Copycat Store Watches Review

Stunning as they might seem, these days, replica watches are like playing the lottery. If you do not know where to buy good quality imitations and how to make sure these are the closest version of the original product at the most affordable price, you could seriously be disappointed by your most recent purchase. This is why knowing what the best places for shopping replica watches are, is crucial. It can make the difference between wasting your money and an excellent purchasing decision. Naturally, when you come across a replica online store that looks as reliable and trustworthy as does, you feel relieved and hopeful about the prospects of buying an imitation watch. But appearances can be deceiving in this business and no matter how trustworthy a merchant might seem, we need to do our research right, be aware of its pros and cons, and know for sure if it is the right choice for satisfying our fashion needs. features a very clean and appealing homepage that doesn’t use complicated details or functionality which might be tricky for inexperienced visitors. Its design is easy on the eye and its functionality sticks to a minimum so that its usability can be maximized. After all, there is no point on having useless features if only just a few of us really need them and know how to correctly use it. Still, it has everything you would expect from a replica watches online store. On its homepage there is a simple top menu bar in white and black which includes all the available brands and when you move the cursor over the brand names, a drop down list of collections unveils. From here you can basically start browsing for your favorite timepiece in just a few clicks. It doesn’t get easier than that, right?

To keep things to a minimum and well dosed, is designed in black and white, a classic and safe color combo choice with which no one could ever possibly fail. But there is more to this homepage than just a simple color scheme and an easy to use menu. Below the menu bar there are four large banners of the company’s best-selling brands. Rolex, Omega, Tage Heur and Breitling are the names showcased here and of course these banners lead to the brand collections represented by their names. And under the banners there is a section where best rated products are showcased and even lower on the page, there are 4 small banners for the Elegant’s Watches, Men’s Watches, Women’s Watches and Sport Watches. And right on the bottom of the screen there is a sliding area for the Latest News which allows you to access the store’s own blog.

After you’re done with admiring the homepage and you get down to actually browsing its products and see which one is right for you, you simply click on one of the brands from the top side menu bar. This takes you to the brand’s page where you will see listed all the available models. Here you have the option of sorting the items by Popularity, Newest and Price. Also, on the left side of the screen you will notice that a side menu bar will appear showing all the available brands, their subcategories and how many products are in each subcategory. Below this left side menu there is a price filter, a dial color, a Gender and Man selection butons. Needless to say, this eases very much the entire browsing process.

Talking about price, these replica watches cost anywhere between $185 and $245. I think it is fair to say that these are pretty affordable prices. After all, let’s not forget that some of these original brand watches are more expensive than a car and some can even compete with the price of a house. This being said, it is really easy to understand why so many people prefer buying a replica timepiece instead of the genuine product. Because no matter how much you like it, it still is just a jewelry, an accessory and nowadays you need to be responsible about your money even if fashion and style are your passion. So why not spend a couple hundred bucks instead of $10,000 or more? I also have to mention that these days, $150-$250 is the average price asked by online replica watches merchants for decent quality Japanese imitations which is really a very good price considering how authentic these products are. offers a pretty diverse range of replicas from the most appreciated brands available of the market such as Rolex and Cartier to Breitling and Patek Philippe. Here you will surely find something to indulge your lust for high end timepieces. To keep things simple, this online replica merchant doesn’t offer hundreds and hundreds of models of the same brand. It has a very short selection of best-selling designs which are neatly listed and displayed so that we can make our decision quickly and simple.

When you are buying a replica from you have a range of payment options to choose from. The company offers the following choices when it comes to paying for your order: Western Union, Bitcoin and Echeck. When choosing to pay by Western Union all customers enjoy a 5% discounts whereas Bitcoin payments get 15% off. As we are all motivated by lower prices, I think we can agree that these discounts are not something that can easily be ignored and most of us would probably pick one of these two payment options just so that we can pay less.

