Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 Replica

When it comes to quality, elegance and precision, the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 is a true masterpiece. Made by the renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker – Breitling SA, the watch combines functionality and beauty for a uniquely elegant timepiece. It has been designed and crafted with conformity to the current standards of technology. The watch has been inspected for quality, condition and authenticity.

Authentic Breitling model A26364 watch

Authentic Breitling

Replica Breitling Bentley Supersports Watch

Replica Breitling Supersports

Genuine Watch Features

Some of the popular features of the watch that makes it a timepiece worth having include:

  • The model number of the watch is 5lbkj6 while its reference number is A26364.
  • It falls under the Breitling brand of watches of the model Bentley Supersports.
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Gender: Men’s watch/Unisex
  • It has a round shaped case that measures 49 mm in diameter.
  • Its dial color is black while the dial meters are stick
  • The case material is made of stainless steel and measures 15 mm in thickness
  • The crystal used on the watch is sapphire
  • Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 has a water resistance of up to 100m.
  • Other notable features of the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 are the tachymeter, the chronograph, its bi-rotational bezel and the date area.

Fake Breitling Watch Chronograph

Replica Breitling Watch dial and hands

Black dial Fake Breitling Watch date window

Fake Watch Features

Movement: Automatic

Dial size: 49mm

Chronograph functions don’t function

The watch and band are heavy, made from solid stainless steel, not hollow links.

Seller told me the watch is not water proof

The bezel is unidirectional instead of bi-directional.

Fake Breitling Watch stainless steel bezel

One of the features of the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 that makes it an exceptional timepiece is its remarkable precision. Breitling has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of the watch in its production. It is therefore one of the most accurate wristwatches in the planet.

Replica Breitling Watch back cover

The watch is also easy to read, a feature that users are likely to find useful. It consists of a black dial and brightly colored marks and hands. The contrasting colors of the hands and marks against the dial makes it pretty easy to read. It also features a special watch glass that allows a clear view of the dial and the hands.

Fake Breitling Watch band pins

To ensure the comfort of the wearer, the strap of the Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 is made of quality stainless steel.

It is a water resistant watch with a water resistance of up to 100m. This feature helps keep the watch protected even under water. The water resistance, coupled with the stainless steel casing makes the watch robust against moisture and or water. The 15mm stainless steel casing is also strong to protect the interior of the watch.


The Breitling Bentley Supersports A26364 from Breitling is certainly a good looking replica, that closely resembles original watch, but some functions are just missing from my knockoff. Its intricate design is unique while the ingenious combination of features is what everyone needs in a watch. It is also a spectacular watch that can complete any outfit flawlessly.

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watch

The Breitling Navitimer is a beautiful luxury timepiece dedicated to aviation fans. The design of this watch is outstanding and it represents a milestone in the watchmaking history. Many collectors consider it a true masterpiece of reliability and performance. Needless to say, the Navitimer line includes some of the most popular watch models that have ever been manufactured and their beauty is surpassed only by their extreme functionality.

The originality of the Breitling Navitimer consists on a complex balance between new and old aesthetics, between modern and traditional lines. The watch has a distinctive solid stainless steel case, a dial colored in a white or dark color, a red seconds hand, white or silver chronograph sub-dials and applied hour-markers or numerals. Also, the watch comes with a bi-directional ratcheted rotating bezel that allows you to operate the famous circular aviation slide rule.

I have recently purchased a replica of the Breitling Navitimer, but, sadly, it is not a very accurate reproduction of the original model. As you can see in the photo, the dial has various flaws that make it obvious for anyone that this watch is a fake. The first thing you notice is the orange-brownish color. There is no genuine Navitimer with this color of dial. Of course, I should have known this before buying the replica, but I liked the color very much and did not take the time to research if the original watch is available with this orange dial. Huge mistake!

Breitling Navitimer 2

Another flaw, and this is very unaesthetic, is regarding the three small dials. These are dirty or smudged somehow, especially the one from the 3 o’clock position. Almost its entire surface is covered by whitish dirt. Additionally, all three counters are glued onto the dial in a very sloppy manner leaving very visible traces of glue around the outside of the small silvery discs. And this is not all, the seconds hand should be all red color and its top should be an arrow, but on my replica just the top is red and this isn’t shaped like an arrow. It is just a plain line.

