Hublot Black Big Bang Replica

Big Bang is one of the most important Hublot collections ever produced. Thanks to the Big Bang, Hublot has reborn in 2004 as a modern, stylish and innovative brand. The unique and appealing design of the Big Bang attracted numerous watches enthusiasts that were looking for a bold sports watch with a charismatic personality. Actually, the particularity of the Big Bang is defined by the company’s unofficial slogan “the art of fusion”. The design of the watch is a fusion of materials, textures and colors. Unusual materials such as titanium, steel carbon fiber, ceramic, rubber and resin are used together for creating stunning timepieces that have a distinctive look and feel. Strong, provocative and functional, the Hubglot Big Bang is a watch that ignites your passion for modern sports watches with a touch of luxury.

Even though when the Big Bang was first launched on the market, its 44 mm case was considered to be oversized, nowadays people adore wearing big watches and the Big Bang is currently the smallest model in the Hublot portfolio. Oversized timepieces are extremely popular right now so the Big Bang is a great choice for those who prefer masculine designs with a rugged construction. The military style dial, the “H” screws used on the bezel and the unique combination of materials define an intriguingly modern watch.

Authentic Hublot black dial watch

Authentic Hublot

One of my favorite Hublot Big Bang models is the Big Bang reference 301.SX.1170.RX. It is one of those timepieces that have an understated beauty which captures your attention instantly due to a very inspired choice of nicely balanced colors and materials. The brushed stainless steel and deep black tones make a stunning duo in this case, a duo that lets you know with a big bang that this watch is a keeper. And I have every intention of turning it into the centerpiece of my replica watches collection. This is why a couple of months back I have ordered a knockoff of the black Hublot Big Bang 301.SX.1170.RX and now after wearing it on numerous occasions I am ready to share with you my thoughts on this replica.

Replica Hublot model

Replica Hublot

My Hublot replica watch comes with a sleek vertical brushed stainless steel case that emphasizes a distinctive masculine and rugged look. Unlike other polished and shiny sport timepieces, this one makes a bold statement and accentuates the casual aesthetics of the case by using a matte finish dial and a texturized black rubber strap. I guess, the secret to its unique looks is the total absence of shine. There are no polished surfaces whatsoever. Everything is brushed or matte creating a stunning visual effect which I absolutely adore.

stainless steel lugs of fake Hublot watch

The case

The case of this Hublot Big Bang model measures 44 mm in diameter and is 24.5 mm thick. Manufactured from solid stainless steel which has been vertically brushed, the case is designed to be water resistant up to depths of 100 m/330 ft. The caseback is transparent as to offer a glance at the inside mechanism. The watch is adorned with a stunning scratch resistant sapphire crystal which shines beautifully above the dial and a vertically brushed bezel fixed with 6 iconic “H” style screws- each one having a different orientation.  On the sides of the case there are two black Kevlar guards fixed with 2 “H” screws. Also, on the right side of the case there is the winding crown and two stainless steel push buttons with rubber inserts on the ends. After extensively wearing the watch and comparing its case to the one of the original watch I came to the conclusion that this is a pretty exact replica. The case, the bezel, the crystal, buttons and screws are identical to the ones used on the genuine watch. The only difference I could notice was the caseback. My Hublot imitation does not have the clear back. Instead it comes with a solid stainless steel back as shown in the below photo.

Back case cover of stainless steel hublot big bang watch

The dial

Call me crazy, but I think that the dial of this Hublot Big Bang Chronograph 44 mm is pure perfection. There is something about its beautiful matte black satin-finished Rhodium-plated dial that bedazzles me. And there’s more to its charm. To complete its unique look Hublot has used brushed finished stainless steel Appliques hour markers with luminescent fill and brushed finish stainless steel hands with luminous tips.

