Omega De Ville Hour Vision Replica

Another remarkable product from Omega, the De Ville Hour Vision 431.63.41.21 is an exceptional watch that has become popular with watch lovers from all over the world. It is an authentic timepiece that many consider the flagship design of the brand. The watch smartly ingeniously combines outstanding aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to give a wristwatch that is not only technologically advanced but is also fashionable.

gold omega watch with brown leather band

Authentic Omega

Omega De Ville Hour Vision replica watch


  • Gender: Unisex/men’s watch
  • Case material: Red Gold/Rose Gold
  • Clasp: Fold Clasp
  • Power reserve: 60 h
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Caliber: Co-axial 8501
  • Bracelet material: Leather
  • Bezel material: Red gold/Rose gold
  • Dial color: Silver
  • Water proof: 100m
  • Case diameter: 41mm
  • Glass: Sapphire glass
  • Buckle Material: Rose gold/Red gold
  • Chronometer
  • Display back
  • Luminescent hands
  • Date area
  • Luminous indexes

chocolate Omega fake watch dial


Omega De Ville Vision watch owes it popularity to a number of brilliant features.

omega see through case

See-through Case: The watch comes with a 360 degree see-through case. The nifty design allows a splendid view of the watch’s most essential features including the hands and the date area. Its sapphire crystal sides allows light that illuminates the dial to give the wearer a nice view.

watch hands and markings

Luminescent hands: The luminescent hands of the watch are a particularly essential feature considering the fact that they make the watch easy to read. The feature also allows the wearer to read the watch even under dim lighting.

fake gold omega watch clasp

Leather Bracelet: The De Ville Hour Vision is a gorgeous timepiece that comes with an elegant leather bracelet. The bracelet has been designed to bring out the sophistication and beauty of the watch. It has also been designed to ensure the complete comfort of the wearer. It is a durable material that is sure to last for long without losing its elegance.

Clasp: Another nifty feature of the De Ville Hour Vision is the sturdy clasp. It has been specially designed to not only fasten the watch effectively but also to be comfortable on the wearer. The aesthetics of the clasp is also quite astonishing.

watch dial with date window

Other Features: The 60 h power reserve of the watch is another feature that makes it an exceptional timepiece. It works for extended periods of time without having to worry about power. It has also been designed to be waterproof, a feature that protects it from any damage that can be caused by moisture or water.


The Omega De Ville Hour Vision 431.63.41.21 is definitely a wristwatch worth owning. It boasts of numerous elegant features that makes it a one of a king accessory. It has been built to ensure high levels of accuracy with impeccable functionality. It has been built to the best of standards with regards to both functionality and elegance. They are also comfortable when worn.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

Seamaster Planet Ocean watch is one of the most robust Omega diver’s watches. Waterproof to up to 600 meters with 43.5 mm size dial, this timepiece is a great addition to any watch aficionados collection. Genuine watch is powered by 8900 caliber movement announced in at Baselworld 2015, designated ‘Master Chronometer’, made in-house by Omega. You can see this beautiful made mechanism through a transparent back case. This mechanism is an upgraded version of the 8500B movement from previous Omega Seamaster models.

Genuine Omega Seamaster black watch

Genuine Omega Seamaster


My replica has some kind of Chinese automatic movement. You can’s see it unless you open the case because case cover is not see-through like in authentic watch. This is the first error on this fake Omega watch. First of so many errors. I don’t really care for the movement. I don’t buy knockoffs because of their mechanism quality, but solid case cover is a dead giveaway of a replica.

blac kdial, steel band omega imitation watch

Authentic watch has 60 hours power reserve, my replica – only 24 hours.


Dial size of my replica is 43.5mm, exactly like the original. For untrained eye, the watch might look like a good imitation, but unfortunately, it’s not.

43.5mm Omega seamaster replica watch black dial

There are numerous errors on dial:

  • Seamaster marking under Omega logo should be orange color. My replica has it in white font.
  • Same thing with 600m / 2000 ft markings. It’s white instead of orange color.
  • 6, 9, 12 hour markings are not as orange as on authentic watch.
  • Date window background is white instead of black

co-axial Master chronometer markings on fake omega watch dial

The Uni-directional rotating stainless steel bezel of my Omega replica is surprisingly good. All the markings are correct and even the luminous dot at 12 o’clock is right size. I’m not sure if it’s ceramic, but it feels right to the touch, so I don’t really care what it’s made of.

Seamaster Replica Bezel

Case, Band and Clasp

The band and case are heavy, made of solid steel. Helium-escape valve is there and it’s possible to push it, but it’s obviously doesn’t do anything. I was actually advised by the seller that this watch is not waterproof.

Fake Omega helium button

The clasp is not adjustable, like on genuine Omega and the marking should have only Omega logo, instead of Omega Seamaster Professional.

