Each time we hear the word „luxury” we feel like we’re being hypnotized. This concept has a very powerful effect on us, and Qualitywatcheshq.com is very aware of this. It tempts us with the most luxurious and beautiful replica designer watches on the planet, and undeniably we are more than fascinated by the idea of enriching our watches collection with a new gorgeous fake timepiece.


This company sells only Swiss movement watches, which shows that it is focused on quality. Japanese automatic mechanism replica watches are not available on this online site. And the prices aren’t over the top either. Most of these fake timepieces cost about $400-$700. Another important thing to determine the quality of the products is the pictures which appear to be of the actual merchandise. The photos are of very high clarity and show the knockoffs from numerous angles, illustrating how accurate these replicas really are.

Usability and Design of the Site:

The website looks simple, modern and elegant. Plus, it has an enhanced usability and a very friendly appearance. It simply invites you to discover all of its beautiful fake watches.


Qualitywatcheshq.com accepts payment by Visa and Mastercard. These are really the only payment methods you want to use when buying replica watches online because card transactions are the most secure ones.


My numerous online purchases of replica watches have showed me that good customer care is everything. There are so many things that can go wrong with an order, even if it is not due to the seller that it is essential to be able to contact the store when this is needed. This is why I recommend you to never ever buy anything online until you are able to contact Customer Care and confirm that these people are reputable and responsive. Unfortunately, Qualitywatcheshq.com can be reached only by contact form, which I do not consider a very responsive communication channel.


The orders are being shipped with EMS and it usually takes about 7 business days to receive a package. All the orders are sent with a working tracking number and the delivery is free of charge. I always prefer companies that offer free shipping because it shows that they are into building a strong and positive relationship with its customers.

Return Policy:

Qualitywatcheshq.com provides a 3 days return policy for all its replica watches. Within the first 3 days from the delivery you can choose to send the items back and request a refund, replacement or exchange if you are not happy with the order. Of course, all the return costs must be paid by the customer. Another important thing here is the one month free repairs warranty. If you notice any manufacturing defects on your replica watch, do not waste time. Contact the company at once to send the product back for servicing.


The element of originality of this company is the fact that it only sells Swiss movement replica watches. Besides this, the store has a nice website, free delivery, a return policy, one month repairs warranty and a very large collection of replica watches. What I do not like about it are the lack of alternatives for card payments, poor product photos, high prices and an unprofessional customer service.

Rolex GMT Master Replica

You don’t have to be a Rolex expert to know that the Rolex GMT-Master II red and blue bezel is one of the most iconic sports watches in the world. You probably know it by the name GMT “Pepsi bezel”, a reference to the bezel’s color scheme. In 2014 Rolex has released the new and improved version of the GMT Master II and by doing so it has once more reminded us how easy it is to turn a classic Rolex into a modern and trendy watch.

The Rolex GMT Master II is a technical marvel, one that was first launched in the mid 1950s. It was mostly an aviation watch and its red and blue bezel was inspired by PanAm airlines who was actively supporting Rolex developing their two-times zone GMT sports model. The American aviation company needed a wristwatch capable of displaying multiple time zones at the same time. It was an essential instrument for their pilots during transatlantic flights. Not just PanAm pilot wore the Rolex GMT-Master, but also US Air Force pilots, NASA astronauts and serial jet-setters.

Fake GMT Master watch with pepsi bezel

Fake GMT Master

There haven’t been many improvements to this watch over the decades, but the version that was launched in 2014 brings some very interesting novelties. One of them is the fact that it has a bi-color ceramic bezel. You see, it is very difficult to produce ceramic in lighter colors, like red. This was actually the world’s first red ceramic bezel, a huge achievement for Rolex at that time.

authentic Rolex GMT Master watch with black dial and blue and red bezel

Genuine GMT Master

Unquestionably, the Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi bezel is a very beautiful and exciting model. It is the kind of wristwatch that gets everyone’s attention when you step into a room. From watches aficionados to less experienced fans, they all agree that its looks, functionality and quality are unrivaled. And if you were thinking about getting your very own Rolex GMT Master II then below you will find a very useful review for my latest GMT Master II Pepsi bezel replica.

rolex date window opening


The Rolex GMT Master II is famous for its sleek, clean and hypnotic dial. Inspired by the famed Submariner, the dial of the GMT Master II epitomizes simplicity and elegance in its purest form. Its mate finish black dial is in perfect contrast with the highly legible luminescent hour markers that make it possible to read the time even in the harshest lightning conditions. There is nothing too spectacular about its design, but somehow it has the ideal proportions and balance between sophistication and classic beauty. At the 3 o’clock position there is a date window with a 2.5X magnifying lens that displays the date over a white background. As the GMT Master II is supposed to display a second time zone, it has an additional red hours hand that is used to show the time from a different time zone. If you examine the photos of my replica GMT Pepsi you will see that there are no differences between the dial of the original one and the one of my knockoff. Everything is exactly the same, the hour markers, the hands, the logos and writing, even the font used for the date window. I am very impressed with the way this dial was cloned.