One very good news when it comes to buying replicas from is that this company offers free worldwide delivery. Yes, you’ve read it right. No matter what replicas, how many you buy and where you want them delivered, you will get free of charge shipping. Isn’t this great or what? Not that many replica merchants offer this nowadays so I think you can agree that it is a really great thing. It is the detail that makes the difference when it comes to getting the best deal out there. Furthermore, the orders are being shipped only with major International carriers such as EMS and DHL, a tracking number is provided so you can follow the progress of the shipment online and the usual delivery time is about 4-7 business days.

This merchant provides a 10 days money back or exchange policy. Basically, within the first 10 days from the delivery you can ship the product back if you are not happy with it and they will issue a full refund. If the replica watch has been worn or used then you cannot return it for a refund, but for an exchange. Another thing is that the company does not charge a restocking fee, but the shipping back costs are the customer’s responsibility so before sending an imitation watch back for a refund or exchange take all these into consideration and decide if it is really worth the hassle.

Even though this online replica store offers customer service only by email, I was very impressed with the quality of their services and with how professional and friendly they can be. For almost a week I have sent over a dozen of emails asking about the quality of their replica watches, about the warranty and about the company’s policies and they have always answered my emails quickly and in a sensible manner. I was very pleased with how they took the time to explain everything carefully and with rich details. They’ve made me feel valued. And I also trust them that no matter what happens they will always stick by their products.

From what I can tell, a one of the most trustworthy online replica stores I have seen in a while. It really inspires me confidence and security. Probably because I was able to chat many times with its customer service operators by email and each time I was delighted with the degree of care and attention they’ve showed me. When you invest this much time in communicating with your customers, it is clear that you care about their satisfaction. There are other things as well that I really liked about this company. It offers free worldwide delivery, a 10 days refund/exchange policy, discounts for a selected range of payment methods and really affordable prices. Plus, its website is super easy to use and it looks very modern, fresh and appealing. Now, really, what more could you want? seems to be the perfect place for buying beautiful replica watches at very good prices. It has a nice design, a diverse collection of fake timepieces and affordable prices. It manages to create a very good first impression- the one of a professional store. But is it really that professional? Let’s find out!


The quality of these products remains uncertain to me. All the replica watches available on are equipped with a Japanese automatic movement and the prices are displayed in RS (Pakistani Rupee). Most of these fake watches cost less than $100 which is a very low price for the replica market. But the very surprising thing is that the pictures are very good. You can tell that these are images of the actual fake watches the company sells. And each fake is very beautiful, has the exact appearance of the original watch and all the correct markings.

Usability and Design on the Site:

This replica watches store has a very elegant and pleasant looking website. The center of the page is marked by its sleek sliding banners that show some of the best-selling designer watches in the world. The color scheme is black and white with very few color accents. It has a very friendly and alluring appearance, and it is very easy to browse and use.


I like the fact that this company offers customer service by chat, phone number and email. The thing is that the contact phone number is from Pakistan. Still, it shows a lot of care for the needs of its customers. Usually the companies that are the most responsive are also the most trusted ones.


The only accepted payment method is Cash On Delivery which is pretty strange. I do not know many replica stores that offer this type of payment. You basically pay only when you receive the order, but before you actually open the package so this still doesn’t protect you from the unpleasant situation of receiving a broken watch.

Shipping: ships packages all over the word and there are no shipping charges. That’s right, the delivery is free! The packages are shipped with EMS and the estimated delivery time is 5 business days.

Return Policy:

The store guarantees the satisfaction of your purchase with a 3 days return policy, in which case you are entitled to a refund or exchange. Still, there is no mention of a free repairs warranty which should protect you from the disappointment of discovering a manufacturing defect on your replica watch.


There are a lot of good things to say about I like this store because it knows how to look professional: it has a very beautiful and modern designed website, a wide collection of Japanese automatic replica watches, the prices are very low, the product pictures are of good quality, the delivery is free and speedy, it has a return policy and a responsive customer service. Its only downsides are that it does not mention a thing about having a repairs warranty and that the contact phone number is from Pakistan and many of us don’t have the possibility of actually using it.

Each time we hear the word „luxury” we feel like we’re being hypnotized. This concept has a very powerful effect on us, and is very aware of this. It tempts us with the most luxurious and beautiful replica designer watches on the planet, and undeniably we are more than fascinated by the idea of enriching our watches collection with a new gorgeous fake timepiece.


