually think that it is low quality. Retailers always try to scam their customers into paying a big sum for replica watches that are actually made in China so don’t let yourself be fooled by that. A lot of them will try to advertise the replica watch to be Italian grade, but that’s a lie and you will eventually end up with a replica watch made in China.

There are many Chinese factories located in Guangdong province in south west of China, where thousands of people are working to create some of the replica watches that are being sold worldwide. Actually, even the replica watches that are made in Japan come equipped with Chinese mechanisms, which makes them less reliable than other types of watches. A lot of retailers out there will try to scam you into buying their Japanese grade watches or Italian grade watches, but actually most of these “grades” have been invented so that customers would buy.  This happened from the beginning of the online replica watches, before they were so popular on the internet and retailers needed a way to make sure that people are buying their cheap replicas.

These watches are first sold in markets around China for little money; actually, they get there straight from the factory after they have been made. These markets are absolutely huge and they contain everything you would ever imagine. These watches are then bought by someone, but that’s not the person that sells you the replica watch you’ve been meaning to buy, that’s a middleman. He sells them to, perhaps, another person or directly to your seller. Your seller than puts the low quality watch on their website, with pictures taken from other websites with better quality watches and fools you into buying their product by telling you it is Italian grade or Japanese grade.

Tips To Shop For Your Replica Watch

A lot of people shop for important items without making sure that they have gathered enough information beforehand to ensure a good shopping experience and a satisfying end result. When shopping for your replica watch you should make sure that you are not one of the victims of some companies that give this industry a bad name. There are many out there that simply take advantage of their customers by providing them with really low quality products. When buying online it’s easy to get confused and choose a bad product, so here is what you need to do to make sure that you get a good replica watch:

1 – Analyze the pictures, it is important that they are high quality and don’t have another website’s name on them. This means that they are pictures of the actual watches that are being sold. Also, you should check the original watches websites and see whether they are taken from there, sometimes when the watches look too good to be true, the pictures are taken from the original brand website.

2- Every retailer should have a warranty and return policy page. If there is little or no information on that matter, avoid that retailer.

3 – Payment options can tell a lot about the trustworthiness of a website. For example, if a credit card payment option is available, you can be sure that the website is trustworthy. This option actually ensures the fact that the company is registered and if you are unhappy with your product and you can prove to the bank that you bought a bad replica watch or a broken product, you will surely get your money back guaranteed. Avoid paying through cash on delivery option because that option will give you little chances of getting your money back if you end up with a bad product.

4 – Customer service should be contacted before you even buy a watch; this way you can avoid a retailer with bad customer service. If they are not fast enough, find another seller that actually cares for the customers.

5- Make sure that he checkout page has SSL encrypted this way your private information will be protected. Don’t order or give your information to websites that don’t have this feature.

What Sets Apart Swiss Replica Watches

Swiss replica watches are some of the most high quality replica watches available on the market. What makes these better than other watches are the following elements:

The weight and feel of your watch – because these watches are usually made with higher quality materials (high quality stainless steel, high quality gems, leather, etc.) they will feel a lot different than watches that are low quality, almost as good as those that are genuine. However, a few people can actually notice these differences; some might even feel like there’s no difference between a Japanese replica watch and an original one.

Mechanism is another key element that makes Swiss replica watches more reliable and definitely more accurate. It is important that you buy a high quality replica watch if you want a good mechanism and a Swiss mechanism is always the best. Good replica watches come with ETA mechanisms (Manufacture Horlogere Suisse Company), which are much better than those with Japanese mechanisms. For example, ETA 2892-2,25 jewels comes for Submariner, GMT Master and YachtMaster replica watches while ETA 7753 comes for Rolex Daytona Replica. On the other hand, Japanese replica watches usually feature mechanisms that are of lower quality, which implies shorter life expectancy and less reliability.

Cheap Replica Watches And Their Risks

The internet is filled with different replica watch companies that sell watches for a big range of prices; however, there are those companies that sell really cheap fakes, some for as little as 50 dollars. You can easily spot these websites, as they often have a lot of grammatical errors in their descriptions and often have copied content from other websites. The websites themselves are poorly made and you can actually spot the bad ones from a single glance.

With such low quality replica watches, people are only returning on these websites with complaints, and you might be one of them if you just want to buy a cheap watch. The prices for good imitations are actually very different than what they are selling, and this actually shows their quality. For example, a decent knockoff watch would cost about 150 dollars with all the expenses, including the site expenses and credit card processing fees, so you would understand why a watch that costs this amount of money would not be a really good deal or would be a very low quality watch with a small starting price. There are two possibilities here, you either buy a replica watch of terrible quality and you can’t return it, or the worst case, you end up with your credit card information stolen that can be used for various activities and a bad watch. Either case is bad for you and easily avoidable if you simply choose a trustworthy resource for your watch.

There are many replica watch sellers who use a replica watch website, get as many people as they can scammed and move to create another website. This is heavily promoted and when enough people get scammed and the word is out, they delete their website and start another. Fortunately, you can easily detect these websites, the photos are usually taken from other websites, they have very cheap watches and there is little information overall. Before buying a watch copy, always remember that price can tell you a lot about its quality and if that offer is great, chances are that it is a scam.