Rolex has always manufactured its GMT Master II models with a 40 mm case. The 2014 model has the same case size, but its good looks are accentuated by thicker lugs and crown guards. This makes it seem bigger on the wrist. Furthermore, this model is manufactured exclusively from 18 k white gold which makes it one of the priciest Rolex watches ever and one of the heaviest as well. Wearing this watch implies serious effort and training. It takes a few good days to get used to its weight. And last, but not least, as opposed to all the previous GMTs that had a small twinlock crown, this newer version comes with a large triplock crown. The replica in these pictures has the same 40 mm case, larger winding crown, thicker lugs and crown guards. But obviously, it isn’t manufactured from 18 k white gold, but from solid stainless steel. From my point of view, it is actually better because you can wear the watch without being overwhelmed by the exaggerated weight of 18 k gold. And, another thing, my knockoff comes with a sapphire crystal, the same as the authentic watch.

fake Rolex logo on dial

replica Rolex etched crown on crystal


The Rolex GMT Master II red and blue bezel comes with a Rolex in house movement called 3186 calibre, developed and produced exclusively by the company. This superior movement allows you to set the 24 hour hand so that it displays a second time zone. Other technical details regarding this movement are: the Parachrom hairspring that enhances excellent resistance to temperature variations and shocks, a bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor and a 48 hours power reserve. As expected, my replica watch doesn’t have the same extraordinary self-winding mechanism. Instead, it comes with a pretty decent Japanese automatic movement that is quite accurate and provides the second time zone function as well.

stainles steel watch case


Just as the authentic Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi, my replica comes with an oyster style, flat three piece links bracelet that features the folding Oysterlock safety clasp that has the easylink 5 mm comfort extension link. It practically glides to make the band a little bit bigger. The bracelet looks very elegant and feels amazing on the wrist. What is not the same on my knockoff is the material used to make it. Mine is manufactured from solid stainless steel whereas the genuine bracelet is made from 18k white gold. It is a wide known fact that the Pepsi GMT Master is one of the most expensive watches on Earth due to its exclusive use of 18 k white gold. The watch costs over $40,000.

rolex knockoff winding crown

The Rolex GMT Master II was initially designed as a utilitarian watch for professional air pilots, but over the decades it has become one of the most popular and expensive wristwatches ever made. Its rugged looks and functionality has attracted a wide audience, from experienced globetrotters to fashion enthusiastic. Its versatile appearance, ability of displaying two different time zones and innovations make it the perfect timepiece for the modern man. I had all these things in mind when I decided to order my very own replica of the GMT Pepsi and now I am very happy I did so. The imitation watch is very authentic looking. The only “major” difference is in the hour and minute hands. It works very nice and has a very robust feel to it.

Rolex Submariner Replica Review

The Rolex Submariner is acknowledged worldwide as the absolute diver’s watch. It is the timepiece that rewrote history of modern watches and is considered the ultimate symbol in its genre. Never has a watch possessed the design and qualities needed for conquering both the sea and the land. In the depth of the sea it is the quintessential diver’s instrument and at the surface it is known as a device of action.   The Rolex Submariner wears the supreme crown when it comes to water resistance capabilities and the refinement of its design.

I have to be honest with you and admit from the start that I truly love the esthetics of the Rolex Submariner. Everything is perfectly designed and constructed so that this beautiful watch looks fabulous on your wrist. Just take a look at the dial and you will understand what I mean. The color is of the most gorgeous blue I have ever seen. It is the kind of blue that reminds you of deep blue ocean. This superb harmony is completed by the white and silver of the hour markers and hands. The overall appearance is of an elegant and modern watch destined for watch passionate people of all ages.

Fake Rolex Submariner

Fake Rolex Submariner

The Cyclops lens over the date respects the perfect balance between the intense blue dial and the delicate white accents by precisely magnifying the date and its clear white background.  Over this flawless design you find a clear sapphire crystal acting as a scratch proof layer between the roughness of the outside world and the delicate perfection lying on the inside of the Rolex Submariner. The bezel rotates unidirectional and fancies the same color scheme. Also, if you take a closer look you will notice the Rolex name engraved all around the inside of the dial and the famous laser etched crown on the crystal over the 6 o’clock marker.

I must admit that the well-known Oyster band on this fake Rolex Submariner is very well made on this model. The stainless steel is sturdy and heavy. Very nice polished on the edges. It feels and looks great. I was surprised to see how easy the retaining clasp works. It doesn’t get stuck in and you don’t need to break a couple of nails just to open it. The classic Rolex crown is delicately shaped in the clasp and has a functional purpose, not merely a decorative one. It is the part that you pull when opening the band. What I don’t like is that the dive suit extension isn’t built into the clasp. All genuine Rolex Submariner watches have it and a good replica should also present this feature. Normally you don’t need one, but it still is an authenticity marking and not having it makes your imitation watch vulnerable to the more experimented eye.

A modern touch of this model is its particularly oversized Triplock crown. If you look closely at the winding crown you will see the Rolex crown symbol and 3 small dots. The 3 dots symbolize the Triplock capability which represents the extensive water resistance of the original Submariner, up to 300 meters.  Of course, this being a replica, you can simply admire and enjoy the fact that it replicates with high accuracy all the details of the genuine watch, but you have to face the truth and understand that this watch isn’t suitable for deep diving. In addition, the watch has a screw down winding crown which allows you to set both the time and date by changing from one mode to the other. Rolex Company is well known for its winding crowns- complex in functionality and still very natural to use.