This company sells only Swiss movement watches, which shows that it is focused on quality. Japanese automatic mechanism replica watches are not available on this online site. And the prices aren’t over the top either. Most of these fake timepieces cost about $400-$700. Another important thing to determine the quality of the products is the pictures which appear to be of the actual merchandise. The photos are of very high clarity and show the knockoffs from numerous angles, illustrating how accurate these replicas really are.

Usability and Design of the Site:

The website looks simple, modern and elegant. Plus, it has an enhanced usability and a very friendly appearance. It simply invites you to discover all of its beautiful fake watches.

Payment: accepts payment by Visa and Mastercard. These are really the only payment methods you want to use when buying replica watches online because card transactions are the most secure ones.


My numerous online purchases of replica watches have showed me that good customer care is everything. There are so many things that can go wrong with an order, even if it is not due to the seller that it is essential to be able to contact the store when this is needed. This is why I recommend you to never ever buy anything online until you are able to contact Customer Care and confirm that these people are reputable and responsive. Unfortunately, can be reached only by contact form, which I do not consider a very responsive communication channel.


The orders are being shipped with EMS and it usually takes about 7 business days to receive a package. All the orders are sent with a working tracking number and the delivery is free of charge. I always prefer companies that offer free shipping because it shows that they are into building a strong and positive relationship with its customers.

Return Policy: provides a 3 days return policy for all its replica watches. Within the first 3 days from the delivery you can choose to send the items back and request a refund, replacement or exchange if you are not happy with the order. Of course, all the return costs must be paid by the customer. Another important thing here is the one month free repairs warranty. If you notice any manufacturing defects on your replica watch, do not waste time. Contact the company at once to send the product back for servicing.


The element of originality of this company is the fact that it only sells Swiss movement replica watches. Besides this, the store has a nice website, free delivery, a return policy, one month repairs warranty and a very large collection of replica watches. What I do not like about it are the lack of alternatives for card payments, poor product photos, high prices and an unprofessional customer service. Review

Like a baby with a new toy, I always get wonder-struck when I discover a new replica watches store. I just can’t help thinking if it is going to be my next first choice for buying high quality imitation timepieces. But before seeing my wrist adorned by an exquisite fake watch I know that I first have to go through some essential steps like testing the reputability of the merchant, finding out if its products and services are right for me, and making sure that I know everything there is to know about this online company.

For me, it all starts with a quick glance at the homepage. I always take this aspect very seriously because it is the business card of any Internet store. The way the homepage is designed and constructed tells you everything you need to know about the shop. It can say if the site is a newbie or if it is a well-established business that has all the essentials for guaranteeing your customer satisfaction. For instance, the homepage of looks like the starting point of a great customer-seller relationship. It has that friendly, fresh and relaxed vibe that makes you feel at ease when viewing its menus, banners and featured products.

I like the fact that it focuses on simplicity. On the very top of the screen there are a few functional buttons for creating an account, viewing your shopping cart and checking out when you’re done shopping. Next there is a slim and discrete menu bar that includes buttons for all the available watch brands, for the company’s blog and for the Contact Us page. And to enhance the site’s usability, there’s a secondary menu bar on the right side of the page. This allows you to browse the replica watches collection easily with just a few clicks. Another thing I like is the 10% discount banner available for orders over $260. Who could say no to such a great discount, right? Below this promotional banner there are two large images, each with links to the Men or Women collection. Splitting the products in categories like Men and Women is a very nice feature as it allows you to go right to the replica watches you want to buy and saves you from wasting time viewing items that don’t match your interests. And last, but not least on the homepage there are also two carousel sections with New and Sale Products. These are for those shoppers who are always looking to get the newest models or the best prices.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a replica watches website that doesn’t waste your time by including in its product collection all the possible brands and models on the planet. Let’s face it! When you want to buy a fake watch you aim straight for the big names like Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, Tag Heuer, IWC, Omega. You don’t waste your time with a watch whose name isn’t playing in the big league. If the real thing doesn’t cost a fortune then believe me it is not worth getting a replica of that watch. This is what I like about It keeps it simple. It carries just iconic brand names and, only, the most popular models ever created. And to make everything even easier, each brand category is organized into sub-collections which can be filtered by price, dial color, dial size, gender and band. As long as you know what you want to buy, you can complete your shopping spree in a matter of minutes.