Replica Big Bang Watch Dial with Errors

To offer enhanced legibility, on the outer edge of the dial there is also a white printed minutes track that features 5 minutes Arabic numeric intervals. The utility and functionality of the dial is given by the 3 small dials and the date window.  There is a small dial located at 3 o’clock which displays 30 minutes, one at the 6 o’clock position which counts 12 hours and another one at the 9 o’clock position which shows seconds. The date window is positioned between the 4 and 5 o’clock.  Upon a very close look at my replica I noticed that it is not as exact as it might seem. I was disappointed to see that the hour markers and hands are plain brushed, but not vertically brushed as the original one, and that the numerals printed on the 3 and 6 o’clock small dials are different than the ones on the real Hublot Big Bang. Furthermore, the background color and the font used on the date window are also incorrect.

left chrono subdial of hublot watch

replica chronograph sub-dial with wrong markings

The movement

The Hublot Big Bang 301.SB.131.RX comes with a modified Swiss ETA automatic chronograph movement that is also known as Caliber HUB4100. This extremely precise and complex mechanism beats at 28,800 vph, has 48 jewels and it is made out of 252 parts. It is a very beautifully constructed movement which features a custom made Hublot automatic rotor that can be admired through the transparent caseback. Additionally, the watch offers an impressive 42 hours power reserve. I assume there is no surprise here, but my replica watch doesn’t come with the same type of automatic movement. It is not even close. As I opted for the cheaper version, my imitation has a Japanese automatic movement that work pretty nicely, has a smooth sweeping second hand and a 18-20 hours power reserve. I have worn this watch very often and every single time it has kept very accurate time. I really think it is worth its price.

steel bezel of Hiblot watch imitation

Right subdial with wrong markings

The bracelet

On the wrist, my Hublot replica feels sporty and comfortable, mainly due to its inspired choice of band. Hublot made this model with a black lined rubber strap that is complemented by a stainless steel deployment buckle clasp. The band has that nice masculine vibe we all love about Hublot watches, plus it feels amazing. Even though it is an oversized model, somehow the weight is distributed perfectly on the wrist and you just don’t feel its weight. It feels natural and practical. I have checked very carefully the strap and clasp of my replica and compared it to the authentic ones. I couldn’t see any differences. The material, the texture and the authenticity markings are exactly the same.

Hublot band clasp imitation with GENEVE engravings

I am a very big fan of the Hublot Big Bang. It is the ultimate sports watch and I can say without any doubts that the 301.SB.131.RX model is one of my favorites. It has a simple, but unique design that is perfect for modern men who appreciate the finer things in life. And even though my Big Bang replica is similar from some point of views and works great, it still has a couple of major errors that bother me. Nevertheless, it is a great watch that has received many compliments for its unusual design, oversized dimension and interesting materials. And I will continue to wear it proudly every time I get the chance.

Fake King Power Foudroyante in Zirconium

The King Power series is one of the newest additions to the Hublot collection. The main particularity of this line is the extremely large dial which measures 48 mm, but it’s flawlessly designed so it ends up looking more masculine than oversized. Distinctively, the King Power Foudroyante in Zirconium has functions of hours, minutes, seconds, plus self-winding split-seconds foudroyante chronograph. It was manufactured in a limited series of 500-pieces and this makes it a priceless asset for any true watch collector.

Fake Black Hublot Watch

The Hublot King Power Foudroyante is a big, silver and black, extremely masculine watch. The case diameter is 48mm, and when measured across the crown and lugs it goes a little bit over 50mm. That’s pretty big for any type of sports watch. After taking a closer look and wearing it for some time to see how it actually feels on my wrist, I started loving it. I was very surprised to discover that, even though it’s an oversized watch, it doesn’t feel big or heavy. It is constructed of lightweight materials, so its solid appearance is actually very deceiving as it isn’t heavy at all. These very light materials make the watch seem bulky, solid, but without actually making its wearer endure an exaggerated weight. Hublot has carefully selected each part of this watch as to not let its size interfere with its purpose: the one of a time telling device.

Hublot Foudroyante Replica

King Power Foudroyante Imitation

The bezel is secured with the famous H-shaped screws, a very distinctive Hublot authenticity mark. You may notice that these H-shaped screws don’t exactly line up with each other. Hublot claims that this is purposely done to respect the authenticity of the brand. Any well-made watch needs to have the screws tightened firmly to secure all the parts in place, not just so that everything lines up perfectly together. On the original watch, the back is made of a sapphire non-reflective crystal with a second set of polished H-screws securing the back to the case. On this replica the back is made out of stainless steel. The markings all around the back are identical to the genuine ones, but, sadly, the use of a stainless steel back is a dead giveaway.