Genuine Rolex Submariner

Genuine Rolex Submariner

What are the main differences between this watch and the original one? I have noticed two main differences. The first one is the absence of the dive suit extension. The dive suit extension is the holes on the sides of the claps that allow you to adjust the size of the band without removing or adding links to the bracelet. It is very useful when you are diving with the watch and you want to wear it over your diving suit. And this takes us to the second difference: the water resistance of the watch. The original one is recommended for diving while this replica isn’t. The maximum recommended water exposure is to the rain or to a few splashes of water while washing your hands. These are the basic difference I have noticed so far. From my point of view, the rest of the watch looks and feels just like the real one does.

Blue Rolex Submariner 3

Blue Rolex Submariner 5

Blue Rolex Submariner 6

Blue Rolex Submariner 4

Blue Rolex Submariner 2

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular watches around the world. Over time, due to its design and outstanding diving functions it became the number one choice for numerous watch collectors and professional divers. It is the watch that started as a precise diving instrument and evolved to be a luxury fashion jewelry, the object of our adoration and desires.  I for one, I absolutely love it and consider it to be the ultimate designer timepiece, a masterpiece in the world of precise time keeping devices.


No question about it, Rolex is one of the most desired and appreciated watches brands in the world. It is synonymous with success, luxury, quality and innovation. There are no limits for what this watchmaker can achieve and he proves it with every single watch it launches. Every watch enthusiast in this world is dying to wear a Rolex on his wrist and this kind of fame attracts an unbelievable price. Such a timepiece costs a fortune, literally. When confronted with the fact that they will never afford this kind of watch many people turn to replicas for help. These imitation timepieces have an authentic looking design and a very similar automatic movement, but the best part is that they come at a price that is affordable to everyone. As a consequence, there are many stores online that offer Rolex replicas with the promise of an identical appearance, high quality and low price.

rolexreplica.uk.net print screen

Rolexreplica.uk.net is one of the few replica watches stores that have enough courage to focus on just one brand. Usually these types of websites carry an impressively selection of famous designers. But this one is determined to offer only Rolex fakes, an initiative that any Rolex fan will surely appreciate. And the collection is huge. Here we find over 4,000 different models, ranging from the most popular ones to the less known designs. One thing I have to admit, you need to have a lot of patience to browse all of these Rolex categories. Luckily there is an advanced search available which allows you to filter the endless items by gender, strap material, strap color, dial color and movement.

Besides the very rich selection of Rolex fake timepieces, Rolexreplica.uk.net does not impress me much. It is that common looking website that doesn’t leave an impression on you, largely because its aesthetics is dull and cheap looking. The color scheme is white and black, there is a simple slim black menu bar on top with links to the most popular Rolex categories like Air King, DateJust, DayDate, Daytona and Submariner. In the left side of the screen there is a list with all the available collections whereas in the center there is a medium size static banner. Below it there are numerous sponsored products.

The Rolex replica watches displayed on this website are organized into three main movement types: Asia Automatic, Swiss Automatic and Japanese Quartz. The price of the knockoffs is very much influenced by their inside mechanism. For instance, the ones equipped with an Asia Automatic movement cost about 70 GBP to 100 GBP. Yes, all the prices are displayed in GBP. The ones that come with a Japanese Quartz movement are actually Rolex wall clocks and these cost about 150 GBP. And of course, the most expensive replicas are the Swiss Automatic models which range between 200 GBP and 400 GBP.

Now it’s time to focus on the pictures of these Rolex replicas and I am disappointed to say that these are of very poor quality. The first thing that is very upsetting is the fact that the photos were taken in at least 3 different studios. Some have a white background, some have a gray one and other have a black setting. The thing is that this shows that the company does not have its own product pictures. These were clearly copied from different websites, catalogs or suppliers. And the really sad thing is that we can’t trust that what we see in the photos is what it will send us. Other things that I do not like about the pictures is that these are very small, the clarity is low and they are watermarked with a different website name- Luxshop.su.

black rolex submariner image on dark background

To see how accurate looking these Rolex replica watches are I decided to choose a Rolex Submariner without date with black dial and stainless steel case as example. The first difference between the original and the replica hit me instantly. Right on the dial, the most visible part of a watch you can see a very obvious mistake. The hour markers used on the knockoff are not the iconic Submariner Maxi-Dial hour indexes. This mix of round, rectangular and triangular shaped markers are a bit bigger, whiter and better outlined than the ones used on the replica. The same thing goes for the markings on the bezel, especially for the white dot located on the 12 o’clock triangle. As far as the winding crown, crown guards, case and bracelet go, these are very authentic looking. I like that the stainless steel case and bracelet are completely polished just like the genuine Rolex Submariner.

genuine black rolex submariner on white background

Unfortunately Rolexreplica.uk.net doesn’t offer that many payment options as one may think. In fact, the only available method is credit card which isn’t very reassuring. The company is able to process only Visa and Mastercard. There are no other options available like Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Gram or Paypal. But the really bad thing is that the Internet page where you are supposed to enter your card details isn’t secured. It does not have the https at the beginning meaning that anyone can access and steal the information you are entering online.