Now, it is time to focus on what interests us most, the price of these replica watches. As you all know, quality doesn’t come cheap. If you want a good watch you got to be prepared to spend some money. The only thing is that if you opt for an imitation then instead of spending thousands of dollars you will only be paying a couple hundreds. This is a small price to pay when you dream of wearing a Rolex or IWC.  Even though the average price available online for knockoffs is about $250-$300, this site manages to offer a more affordable alternative by asking only $170-$250 for its products. Let’s be honest, its lower prices are very tempting. Especially if we consider the fact that these 21 Jewels Japanese automatic movement watches have great technical specifications. No matter how picky you are, it is hard to resist to this amazing price-quality mix.

On this site, when you find the replica watch you want to buy; only a couple of clicks separate you from completing the order. The first step is to add the product to the shopping cart. Here you will see displayed a short summary of your order with everything that might be relevant for you. You have the picture and description of the replica, the price, quantity, stock availability, the option of adding a discount coupon, the shipping fee calculated for your delivery country and the 10% discount if your order is over $260. Everything is clear, transparent and intuitive. ships its replica watches worldwide. The company tries to keep a very broad spectrum of destination countries and it uses only the most reliable International carriers. The delivery fee is calculated according to the country where you want to have your package delivered. Prior to dispatching your order, the fake watches are inspected for quality control and this process takes about 2-3 days. After the package is sent out the actual delivery takes about 7-10 days. Most orders are shipped with Express Air Mail, but TNT and UPS are also available.

It is very reassuring to know that the company offers a 14 days refund and an exchange policy which applies to manufacturing faults. So basically, if you notice that your fake watch has a defect or is not as displayed on the website pictures then you have the right to return it. Next, there is a 6 months repairs warranty that protects your purchase from any mechanism defects. These two customer oriented policies are to me like a breath of fresh air. Nowadays, most online merchants do not offer returns and repairs warranties anymore. They prefer to hide behind a statement like “our products are 1:1 superior quality replicas” and refuse to do anything if your product malfunctions or do not meets your expectations.

I am sure you agree with me when I say that good customer care makes you feel more confident about buying fake timepieces from an online store. This is why I always try to shop my watches only from websites that offer excellent customer services. This merchant seems to offer pretty nice and friendly assistance to those who have inquiries about its products and policies. On the page there is a chat window that connects you to one of its professional representatives. This is how I started talking to James who was very informative and explained everything about its shipping and return policies. He also helped me find out more about the quality of these automatic Japanese replicas. I was thrilled to see that the emails I’ve sent were, as well, answered in a couple of hours. All these convinced me that this is a great store for ordering imitation watches.

There is no room for compromise when you are looking for a trustworthy replica watches site. You want to be sure that your money is spent wisely and that you can just sit back, relax and wait for your new knockoff to arrive at your door steps. This is why, when you find a decent store like that has good prices, excellent customer services, fast delivery and great return policies you feel the need to share your impressions with other people. So they can too shop with confidence and enjoy a new beautiful fake watch on their wrist.


For those who are looking to buy beautiful designer watches at affordable prices there is always a way. And in this case, the answer is replica watches. These imitation products have the power of offering the great feel of luxury, but at a price that we too can afford. To find out how to know which online replica store is worthy of our attention and which one isn’t, continue reading this review. Review

It comes a moment in the life of every experienced replica shopper when all the websites look alike. Mine hasn’t come yet even though I have browsed hundreds of these types of eshops, but for some reason looks very familiar. I have seen this design before even though this is the first time I have accessed this page. There are numerous fake timepieces shops out there that use the same template. It is a very common layout and frankly I do not understand why as it isn’t that professional or elegant.