Breitling Navitimer 3

Breitling Navitimer 4

Another big mistake regarding the design of this Breitling Navitimer replica is the bezel. The bezel on my fake watch is not the standard Navitimer bezel, the one that comes with all original Navitimer timepieces. It is a Bentley bezel. And this mix-up is a clear sign that the watch is a poor replica.

Breitling Navitimer 12

The knockoff is made from solid stainless steel, but the quality isn’t the best I have seen. The shine of the case and band looks cheap and the finishing is really bad. There are edges that weren’t well-rounded very and these can even scratch your skin if you are not careful.

Breitling Navitimer 8

Breitling Navitimer 10

This Breitling Navitimer fake watch is equipped with an Asian movement. So far, the watch has kept good time, but I didn’t have it for that long so I can’t make a safe estimation of its time accuracy. Still, no matter how exact this replica is, it still cannot compensate for its huge design flaws.

When you buy a replica watch you must always research the company you are considering and the model you want to purchase. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an inferior knockoff that you can’t wear in front of other people, like this Breitling Navitimer replica watch.

Breitling Crosswind Review

Surely, one of the most remarkable designs within the watch industry is the manly and over-sized Breitling Crosswind. This unique chronograph watch is the peak of the Windrider range. Designed, constructed and adorned with outstanding aesthetic sense and extreme watchmaking skills, its perfect craftsmanship is equaled only by the refinement of its shape and choice of materials. For all these sophisticated details, the Breitling Crosswind represents a prestigious and original Breitling design, and it enjoys the durability and high functionality of an advanced time keeping instrument.

Genuine Breitling Crosswind a13355

The Breitling Crosswind has a distinctive adventurous look due to its large stainless steel case, which embodies a deep blue dial adorned with roman numerals, a date window and three small dials. Another novelty of this model is the unique winding crown and buttons. These are more rounded than the classic ones, their shape resembles to one of a dome. To improve night legibility, the model has luminescent coating on the roman hour markers, on the large hands, and also on the small three hands.

Blue Chrono breitling watch dial

I have always fancied the Crowsswind line and this is the reason why I was so tempted to buy myself a replica of this model. I honestly cannot say that this is one of the best replicas I own, so the entire purchase was a disappointment. I will also explain why this is such a bad fake and I will give you some tips to avoid making the same mistake I did.

The first thing you want to do when buying a replica is to look at the dial and compare it with the original Breitling Crosswind dial. First of all, the roman hour markers are off. The replica has all 12 roman hour markers applied on the dial, but the original watch does not mark all 12 hours represented by roman numerals. It only uses I, II, IV, V, VII, VIII, X and XI. The other hours are luminescent dots. Also, my replica does not have luminescent coating on the small hands from the sub-dials. The original watch has luminor on these to enhance night legibility. Furthermore, the Breitling CrossWind replica has a red arrow on top of the seconds hands while the original one has a white arrow on top.

The biggest and most noticeable defect is the bezel of the replica. The Breitling Crosswind should have the distinctive Windrider bezel while my replica has a Navitimer bezel. Any person who sees this flaw will be able to tell that the watch is just a cheap quality fake product. And let’s not forget about the winding crown and small buttons on the right side of the watch. The Crowsswind introduces a new type of buttons, rounded ones, shaped like domes. Of course, my replica does not carry this type of buttons. It has the old style of Breitling winding crown and buttons.

The quality of the stainless steel used on this Crowsswind replica is pretty good. It is not the best steel I have ever seen, but it has proved to be a very sturdy and durable one. I have worn this watch for quite some time and it managed to conserve its shine. The movement is also pretty decent. The watch features an Asian automatic mechanism and it keeps good time. Unlike, most poor quality replicas it does not stop while I wear it and does not lose considerable amounts of time.

The Breitling Crosswind is a very modern and popular model designed for those who love beautiful watches and the thrill of extreme sports. It is the perfect watch for modern and fashionable men. If you are considering buying an imitation, first take a moment to compare the replica with the original design and choose wisely by following the above guidelines.

Breitling Bentley Barnato Racing

For all those who simply love racing as much as they love watches, Breitling for Bentley Barnato Racing is without a doubt a remarkable chronological work of art. It was named after the very famous race car driver Woolf Barnato. He was part of the legendary Bentley team who won many races during the 1920s.  At the moment, the Barnato Racing is one of the most sought after timepieces and it has won the hearts of numerous watch fans.