Omega Replica Seamaster watch clasp


The only 2 good things in this replica are weight and bezel. Rest of the watch is riddled with errors like wrong color font, wrong clasp markings, no see-through caseback…etc.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Replica

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M was designed as a professional divers’ watch, ready for extreme accuracy and reliability, a watch prepared to set the highest standards for the entire sports watch industry. Its bold stylishness and impressive mechanism are a testimony of a unique way of life and also speak of the incredible power of the legendary movie hero, James Bond.

Planet Ocean Replica Dial

The Seamaster Planet Ocean was launched at the 2005 Basel World watch show, and since then it has grown into the Omega’s leading sport watch line. It actually got into the spotlight so fast because in Quantum of Solace Daniel Craig made the drastic choice of going from the blue dial Omega Seamaster to the black dial. Its incredible evolution is also determined by its remarkable underwater capabilities making it perfect for swimming and diving. The Seamaster Professional collection was used in every Bond’s movie and it represents James Bond’s sophisticated style, thirst for action, determination and confidence. Bond’s image consists of a luxury Omega wristwatch, an expensive car, a perfectly tailored suit and a powerful gun. Wearing an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is a proof of your success and power.

Dial Spelling

This model has a scratch-resistant mineral crystal and an elegant black dial with a date window at the 3 o’clock position. You will notice its arrow head shaped hands which seem to be a very successful merge of the Omega Broad Arrow and the very distinctive Aqua Terra hands. Also, the markers and hands are luminescent allowing you to easily tell the time even in the dark. The unidirectional rotating divers’ bezel is mounted on a 42 mm stainless steel case on a black leather band with orange stiches.


The Planet Ocean 600m comes in a smaller size than its previous models, but I must confess that the 42 mm version has the same extra-large size and feel. It is a well-designed watch, finely crafted and with an incredible sturdiness. This watch is available both with a stainless steel bracelet and with a leather strap, but I personally prefer the leather strap out of esthetic and usability considerations. The leather is of very good quality, actual real leather, and it feels quite resistant and smooth. If you are not familiar with the closing system of the Omega leather straps then you may experience some confusion at the beginning, but with a little bit of patience you will manage to correctly insert the leather end into the buckle part. Opening the claps will turn out to be extremely easy due to its two safety buttons.

Back Case View

While the case design of the Planet Ocean is very similar to the Seamaster Professional, there are still small variations such as the smaller dial size and the winding crown on the right hand side of the case which is significantly larger and easier to use than the previous version. The Omega logo is also perfectly replicated on the top of the winding crown reaffirming the authenticity of this timepiece. On the back you will recognize the very famous Omega “Sea Horse” logo, a symbol for the extreme water resistance of the Omega Seamaster collection. Around this distinctive emblem the back is engraved with “PLANET OCEAN Professional 600m/2000ft”, reassuring its owner of the value and outstanding performances of this watch. Still, I am more than aware of the fact that my replica isn’t recommended for such extreme water exposure and as much as possible I will avoid water contact to extend the life span of this very beautiful imitation Omega watch.

Helium Crown

The inside mechanism is a Japanese Miyota with 21 jewels, a very reliable and accurate movement. So far it seems to keep good time and I am quite satisfied with it. The power reserve is of 24-36 hours. I have been wearing it for about 4-8 hours per day within the past few weeks and I must say that I am impressed with its time keeping capabilities.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean enriches the heritage of the Seamaster Professional line, and has a better position within the highly contested luxury sport watch segment. I personally adore the esthetics of this model and I am delighted with how incredibly stylish and modern it looks with its daring black leather band with orange stiches. After wearing this replica and testing its performances I feel obliged to recommend it to all watch collectors who are interested in owning a beautiful and authentic looking luxury imitation timepiece.

Bond Omega Replica

Since 2002 when Omega celebrated the 40th anniversary of the famous James Bond movies with a special edition Seamaster model, every new 007 movie is accompanied by the launch of a special edition timepiece. The 40th anniversary Omega was sold in a number of 10,007 watches and its release date coincided with the premiere of Die Another Day, the seventh James Bond movie to feature an Omega.

Genuine Omega 007

Genuine Omega 007

The Die Another Day limited edition watch was available in a special packaging and it was sold out instantly.  Watch collectors and James Bond fans from all around the world want to own one. Everyone loves it and I am not an exception. I particularly like how the special markings blend with the unique design of the dial. For example, below the usual inscription of ‘Seamaster Professional Chronograph’ it has the classic and much-loved 007 logo with the gun, the one where a pistol barrel sprouts out of the number seven, which doubles as the grip of the weapon. This is a very subtle reminder that the whole design is dedicated to the very famous Bond action movie.  The same logo repeats itself all over the dial creating a very fashionable pattern-like effect. The rear case is not that subtle tough. It has a very clear and visible text stating what is more than obvious to any connoisseur: ‘40 Years of James Bond – Limited Series’ and the serial number engraved at the 6 o’clock position.  Comparing the replica with the original watch, I honestly cannot see any differences on the dial, bezel or back case. The replica follows flawlessly the original design and its markings.