The website is a tiresome mix of elements that bother the eye. There are two menu bars on the top of the page. One is for Special and Featured Products and the other one is for Information, Ladies’ Watches and Men’s Watches. In the center of the page there is a medium size banner stuffed with pictures of numerous different watches. Under it there is a brands menu with logos as buttons and even lower there is a huge chunk of text.

Even more interesting is that after you click on one of the brands from the menu the page redirects you to a different domain named The company has a huge collection of company names that range from the most famous ones to the less luxurious ones like Guess or Victorinox. Every category is divided into sub-collections, a very inspired decision considering the fact that every brand includes hundreds of different models.

This merchant has a very interesting selection of replica watches. Apparently, it has three types of movements. One refers to the timepieces with an Asian automatic movement, the second one includes a Swiss ETA self-winding mechanism and the third one is the ‘Clone” quality watches. Curious to find out why the “clone” type of replica is better I started browsing the website. They claim that these watches are 99% identical to the genuine one both in terms of design and mechanism. The Asian knockoffs cost about $100-$200, the Swiss ones are about $100 more and the “clones” are $100 above the Swiss ones.

I was pleasantly impressed by the pictures of the replica watches displayed on this website. The store offers for every single one of its replica about 8-14 high quality photos that display the products from every possible angle. The pictures are very clear, can be enlarged and allow us to get a glimpse of the quality we will be receiving if we order these watches. From the complexity of the dial to the shine of the stainless steel, every detail is thoroughly presented in these images.

Tag Heuer Replica Comparison

Even though the pictures of the replica watches are beautiful, clear and very detailed, the knockoffs shown in the photos are not that accurate as the merchant wants us to think. When we compare photos of the authentic Tag Heuer Formula 1 with the ones of a Tag Heuer Formula 1 replica we notice many differences in the design of the dial. This is the part of the watch that gets the most attention so mistakes here are unacceptable. First of all, the colors of the Tag Heur logo located under the 12 o’clock position are brighter than should be. The most bothersome is the green which looks more like a neon shade. Then, the date window is located in the wrong spot. It should be next to the 4 o’clock hour marker. Instead, it is between the 4 and 5 o’clock marker. The color of the date window is also different. The original one has a black background with white numbers. The replica is the other way around. Next, the minutes and hour hands should be silver with white luminescent coating, but the fake watch has black hands. The bezel is also incorrect. The gradations on its surface are slimmer than the ones engraved on the genuine timepiece.

When it comes to the accepted payment methods, this website takes a pretty diversified range of options. It supports credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and JCB) and it also processes Western Union and Bank Wire. The thing that makes me doubt its liability is the fact that the credit card payment processing page isn’t secured. It does not have that https at the beginning. This means that the details you are entering online are not encrypted, thus anyone can access them., or whatever its name is offers the following shipping options: Registered Air Mail, EMS, DHL and FEDEX. The most attractive one is registered air mail which is completely free, but it is a little bit slow due to its estimated delivery time of 15 to 20 business days. Then there is EMS which costs $12 and takes about 7-10 business days to arrive. DHL costs $30 and has an average delivery time of 5 business days whereas FEDEX costs $35 and delivers the package in about 3-5 days.

On the return page it does not say a thing about offering a refund or exchange in case you do not like the product. The only thing it says is that it provides a 180 days free repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. It also states that water damages are not covered. Furthermore, the customer is responsible for all shipping back costs. Another important detail is the fact that the Return page is full of errors. The text pasted here looks like a HTML coding.

On the website there is a button for the Live Chat service, but this button does not do a thing. It is just for show. When you click on it, it opens a page which says that the service isn’t available because an email address hasn’t been specified. Looks like, the Live chat isn’t functional because it hasn’t been configured by the merchant. Other ways of contacting the store are by Skype and a Gmail email address. or Which one is it? The dual personality of this online replica merchant makes me doubt that it is a reputable source for high quality knockoffs. The company has a large collection of watches, affordable prices, worldwide delivery and nice pictures, but its customer service is just for show, the return page is full of errors and does not mention anything about a refund and the product seem to be considerably different than the original ones, in terms of looks.