You may be delighted to find out that this company ships its orders free of charge worldwide. Yes, that’s right! It doesn’t matter how big, heavy your order is or how remote your delivery address may be, your package will be delivered at your door steps without a shipping charge. That’s really something, isn’t it? The shipping carrier used for sending out the orders is EMS or regular mail and the estimated delivery time is about 7-14 business days. Also, you will be provided with a tracking number.

Regarding the return and exchange policy, it seems that customers have 14 days to see if they like the replica watch or not and decide to return it. It is important to know that the products which have been worn cannot be returned for refund or exchange, only the ones that have no wear marks and still have their original packaging. All the return shipping fees need to be paid by the customer and there is a 0-40 GBP restocking fee applied for exchanges. If the watch breaks then you can choose to repair it under the terms and conditions of the 180 days repairs warranty. This means that only manufacturing defects are covered. Water damages, wear and tear marks or defects caused by other external factors are not covered by the repairs warranty.

In this case, we can’t really talk about customer services because from my point of view these are completely unavailable. Rolexreplica.uk.net isn’t that concerned about offering to its customers the best services or shopping experience out there. The company only has a modest Contact Form that can be used for sending messages. It does not provide a valid telephone number, email address or a Live Chat service. This is as low as it gets when it comes to customer care.

Rolexreplica.uk.net is not such an inspired choice for buying Rolex replicas online. The store is completely indifferent when it comes to customer services, secure and reliable payment methods and the quality of its product photos. These are aspects that raise serious concerns for e-shoppers regarding the company’s reputability. The only good things about the website are the low prices, large collection of Rolex fakes, free worldwide delivery and the return policy.


There is no watches brand out there as popular and prestigious as Rolex. This famous watchmaker has a very long tradition in crafting exquisite timepieces that enrich their beauty and value as time goes by. For those enthusiasts who can’t help themselves from wanting a Daytona, DayDate or Submariner replica, Hellorolex.info offers a very large collection of best-selling models at very appealing prices. But if this merchant is reputable or not, well, this is a whole different problem- one that will be thoroughly discussed below.

HelloRolex Swiss Replicas International

One of the best assets of Hellorolex.info is that it has such an elegant and professional looking website. Its aesthetics suggests a friendly merchant who would go all lengths to provide customer satisfaction. The color scheme is blue, white and gray, and there are no flashy elements. It only has a simple tops side menu bar with blue buttons for the most important product categories, a left side list with the available brands, a sliding banner in the center of the page and a couple sponsored products below it. Everything is simple and neatly organized, thus enhancing the usability of the site.

The very interesting thing about this website is that even though it is called Hellorolex.info, it sells numerous other brands. In fact, the company carries a very large and diversified selection of extremely famous watches designers, such as Breitling, Omega, Cartier, D&G, Guess, Montblanc and many others. All of them are included in the left side menu bar from where you can start browsing the entire collection available on this site. Every brand is divided into sub-categories which are also organized by materials.

Hellorolex.info carries both 25 jewels Swiss ETA automatic movement replica watches and 21 jewels Japanese Miyota self-winding mechanism fake timepieces. The most affordable ones are the Japanese movement knockoffs which cost about $100-$150 and the most expensive ones are the Swiss movement replicas which are priced between $200-$400, depending on the complexity of the design and inside mechanism.

I like the fact that this company uses very good quality pictures that are clear enough to illustrate the most important parts and details of every single replica it sells. On each product page there are about 10-14 very detailed photos that were taken in a professional studio and present the knockoffs from every possible angle with a focus on the important parts and authenticity markings. The only thing that ruins the quality of the pictures is the fact that on a couple of images, instead of having the watermark “Hellorolex.info” there is the name “holatime.co”. This was probably one of the company’s former domains.

Surprisingly enough, this merchant offers a large array of payment options. The most recommended and preferred ones are credit card payments, and in this case the supported ones are Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. As you can imagine, card payments are the most secure options for ordering replicas online because your bank guarantees the integrity of the transaction. Also, the company offers alternatives to card payments which are- Bank Wire and Western Union. These are also some of the most popular and easy to use payment options.

I know, when you are buying replica watches online you are hoping to come across a reputable company that offers good quality products, low prices and ideally- speedy free delivery. I do not know about the first criteria, but one thing is for sure- Hellorolex.info does not offer speedy free delivery. Its free of charge shipping option means regular mail, without a tracking number and with an estimated delivery time of 15-20 business days. This most often means more than a month which I do not recommend to anyone when buying replicas online. The other delivery options are EMS for $15 with an estimated delivery time of 7-14 business days and DHL for $35 with a 5-7 business days shipping time.

The company offers a satisfaction guarantee for all its replica watches. Within the first 14 days from the delivery it gives you the choice of returning the knockoff for a full refund or replacement, if you are not happy with it. The thing is that all the return costs must be paid by the customer and the products must be in their original conditions- unworn, undamaged. There is also a 180 days free repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects or movement problems.

Hellorolex.info offers a large range of communication channels for those who have inquiries about their products, policies and services, and need friendly and professional clarifications. Their agents can be contacted by live chat, Skype, MSN and by email. Even though I appreciate their efforts in providing such diverse options for communicating with their customers, I do think that using a Gmail account for replying to their customers’ questions is highly unprofessional and unsecure.