Fake Omega Seamaster 007 1

Fake Omega Seamaster 007 2

It also features a very unique bracelet, another reminder that this timepiece is no ordinary Seamaster. It is the first from a priceless series of watches dedicated to the 007 phenomenon, a series of watches that any collector would die to own. The band is made of links segmented in 5 rows, three brushed and two elegantly polished on the outer part. It looks like a very classy bracelet, a true piece of jewelry.  The clasp also features the iconic 007 gun logo underneath the “Omega Seamaster Professional” text.  I have examined the replica from all possible angles and it seems to have a perfect imitation band. The bracelet has the same design and the links are very nicely crafted. There are no sharp edges, no smudges or visible defects. It has the same shine and look as the genuine one. Also, all the correct markings are present on the band and clasp.

Fake Omega Seamaster 007 5

Fake Omega Seamaster 007 4

Fake Omega Seamaster 007 3

On this 007 watch the right side winding crown is designed to set the time and date. I was delighted to see that the crown of my replica works correctly and that the date function is also functional. If you look at it from a close range you will see the Omega logo on the top of the winding crown, another correct authenticity marking.  I’ve noticed that the functionality of the left side button is very different than the one of the real watch. This button was supposed to be the helium release valve. It is a feature that all diving watches have and it is present on most Omega Seamaster models. The replica has the button and it looks real, but it is just for show. It doesn’t do anything and the most important thing: you can’t dive with this watch. It is not recommended for swimming or diving. This is the big downside when it comes to this flawlessly cloned James Bond 40 Years Anniversary model. It looks just like the real thing, but any water sports are out of the question and I simply love water sports. Oh, well…for its price I guess I can survive with this shortcoming.

In my opinion this replica is one of the best Omega Seamaster clones I have seen so far. It respects the original design, it uses the same materials, features all the correct logos and serial numbers, and most important it feels very real.

Fake Omega Seamaster White Ceramic

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White is a very stylish watch which enjoys the entire technical particularities specific to this range of high end luxury watches, as well as the advantages of a fashion forward jewelry. It is a new version of the Planet Ocean with a more modern touch. The esthetic enhancements include a smooth white dial, a polished white ceramic bezel and a fancy white leather strap. A watch dominated by the very fashionable and classy white color, the perfect choice both for a stylish woman and for an elegant man.

Genuine Omega Seamaster

Genuine Omega Seamaster

Upon a close inspection, this replica, has all the typical characteristics of the Planet Ocean family, such as a solid and sturdy stainless steel case,  a very resistant ceramic uni-directional rotating bezel, luminescent hands and markers, and of course a beautiful leather strap. All these complete an overall authentic look and give you the feeling that you are holding the real thing. Still, let’s take a closer look and see what the discrepancies are.

Omega Seamaster Replica

Omega Seamaster Replica

Ceramic Omega Seamaster Replica 2

At first glance we encounter only similarities: the dial is of the same clear white color, the hour markers are the same font and sizes, and the „Omega Seamaster Professional” and „Co-axial Chronometer 600/2000 ft.” writing on the dial are perfectly replicated. Furthermore, I have checked it from all possible angles and I was amazed to see that the unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel is flawlessly replicated. What ruins this almost perfectly imitated dial is the date window. On the original one it is placed next to the shorter 3 o’clock hour marker, like a continuation of this marker. On this replica it is separated from the 3 o’clock marker by a considerable distance. When you compare the authentic watch and the knock-off you clearly see this difference from the start. Another very visible flaw on the dial is the luminescent filling of the hands. This glow in the dark inside should perfectly follow the shape of each hand, instead on my clone watch the luminescent inside is shaped like two arrows facing opposite directions. For the trained eye it is quite visible.

Ceramic Omega Seamaster Replica 3

Ceramic Omega Seamaster Replica 4

I have to admit that the back of the case is beautifully crafted. The famous Seamaster horse is perfectly cloned, and the text engraved on the back cover is finished flawlessly. The replica also has the anti-counterfeit logo on the outer part of the back, and the serial number engraved into the rear of the lugs. Everything about the back of this watch is carefully replicated so that it follows the original design even in the smallest detail.

The first thing I’ve noticed about this knock-off was how smooth everything operates. The crown unwinds beautifully; the date and time also work very smooth. Setting the time and date on this replica feels as natural as it does on the authentic Omega. In addition, I think the white leather strap is in perfect balance with the dial and bezel making the watch look particularly bold on my wrist, as opposed to a stainless steel bracelet that usually fades into the background. I also have to mention the fact that the winding crown carries the authenticity logo of the Omega brand completing the overall authentic look of this imitation timepiece.

In conclusion I am quite content with this replica. It has all the basic authenticity details and markings and it also respects the original design. A part from a couple of minor flaws it is a well-constructed replica and it serves its purpose well. I was craving for the Seamaster Planet Ocean White Ceramic model since it was first launched by the Omega Company and I am now very happy to have one just for myself.