Bentley For Bentley Barnato Racing

The uniqueness of its design consists of its daring sports look enhanced by the black counters shaped as the steering wheels of the memorable Bentley Speed Cars that won the Le Mans 24 hours race five times between 1924 and 1930. Still, it doesn’t take a racing enthusiast to see that this model is a true masterpiece both in form and functionality. Its natural esthetics is completed by an inner bezel marked with a tachometric scale and by a bezel with a raised knurled motif. I guess it is only fair to say that anyone wearing a Barnato Racing watch would definitely feel like a champion. Who needs a trophy when you got the Breitling for Bentley Barnato Racing on your wrist?

Front View

While examining the white dial of this replica I felt relieved to see that it is extremely well reproduced. The knurled motif bezel, the inner tachometric scale, the minutes indexes, the hour markers and the date window are exactly the same as on the original watch. The Breitling applied silver winged logo is correctly copied as well. All these details would manage to convince anyone that we are dealing with an authentic Barnato Racing, if it wasn’t be for the small disc-type contrasting black counters. Even though these are placed at different heights shaping a modern 3D looking dial, just the same as the original design, the markings on the small three dials are very different when compared to the authentic watch. A 1:1 replica should indicate: 20, 40, 60 on the 3 o’clock sub-dial, 2, 4, 6 on the 6 o’clock one and 5, 10, 15 at 9 o’clock; whereas this knock-off shows seconds, minutes and hours.

Fake Breitling Logo


The back of the case is a living proof that the Bentley Barnato Racing has at its core a great passion for speed, thrill and action. Long story short, everything automobile racing stands for. When you turn around the watch you see the branded winding rotor through a transparent sapphire crystal back. This too is a reminiscence of the Woolf Barnato’s legacy as the winding rotor is actually shaped as the rims of the new Continental GT. The replica we are reviewing here is equipped with an identical looking mechanism viewable through the transparent back. Furthermore, all the engravings are accurate. All around the sapphire crystal it writes “Breitling for Bently Special Edition Certified Chronometer 100m/330ft” and on the actual mechanism it has engraved the words “Bentley Motors” and “Breitling for Bentley” in gold. Everything is replicated flawlessly.

Back Cover

The finely crafted automatic chronograph mechanism of the knock-off is encased into a 47 mm solid 440 stainless steel case. The overall authentic look is reinforced by the presence of the Breitling “B” authenticity marking on the end part of the winding crown. This is indeed a very large and heavy watch, but it is perfect for those who love contemporary, daring and sophisticated watches. You will also notice that once you wrap it around your wrist it feels naturally light and surprisingly comfortable.

Crown and Buttons

The Breitling for Bentley Barnato Racing with white dial replica comes equipped with an elegant brown crocodile strap with the Breitling winged logo embossed on the outside of the clasp. The white stitches on the outer sides of the band bring back a little bit of the old vintage style specific to the glory days of Wolf Barnato- the racing legend.

Band and Clasp

The Barnato Racing collection is the definition of greatness and for most of us, watches enthusiasts, it symbolizes the reason why we love Breitling for Bentley timepieces: it is the perfect blend between British chic and Swiss excellence. Obviously, this very exclusive watch is extremely pricey and rare. Luckily, there is the option of buying a well-made replica instead of the original, a replica such as the one we have reviewed in this article. represents everything we hope to find in a replica: good prices and designs that cannot be distinguished from the real ones. Its focus is on Rolex and on providing the best Rolex imitation watches available on the e- market. So far everything sounds pretty good, but let’s determine how much of this is real and how much is fake.

PROS is a simple looking website. It doesn’t have an impressive design, or a complicated layout or nice banners. Apparently, it seems a website constructed in a couple of hours, but actually, it has a lot of cool functions and menus that clearly required some time to be implemented. On the left we have the Rolex Menu and the Product Comments bar. On the right we have the Buyer Talks and the Article list. And in between we have everything else that matters, like the 30% discount banner and the Hot Products list. It is not an impressive website, but it’s pretty good for a replica store.

The company sells only Rolex watches. Its products are equipped with Asian automatic movement, Japanese quartz and Swiss quartz movement. The selection is very wide and includes all the original collections with their hottest designs. For any watch collector or Rolex fan it is a real joy to browse through these beautiful timepieces. If you are in the search of your dream Rolex watch then you will certainly find it here. Plus, if you buy 3 watches you get the 4th one for free. Now, that’s a good deal!