Hellorolex.info seems to have many Pros when it comes to buying its replica watches. Its main qualities are- the large collection of replica watches brands, the affordable prices, wide array of payment options, the 14 days return policy and the diversified communication options. The Cons are- not offering a speedy free delivery option, using an unprofessional Gmail account and the watermark of the different domain that can be noticed on some product pictures.

Black Gold Daytona

Rolex Daytona is a watch that does not need any introduction. This all times classic is well known for its impeccable style, sleek lines and extreme functionality. For many, it is a way of re-affirming their social status while for others it is a life-time dream came true. After all, who could honestly say that he wouldn’t love wearing such a luxurious and beautiful timepiece on his wrist?

genuine Diamond Daytona

Authentic Watch

It goes without saying; I am a big fan of Rolex Daytona watches. I can’t say with certainty when this passion begun or if I have a favorite color version, but one thing is for sure- I will never get enough of these extraordinary watches. I currently own three versions and the latest addition is the Rolex Daytona with black dial, diamond markers, gold case and black leather strap. This is also the most flashy and pretentious combo of all. I like it because you can style it up with an office suit or a tuxedo when you are attending a formal event, but it also looks great with a white polo shirt and simple pants.

Fake Rolex Daytona Dial

The trick to buying a very authentic looking Rolex Daytona replica watch is to carefully examine all the design details. Even if you are buying it online, there are many things a picture can tell you about its quality that it would really be a shame to buy it without taking at least a couple of hours to compare the design of the fake watch with the one of the original Daytona.

watch side view

In this case, I always start with the dial. This part of the watch is the most complex one and it includes so many things that could give you away. First of all, the dial should be completely black and have a matte finish. It must not have any visible defects, scratches, discolorations or stains. Then check out the lettering. Rolex uses a special font and color for this model and even the smallest difference means that anyone could be able to tell that it is a fake. The hour markers are also very complex. At 12 o’clock we have the Rolex crown logo, at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock there are the numbers 15, 30 and 45. For the rest of the markers it uses square shaped diamonds with a gold outline.

view of replica watch from above

The iconic mark of Rolex Daytona watches is the 3 small chronographs that are positioned at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. These need to have the following indexes- 10, 20, 30 at the 3 o’clock small dial, 20, 40, 60 at the 6 o’clock dial and 3, 6, 9, 12 at the 9 o’clock one. These must be gold on black. Another thing you should do to be sure that what you are buying is what you really want is to contact the company and ask if these chronographs work or if they are just for show. Yes, many Rolex Daytona replica watches have decorative small dials that do not function. In most cases, the Swiss movement fake watches support the chronograph feature and are fully functional.

chronograph buttons & winding crown

When it comes to the crystal, this can be either mineral or sapphire. The best one is sapphire which is more resistant to scratches, daily wear and even accidentally hitting it against a hard object. Not all replica manufacturers use sapphire crystal because it is more expensive. Make sure you also ask about this and that the Rolex Daytona fake you are buying comes with a sapphire crystal.

The case and the bezel of a good quality Rolex Daytona fake watch must be made from solid stainless steel. Yes, even if the watch is gold color. The stainless steel is usually plated with triple wrapped gold plating which looks very genuine and is quite resistant.

band and clasp

Regarding the winding crown, this carries one of the most important authenticity markings- the triple-lock crown. This is represented by a small Rolex crown that has 3 dots beneath. These dots tell you how many rubber seals the watch has and to how many hundreds of meters it is water resistant. The original Daytona has the crown logo with 3 dots meaning 3 rubber seals and water resistant up to 300 meters. Of course, a replica isn’t recommended for swimming, but it must have the little crown with 3 dots in order to look authentic. A knockoff with 1, 2 dots or a line will look fake.

Other things you should really check out before buying an imitation Daytona online are the bezel, the leather strap and the clasp. The bezel should have a polished surface and all the correct indexes while the leather band should be black and have also black stitches. Some poor replicas come with stitching. This is a huge mistake. Also, on the clasp there must be the small raised Rolex logo.

I am sure that by following these tips you can very easily find a very good quality and authentic looking Rolex Daytona replica watch. You just need to have patience and a pronounced attention to detail. And after you get the beautiful knockoff you will finally understand why it isn’t worth paying over $10,000 for the real thing.


Are you ready for discovering a new replica watches store that carries a wide range of beautiful designer timepieces at very affordable prices? If you are then you may want to read the below review of JoinWatch.co.uk.

JoinWatch.co.uk does not even look like an online store. It rather looks like a blog. And frankly I do not understand how it can have such a sloppy and unfriendly appearance. It is probably because the homepage is too crowded with its oversized banner that features too many designer watches, the numerous large brads logos and the bulky texts. It isn’t such a complicated website, but it is too messy for my liking.

Best Quality Replica Watches UK

The menu is very simple and it has only the following buttons- Information, Men’s Watches, Ladies’ Watches and Categories. Of course, the collection is impressive and when you click on one of these buttons a new page loads where you see in the left side of the screen an endless list of watch brands. Even though each category has an impressive number of different designs, browsing through all of them isn’t that tiresome because these are very neatly organized into sub collections. Each one lists about 100 items so you really do not feel the need of an Advanced Search option.