Hublot Big King Crown

This very famous King Power model features two small dials, one at 9 o’clock and one at 3 o’clock with very visible white markers. The dial itself is made from a form of black carbon fiber and has a pretty edgy and outgoing appearance. The hours are indexed by big metallic markers, the same color and material as the hands; while all around the inside of the dial we have a black ring with grayish minute markings. The white and grayish markers are actually supposed to be luminescent and allow us to tell the time even in the dark. The original watch has approximately 42 hours of power reserve, but my replica provides only a 24-36 hours reserve.

back view

The black rubber strap with deployment buckle has a unique look and feel. It is designed to increase considerably the masculine aura of this watch. It is quite thick and smooth on the inside offering extra comfort for the wrist; while distinctively textured with deeply tank-tread designs on the outside. The Hublot-shaped clasp brings an extra usability to the King Power Foudroyante.To open the clasp; you just press two side buttons, and snap it shut when putting it on.

The winding crown is easy to pull out when you need to adjust the date or set the hands. The buttons have non-slip rubber top over the stainless steel to help set the small dials as smoothly as possible. This extra layer of rubber over the buttons seems to be quite resistant to regular wear and use and it doesn’t sacrifice its usability.

The Hublot King Power comes equipped with a high grade automatic mechanism, and so far it seems to be an accurate and reliable timepiece. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t notice any deviations in its time keeping capabilities. As a final note, the materials used on this watch seem to be extremely resistant, providing a noticeable resistance when worn daily.

Overall, the watch is a very decent replica of the original Hublot King Power Foudroyante. It has enough features and technical sophistication to spark the interest of most watch enthusiasts. Its strong, unique, masculine design is extraordinary if you are into modern sports timepieces; or hideous if you like small and subtle watches. But the main benefit is that, even though it replicates one of the most exclusivist design on the planet, its quality classifies it as a mirror image of the real thing. If you’re willing to overlook a few legitimate flaws, it could be an excellent addition to your collection.

Replica Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna

The Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna is a limited edition watch launched in 2010 in a modest number of 500 pieces and it celebrates the 50th birthday of Ayrton Senna, Brazil’s most famous racing pilot. It is basically a high-performance split-second chronograph watch which is addressed to Formula 1 fans around the world. This timepiece is associated with speed, action and extreme accuracy.

Genuine Hublot watch

Genuine Hublot watch

Let’s start with the similarities between the original dial and the one of this replica. The power reserve indicator at 6 o’clock is designed like the Formula 1 timers and it shows the different stages of the reserve in green, blue, and red. Brazil’s bright yellow flag color is used to sign Ayrton Senna’s name on the black and complex dial, more exactly at 9 where the small seconds are located, and also to color the hour markers.  What is obviously different is the color of the hours, minutes and seconds markers. On the authentic watches all of these are yellow, but on the replica the hour markers are black and the minutes and seconds markers are white.

King Power Replica

King Power Replica

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 5

The design of extra-large case features a high quality chronograph mechanism designed to keep accurate time. The original watch has a very precise and durable case crafted from carbon fiber, a material very often used in Formula 1. This replica isn’t made of the same carbon fiber, but from a black PVD material which imitates very accurately the look and sturdiness of the original carbon fiber. The texture of the case, just like of the genuine one, is similar to the checkered Formula 1 flag and in my opinion it brings a touch of youthfulness to the whole design of the watch. If you take a look at the bezel you will notice that it presents very small holes which remember of the F1 brake disk. This is a technical detail with a high significance for fans of the racing legend: Ayrton Senna.

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 17

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 16

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 18

The design of the back looks very authentic. When you check this side of the case you see a laser-engraved vintage looking portrait of Ayrton Senna outlined by the same bright yellow color and with “KING POWER” written below.  All these details are surrounded by the same representative and very small threaded screws, by the text “LIMITED HUBLOT GENEVE EDITION” in bright yellow, and by serial number and batch number of this piece. Once again, the back is very well replicated. There are no noticeable differences.

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 9

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 10

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 11

The original watch has a strap made from Nomex, a synthetic fiber usually used to make suits for F1 drivers, while the band of this replica is made from a very durable rubber. I have to admit that this particular type of rubber manages to imitate very nicely the look of authentic Nomex.

Replica hublot king power ayrton senna 7

The Hublot King Power is well known for its durability and sturdiness and this limited edition model is also built to respect these strict requirements. This watch is adored by people around the world due to its strong connections with Formula 1, racing legend Ayrton Senna, Brazil and high end time keeping devices. Only fortunate watch collectors afford the luxury of owning such a watch. It is a masterpiece of both history and horology.