The prices are pretty low considering the designs they have and the quality the company promises. Japanese watches are about $80-$150 and Swiss watches are about $150-$300. If these replicas are as good as they say then it is a real bargain. The product page is pretty poor in information. The description is very vague and written in incomprehensive English. The nice part is that it has a “User Comment” option where customers can submit their opinion or questions about the product. accepts all major credit card companies, such as Visa; MasterCard online, JCB, American Express; and also Western Union transfers with a 5% discount. For credit card payments the maximum amount per order is $1000 and they can run your card only once per day. Knowing that they have a strict policy about card payments is very reassuring, especially as the above mentioned ones are designed to protect the customer from any fraud attempts or double charges.

Most countries get free shipping with Registered Mail if the order is over $50 and the delivery time is 10-16 working days. Express Shipping means EMS and it takes about 7-12 business days. It costs about $20. To more remote countries, the shipping is more expensive. It is about $35. A tracking number is provided for all packages and it usually takes about one or two days to process the order for shipping.


From what I have read on the Return Policy page, you can ask for a replacement or refund only if the product has quality problems. Reasons such as “I changed my mind” or “I do not like it” aren’t acceptable with Still, if there really is a quality problem then you need to contact the company within the first 7 days for a refund or in 14 days for a replacement/exchange, and ask for a Return Authorization so you can send it back at your own cost. “Back” probably means all the way to China. The rules are pretty strict and you may want to carefully read all of them before ordering. It doesn’t say anything about a repair warranty and it probably isn’t one.

Pictures: The pictures are of very high quality and this allows you to see every small detail on the watches. For example, you can even read out the small writing from the protective foil wrapped around the band. The pictures show every marking, every angle, every part of the watch that is important to determine the quality- everything at high clarity. The photos look too good and it convinces you that these were taken in the company’s own studio and that these represent the actual products they sell.

Domain registered: USA

Customer Service: offers customer service by email and supposedly by chat. Still, the chat line is never online and you can only leave a message. The good part is that they at least own a professional sales email address where you can send your inquiries and hope that they will be answered in a fashionable time frame. The company doesn’t seem to have the best customer services, but as always finding a reputable and liable replica store is a long shot.

Summary: We are used to come across a company that seems to have good quality products, good prices, free delivery and good deals, and to be discouraged by its unprofessional looking website, lack of customer orientated return and warranty policies, and a low quality customer doesn’t convince us that it is a worthy candidate to become our number one source of replica watches, but it definitely isn’t one of the bad guys. It simply is a mediocre website providing average merchandise and services.

Fake Breitling Navitimer

The Breitling Navitimer is a chronograph initially designed for aircraft pilots but it has become known as a status symbol due to its precise movement and unique design. It is certainly one of the biggest names in the world of luxury watches and this usually means that fake watches that bear the same name are not far away. In fact, Breitling replicas can be found at almost any imitation watches store which makes for quite a lot of variations when it comes to quality. The replica Navitimer presented here is considered to be a good copy and a quick comparison between it and the authentic model will reveal some of the differences.

Fake Navitimer Dial

Genuine Breitling Navitimer

Genuine Breitling Navitimer

Breitling Navitimer Copy Crown

Breitling Navitimer Replica Watch

While the overall design looks pretty good, a closer look will reveal that things aren’t exactly the same. One of the differences that first get noticed is the design and length of the side buttons as well as the design of the crown. The reason why this difference is so easily noticeable is because the Navitimer is famous for its stopwatch function so anything related to that feature has to be the same.

Other design aspects that don’t look exactly the same are the secondary dials. The truth is that this doesn’t really get noticed unless you have two models in front of you to compare but it is worth mentioning. Also on the dial, the brand name and logo is a bit different.

Fake Navitimer Back Cover

Fake Breitling Clasp

As expected from all replica watches, there is a lower quality of steel used to make it and this can be seen when looking at it up-close or after a period of use. Another thing worth mentioning is the design of the outer bezel which isn’t exactly the same. Other small things such as the design and length of the hands can be observed as well as the stitching on the bracelet but such things are expected when it comes to fake watches. A perfect copy, down to the smallest detail, is almost impossible to find.

All in all, this replica Breitling Navitimer is a decent attempt and it should be treated this way; although it is not perfect, finding faults in its design is not very easy.