JoinWatch.co.uk carries replica watches with both Japanese automatic movement and Swiss ETA automatic mechanism. Of course, there is a considerable price difference between these two types of qualities. The less expensive ones are the Japanese fake watches which are equipped with a 21 jewels Miyota movement. These cost about $130-$200. The Swiss replica watches are pricier. These are equipped with a 25 jewels ETA mechanism and cost about $250-$400.

I was impressed with the pictures I found on this website. Each image is very clear and has a high resolution. It is that type of professional and good quality photo that allows you to see every single detail of the product. Also, the merchant shows a very high attention for presenting all the important angles and parts of these replica watches. Things like the texture of the dial, the shine of the bezel, the logos on the clasp and caseback are nicely presented. The pictures are a very nice preview of the quality offered by this company.

The product description is also very well made. It is quite detailed and rich in relevant information regarding the design, functionality and materials used for making these fake watches.

JoinWatch.co.uk ships packages worldwide and offers 4 shipping choices. These options are Hong Kong Post which is free of charge and takes about 15-20 business days to deliver the package, EMS which costs about $12 and takes about 7-10 business days to arrive at your door, DHL for $30 and FEDEX for $35. The last two shipping carriers are the fastest ones available- the estimated delivery time is about 3-6 business days. Of course, all the paid shipping options will provide the customer with a tracking number.

The website supports a very wide range of payment methods. When you place an order on this online store you can choose to pay by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Transfer. I am always very glad to find a company that understands how important it is to offer as many payment options as possible. This makes it more easy to order from and convenient for online shoppers. What I do not like is the fact that the page where you enter your card details isn’t protected by a security certificate.

JoinWatch.co.uk provides a 180 days free repairs warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects, but will not allow you to repair your watch for free if it has water damages, battery failures, cracked crystal, scratches or broken outside parts. Sadly, the website does not say a thing about a return policy. It simply does not mention how many days you have from the delivery to send back the replica watch for a refund or replacement. Before you order from this store, please make sure you contact its customer care agents and find out more about its refund and exchange policies.

I see that there is a Live Chat button on the website, but when I have accessed the page this said “Offline”. I even tried to leave a message by clicking on it, but it said “Message cannot be sent to the Online Support because the email address was not specified by this Live Support account administrator.” This suggests that the Live Chat is only for show and that it doesn’t actually work. On the Contact Us page there is a phone number from China, a Gmail address, an MSN and a Skype ID. I have tried the phone number to see if anyone answers and to my surprise a very nice agent took my call and answered all my questions in a very friendly manner. She said that they are experiencing some technical problems with the Live Chat and this is why it currently isn’t working.

There is no such thing like the perfect fake watches store. This is something that you should never forget when it comes to ordering replica watches online. There are only websites that are either reputable or not. JoinWatch.co.uk seems to be pretty decent. It has really good product pictures, nice customer services, fair prices, numerous payment options and a free repairs warranty. What makes me feel reluctant about this company is the fact that the payment page isn’t secured and that it does not mention a thing about its return policy.


PureInTime.org is a very fancy replica watches online site. It has all the distinctive signs of a company that has a very long experience in selling fake timepieces: professional looking website, a diverse and large collection of knockoffs and a functional live chat service. Its store is a very elegant page that feels very friendly and easy to use. You almost can’t resist not shopping here.

The homepage is nicely structured offering us a pleasant view of its most important features. On the top menu bar we find the buttons for Special Offers, New Arrivals, Watch Boxes, Customer service and Contact us. The products can be found in the Menu located in the left side of the page. Here there are all the available brands, and these are not just a few. The list is incredibly long. You have to scroll down about two or three screens to get to the end on this menu. This means that the company offers a very diverse and wide collection of replica watches. Surely, this is a very good place to find a beautiful fake timepiece.

Pure Swiss Replica Watches

Every brand is divided into sub-categories and when you move the cursor on one of the watch designer names, a list with the available collections unfolds. An advanced search isn’t available, but this isn’t really needed as each sub-category has only 10 products or so.

The watches are sold with three different types of movements: there are two versions for Asian mechanisms and one for Swiss ETA mechanism. The customer can choose between these three and the final price depends on the selected type of movement. The replicas with the most affordable Asian mechanism cost about $100-$200, the ones with the higher quality Asian mechanism are about $150-$250 while the superior Swiss ETA versions are $300-$800, depending on the design and materials used on the watch.

The description page for these replicas is very brief. It lists all the important particularities of these watches without any additional details. For any watch fan who has a broad knowledge of the functions and materials available for imitation watches, this very short description will seem very useful, but for a person who does not know that much about replica this information will simply be incomprehensible.

The company has very good product photos. Every replica watch features more than 10 very professional and clear images that show all the important parts of the watch. You can see small details such as the band, caseback, bezel, crystal and in some pictures the caseback is removed so it can show the inside mechanism. This is a very good thing, reinforcing our trust in the quality of these fake watches.

Pureintime.org is able to process payments by Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire. What I have noticed is that in the order form when you are supposed to select the desired payment option, for Visa and Mastercard there are several different conditions like “amount less than $1000” or “amount over $1500”. These options seem so complicated and confusing, especially as they refer to such a simple thing as paying with your card online. When things aren’t simple and smooth, you usually start having your doubts.