Replica watches. The imitation products that allure us due to their ability of offering us the same luxury and sophisticated feel as an original Rolex, Omega or Tag Heuer. These knockoffs are our way of fulfilling our dream of owning a designer watch, but at the same time a decision that needs to be considered with great care. Before going through with our online order we should first be sure that the merchant is trustworthy, that it offers good quality products and excellent services. The way of making sure that this is the case is exemplified below. Simply read this review to get a clear idea on how to identify a liable fake timepieces store. review picture is a whole different type of replica watches store. Is not like your usual merchant. It doesn’t have a common and unprofessional looking website. Its aesthetics suggest elegance and sophistication, the kind of qualities that define a reputable e-shop. The black background is complemented by a medium size banner, a simple top side menu bar with buttons for New Products, Specials, Featured Products and Contact Us. The full list of available brands is displayed on the left side of the page. The center of the screen is filled with numerous sponsored products. The site is nicely organized, friendly and intuitive. At first glance, it seems like a nice place for shopping replica watches.

The merchant carries a wide collection of watch companies’ names. The offer include both very famous and prestigious brands with a long history as well as newer designers that are seen as a more affordable and trendy choice. From Rolex and Vacheron Constantin to Armani and Hamilton, here you will find everything you want in terms of high end watches. The brands are split into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections. This organization is a very good thing considering the fact that every category lists a couple hundreds or even over a thousand different items. But even with this thorough grouping, you still feel the need of having an Advanced Search for filtering the products by price and other aesthetic criteria.

The prices offered by meet the average prices available on most online replica watches websites. And from my point of view, these are pretty affordable for all types of online shoppers. There are two types of grades for their knockoffs. The lower quality one is represented by the timepieces equipped with a 21 jewels automatic Japanese movement and the higher quality one refers to the watches that have a 25 jewels self-winding Swiss mechanism. The later type has a more accurate design and inside mechanism, and it is also more durable.

After taking a look at the majority of the categories available on this site I have concluded that the company does not offer its own product pictures. The timepieces displayed here are photos that were taken in different studios. I say this because the quality of the image, the background where the knockoffs were photographed and the number of pictures available for each model vary from timepiece to timepiece. There are even some photos that show the products in someone’s hand. Also, the name watermarked is also different. Some items have as watermark while others have

As established above, the website doesn’t have its own product pictures, but some of the images listed on the page are incredibly accurate looking. For example, I have compared the photo of an original Rolex Daytona with the one for the replica of the same model. In terms of looks, this watch is almost identical to the genuine one. From my point of view, the dial of the knockoff doesn’t have any obvious differences. It looks just like the real thing. The bezel, case, buttons and bracelet are also incredibly authentic. You can’t spot any differences.

White Rolex Daytona Replica Example

There are 3 options for delivering your package, a really great thing because every customer has different expectations regarding the costs and time frame for delivery. ships packages worldwide by using EMS which costs $13 and takes about 7-12 working days, Fedex/DHL/UPS which costs $35 and takes about 3-7 working days, and Registered Mail Shipping which is completely free and takes about 10-20 working days. The first two options will provide you with a working tracking number while the last one won’t. In my opinion, EMS, Fedex, DHL and UPS are the best choices.

Regarding the accepted payment choices, these are also quite diversified, but the huge downside is that only card payments and Western Union are available. To be more specific, the store takes Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Western Union. Other options like Money Gram, Bank Wire, eChecks and Webmoney are not supported by the website.

I totally disapprove with’s return policy. Apparently, the company does not offer the possibility of returning a watch for a refund. You don’t have the right of changing your mind or to simply send it back because you do not like it. Once you bought it, you’re stuck with it. You can return the replica watch only for a replacement or repairs if it is defective. It does not mention a thing about a restocking fee, but what it is obvious is that the customer has to pay for all the return shipping fees.

This website has a Live Chat button that actually works. I have tested this service and Anny was the agent that took my conversation. She answered all my questions quickly in a very polite manner. I was very happy with her services. Besides the chat option I can’t say that this company has such a great customer care. There is no contact phone number and the email address is a Gmail account.