The store can deliver packages worldwide, but the delivery isn’t free. In fact, it seems very expensive. For example, the delivery to USA by Fedex, DHL or UPS costs about $45.00 and it takes about 5 business days for the package to arrive while the delivery by EMS costs $25.00 and takes about 7-10 business days. Of course, the company also needs about two days to have the order prepared for shipping and all packages are sent with a tracking number. Still, for me it seems very much money to pay just for shipping.

It seems that orders can be returned for refund, replacement or repairs only within the first 8 days from the delivery. If you are sending the replica watch back for a refund then you will be refunded the initial transaction amount minus a 25% restocking fee and a $50 return fee. Additionally, all the return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. That sounds way too costly for my tastes. For a replacement there are no restocking fees or return fees to pay, but you still have to support the costs of shipping the order back. Also, it does not say for how many days from the delivery they will offer to repair the watch for free? Is it just 8 days? That doesn’t seem like a very fair repairs warranty.

Pureintime.org can be contacted by live chat, email address and contact form. It does not have a contact phone number and the email address is a very unprofessional Gmail account. Still, the live chat works and it offered me the chance to speak to one of their operators. Her name was Sally and she was quite helpful and patient in clarifying all of my doubts. She answered a bit slowly, but her answers were very useful.

Pureintime.org is just another fake watches online store that gets our attention with an incredibly wide collection of knockoffs available at very tempting prices. The website has an elegant appearance, beautiful and professional product photos, diverse payment methods, a return policy and even a responsive live chat service. But I still cannot allow me to fully trust it because of its lack of consideration for the products descriptions, high shipping fees and very costly return policy.


Are you looking to order one of the most beautiful, affordable and good quality replicas on the market? Say no more! Kuvarsit.me, an international replica watches online site promises to fulfill all your dreams and deliver the perfect imitation timepieces.


On the top side of the page we find links for the “New Arrivals” and “Featured Watches” while in the left there is an incredibly long list of available watch brands. By the looks of it, this supplier has a very wide selection of designer brands and it is prepared to satisfy even the most demanding or exotic tastes in watches. The categories are less impressive. These do not include a very large number of designs. Each brand is divided into subcategories that are very thoroughly organized and these list only best sellers and not the less popular, but also beautiful models. Because of the very limited number of replica watch models, not having an advanced search option or a filter isn’t an actual problem.

Kuvarsit Replica

Kuvarsit.me has replica watches for any budget, starting with the affordable Japanese imitations priced at $120-$150 and continuing with the more pricy Swiss fakes that cost between $250 and $500. As long as you know what grade and price tag you are looking for, you will surely find something right for you here.

If you want to buy a replica watch from Kuvarsit.me then the payment methods you have handy are: Credit Card, Western Union, Bank Wire and Money Gram. Are you curious to find out what are the accepted credit card types? In the order form, under supported credit card payments it shows Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. I did try to submit an Amex, but, to my surprise, the website did not want to take this type of card. It said unavailable card option every time I entered it.

The company offers three choices for delivering your package. You can choose to receive your package by regular mail which takes about 14-20 working days and it is completely free, EMS which takes about 7-14 working days and costs $13 and FEDEX/UPS/DHL which takes about 3-5 working days and costs $35. Depending on how much time you are prepared to wait until receiving the order, you can choose one of the above options. Please note that all of them have a tracking number that will be emailed to you after the order is shipped.

It is good to know that Kuvarsit.me provides a 180 days repairs warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and if your replica watch cannot be repaired then it will be replaced. The warranty will be revoked if you first try to repair it by yourself. If you need to send the product back and ask for a refund or exchange then you must do so within 14 days from the delivery. The replica must be in its original condition, the shipping fees must be paid by the customer, and the refund amount will be just the price of the watch (the initial shipping fee will not be reimbursed).


Kuvarsit.me is a simple looking online replica store that uses a safe black background; many watch banners and a simplistic layout. Honestly, its appearance isn’t at all that impressive. The top and left side menu bars aren’t very noticeable or inviting. From my point of view, this replica website doesn’t look at all very professional.

The description of these replicas is sloppy and very schematic. Indeed it mentions all the important particularities of these knockoffs, but these are not very suggestive and for someone who does not know that much about replicas, it may fail to inform about the most important aspects of these watches.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: The product pictures show the huge lack of professionalism this company has. These do not look at all like presentation photos meant for a catalog of replica watches. In some of the images you can see someone’s hand while holding the products, messy leather surfaces, while other images have a brown velvet background. The ones from the first category have many additional pictures that show the products from all possible sides. These pictures are quite clear and detailed. The ones from the second category are used just as the main image for some replicas that do not have additional photos. I find this big discrepancy as a clear sign of the company’s disinterest towards the quality of its products and services. I honestly doubt that the merchant cares that much about its customers’ satisfaction.

Customer service: I really cannot say that I am surprised about the fact that this merchant does not have a responsive and reliable customer service. What it really provides is the appearance of a customer care department: one that is supposed to have chat and email support. Instead of this, the live chat does not work as the service has never been set up by the website’s administrator and the email is actually a very doubtful Gmail account. There is no word on the website about having any contact phone number. In no way, I would ever recommend you to shop for a replica watch online unless you are able to establish an actual conversation with the company’s customer service.