Finding the perfect replica watches store is an incredibly difficult thing to do, but there are some things that are essential for a trusted Internet store. Sadly, doesn’t offer all of them. I like the design of the website, the fact that it has a Live chat service, many shipping methods, affordable prices and a large range of watches. The negative aspects are the limited payment options, the product pictures that seem to be copied from numerous different catalogs and the lack of a phone number.

A replica watch has many faces. It can be an amazing jewelry that looks spectacular on your wrist and works flawlessly. It can be a cheap knockoff that looks fake from miles away and can’t even keep decent time. Or it can be an authentic looking watch that has some bothersome functionality issues. There are a dozen surprises that come with the purchase of a replica timepiece, but all of them can be avoided as long as you know a thing or two about these imitation products. Naturally, everything begins with finding a good online store from where to order them. has a name that seems to be predestined for today’s lesson on fake watches and it will serve as reference for making the difference between a reputable e-shop and one that is not.

Luxury Replica Watches

It all starts with appearance. What we first see on a website serves as basis for our opinion about that store. In this case, doesn’t impress me much. It has a pretty common looking website. The homepage is something that could have been drafted up in a couple of minutes. Sure, no one likes a super complicated site that bothers you visually and is also difficult to use, but one that doesn’t tell you anything is sometimes far worst. This is just that kind of store. It has a plain white background, a simple category menu on the top, a brand list in the left side of the page, a medium size banner in the center with a Milgauss image that I have seen on dozen other pages and some sponsored products in the lower side.

I like the fact that this merchant didn’t overdo it by including countless different brands in its collection. It has selected only the most popular watch names around and organized them into sub-collections that are easily identifiable. I should probably mention the fact that each sub-collection includes hundreds of different models. For instance, Rolex Daytona has 47 pages that need to be browsed manually. The really bad thing is that there is no Advanced Search to filter the products and make browsing easier or less time consuming.

The company sells Quartz movement replicas, Asian automatic movement fakes and Valjoux self-winding knockoffs. Valjoux mechanisms are usually Swiss made and basically the best quality available on the market. The price for these watches varies according to the inside mechanism and whether the product has diamonds or not. The Asian and Quartz movement imitation timepieces are the most affordable option. These cost about $99 to $130 if they do not have any diamonds. If there are diamonds involved then the price goes up by $50 reaching about $150-$180. The Valjoux automatic movement watches are pricier. These cost about $300-$400 which may seem like a lot for a replica. Well, let’s not forget that the real thing is 10 times more.

I would have loved to see some good quality pictures on this website. Maybe the size and clarity of the images can be considered a fair one, but the fact that the pictures have been copied from several different catalogs is anything but reassuring. This means that the company does not take the photos in its own studio and of the merchandise it stocks. It takes these images from its suppliers or it copies them from other sites, in which case we never know what will actually be delivered to us. Another worrying aspect is the watermark from the pictures. This says when the company’s name is

When you want to see how accurate looking a replica is you just need to take a picture of the fake watch and compare it with one of the original timepiece. You will then be able to spot the design differences. For instance, if we run a quick comparison between this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean fake and the genuine model we can’t see any major differences on the dial. The one that bothers me the most are the hour markers from 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock which should be squared shaped and not uneven rectangular indexes. Also, the space between the date window and the 3 o’clock marker is larger on the replica. The rest of the watch seems to be pretty authentic looking. The bezel has the correct design and gradations, the case is nicely crafted and the buttons are exact. is able to dispatch packages to any country in the world by using EMS and Fedex. The packages are sent for a flat rate shipping fee of $20. This means that the cost of delivery doesn’t vary regardless of the number of replica watches in your order or the weight of the package. Mainly, all packages are sent with EMS. Fedex is used only if EMS can’t deliver to your address. The estimated delivery time is about 10 business days with EMS and 5-7 business days with Fedex. For both shipping carriers you will get a tracking number.

The available payment methods are Visa and Mastercard. The company does not offer the option of paying by Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Gram or Paypal which is kind of inconvenient. I say this because it is not recommended to submit your card details on a webpage that isn’t secured for processing online payments. If would offer a https payment form then I would be ok with paying by credit card on this page, but without an encrypted page any third party can access your information.