Summary: There are replica watch companies that manage to convince you of the quality of their products, of the diversity of their collection, advantageous prices, speedy delivery and fair warranty, but fail at proving their liability and professionalism. Things like providing a responsive and friendly customer service, coherent payment policies and risk free return policy are highly important. These show how liable a company really is and how safe your replica purchase will turn out to be. Take a moment to consider all the above Pros and Cons before you order. It may very well make the difference between a satisfactory purchase and a disastrous one.


If you are looking for an online replica store from where to purchase your fake watches then MyWatches.co might just be the right place for you. This fancy imitation watches site promises to offer us the best deals and the newest top quality replica designs. Is it really as good as it sounds? Let’s find out!



The website is user friendly and getting started is very simple as all the available brands are quite visible on the top menu bar. This menu is extremely thick and it displays all the watch names that are being sold here. As long as you know what interests you, shopping on Mywatches.co will be a piece of cake. Furthermore, the brands are divided into sub-collections that share the same name as the original brand collections. And if you are focused on a particular budget or style of watch then you can use the left side advanced search bar to filter the products. With a few clicks you will have the possibility of viewing just the replica watches that interest you.

The prices are listed in GBP and the products are divided into two types of qualities: Japanese or Swiss made. The less expensive ones are the Japanese made watches that range between 80 and 250 GBP. These are equipped with either a quartz movement or with an automatic Myiota mechanism. On the other hand, the Swiss watches cost about 250-500 GBP and come with a high grade ETA mechanism. Basically, this is the average price for replica watches available at most online fake websites.

The description page is very thorough and well organized. It manages to present in a very detailed way all the important specifications of these replica watches. Things like outer materials, design particularities, movement quality, functionality, markings, colors, size and thickness are all mentioned and explained so that every visitor can clearly understand the quality he should expect from these fake watches. A very cool feature on the description page is the “Get a £3 Coupon Code!” This is practically a button that once clicked opens a new window, window that contains your discount coupon code.

On the bottom of the website we see the logos of the accepted payment methods and these are: Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank Wire. As nowadays when it comes to a replica watches store seeing is believing, I just had to test it and see with my own eyes that it does take Mastercard. So after Checking Out, the options I had for payment were Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. Bank Wire wasn’t available. I clicked on the button for Visa and Mastercard and indeed I was able to enter my Mastercard details and submit my test order. That was a real shock! There are not that many replica companies out there that are able to process Mastercard and I just didn’t expect Mywatches.co to be one of them.

Mywatches.co is able to ship packages worldwide and the best part is that there are no shipping charges. The delivery is free regardless of the destination country. Pretty neat, isn’t it? And as this wasn’t enough, the packages aren’t sent with EMS or AirMail. All the orders are shipped only with DHL. A tracking number will be emailed to you so you can track the package at any time. Also, the estimated delivery time is about 1-5 working days.

This replica watches company provides a 14 days refund and exchange policy. If you have received a watch from this fake store and you are not satisfied with it then you can contact the company and request the return information so you can ship it back for a full refund. The entire amount you have paid for the order will be refunded, including the initial shipping charges. If you wish to exchange the watch then this is also possible. Once the returned item is received at their warehouse they will dispatch a replacement. All packages sent back to the company need to be shipped with a tracking number.


Mywatches.co has a very stylish and modern appearance. Its homepage has a stripped gray and black background, with a white menu bar, white text and featured products sections, purple colored top bar, as well as pink and purple flowery embellishments. This type of template looks very nice, but it is more suitable for websites that target women; while the watches we find on Mywatches.co are mostly men’s watches. Still, I guess we could overlook this detail just for the sake of a good aesthetic sense if it wasn’t for the fact that this template is one of the most used one by online replica shops. There are countless fake watches stores that use this same design. I know that we are dealing with imitations here, but isn’t there a limit? At least try to create a unique appearance so that the customers will remember you and return on your site.

The company only provides a 14 days refund or exchange policy, but it does not say anything about a repairs warranty. This is very important because if the replica watch breaks after the first 14 days then there is nothing you can do to fix this. A local jeweler will not touch it and the only one that can fix the defect is the company that sold it.

Domain registered:  US

Pictures: The pictures we find on Mywatches.co are impeccable. These are very good quality images, very clear and very descriptive. Each replica watch has about 10 different photos showing various sides and parts of the product. The last picture from the gallery shows the knockoff on an actual wrist and gives you an idea of how the product will look on an actual person and not just in a display case.

Customer service: Unfortunately Mywatches.co does not show any care towards its customers as its Customer Service department is almost inexistent. Why do I say this? Because the company is reachable only by contact form and as we very well know, in the replica business being easy to reach is by far the most important thing in assessing what company is liable and what company isn’t.

Summary: Mywatches.co is a company that has a very diverse and wide selection of replica watches available at very affordable prices. As an online shopper you have available the right set of tools in order to asses if these watches are of the quality you desire or if the company offers the services you need: detailed products descriptions, excellent product photos, free and fast DHL delivery, 14 days refund and exchange policy, Visa, Mastercard and Western Union payments, attractive discounts and a user friendly website. The discouraging parts are the fact that it does not offer a repairs warranty and a responsive customer service.