It is always good to know that an online store offers a return policy. In this case, the website offers a 5 days free exchange and refund policy or at least they say it’s free. The problem is that the customer needs to pay to ship the faulty product back to their warehouse in China which certainly isn’t cheap. And there’s more. He also needs to pay a 15% restocking fee for exchanges or a 15% processing fee for refunds. Better do your math before returning the replica watch as it may end up costing you even more than you have paid in the first place. The merchant doesn’t say anything about providing a repairs warranty.

I know that when you’re ordering replica watches online you shouldn’t have high expectations from the company and its products, but some things shouldn’t be ignored. Customer service is one of those things. You just can’t order a fake timepiece without being able to contact the store in a timely fashion. From my experience phone and live chat services are the best for resolving customer’s problems quickly and satisfactory. Unfortunately, offers customer care only by email and the worst thing is that this is an unsecure and unprofessional Gmail account. So, dear replica shoppers, before you place an order here make sure you get a hold of their agents and you test their services. Are they friendly and professional? How much time does it take to get an answer to your inquiries? These are all essential when you are purchasing a fake product online.

Even though offers many attractive aspects like the affordable prices, the 5 days return policy and products that in the pictures look authentic, there are also numerous negative things that make us worry like the poor customer service, the product photos that weren’t taken in its studio, the unsecure payment form and the costly refund guarantee. These days, ups and downs are part of the replica business and it is our job to make sure we stay away from the risky sites and choose the decent ones instead.

Who doesn’t love the holidays? And most important- who wouldn’t love to celebrate Christmas all year long? It seems that such an idyllic place exists and it is called This online replica watches store offers holidays discounts and promotions around the clock, from January to December you can at any time buy your Christmas gifts. This site does not discriminate so holidays’ lovers gather around and start ordering your presents!

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The design of the webpage is the most surprising thing about the entire company. When you see the white, red and green images with all the snow, Christmas trees and decorations you are instantly stunned. You simply can’t understand how something like this is possible right in the middle of the year. It seems that the holidays are the main theme of its looks. If this is the result of a well-planned marketing trick or if it just laziness we will never know. Sometimes, after they get their pockets stuffed during Christmas sells these stores consider that it isn’t worth bothering with aesthetic details and they stop updating the site. They simply ignore the banners and the outdated stock. Of course, until Christmas approaches again. When this happens they get back to work and make the whole site shine like a brand new toy on Christmas morning.

The page has two menu bars. One is located on top of the page and it includes buttons for the most popular brands it sells- Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Cartier and Panerai. The rest of the available brands are displayed in the left side menu bar. This detailed list features all the designer names that you can shop on the site. The thing about the collection is that it includes a very wide number of models. For instance, Rolex has over 5,000 different items. Every category is organized into sub-collections and there is also a price filter included on the page which helps retrieve the products that meet your budget. lists all its prices only in GBP. It seems that this company targets mostly UK customers. Also, its products fall into two categories. One is for the 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic movement replica watches and the second one is for the 25 jewels Swiss ETA self-winding mechanism fake timepieces. If the first type of products is more affordable and cost about 50 GBP to 150 GBP, the second one is pricier and range between 150 GBP and 300 GBP.

What can I say? It never ceases to amaze me how an online store thinks that by taking product pictures from several different sources and putting them together on the same site will trick us into believing that it is a stable and trustworthy source of replica watches. For me, such a site that has photos that weren’t taken in its own studio means a serious risk. If I can’t determine the quality of its timepieces by looking at its own product pictures then how can I be sure that what I see in the images is what I will receive? Take my advice, do not order from such a company unless its sends you photos of its actual stock.

Getting a replica watch right is an incredibly difficult thing. And I have just the pictures to prove it. If you take a look at these photos of the Rolex Daytona with white dial and stainless steel case you will notice that one is of a replica and the other one is of the original product. The main difference that can be noticed at the fake timepiece available on is that it has completely different subdials. The indexes from the 3 small dials have different numbers than the ones available on the authentic watch. Besides this detail you can’t see any obvious differences.


If you were thinking about getting free delivery on this online shop then better consider looking for a different source of replica watches because does not believe in “free of charge delivery”. This merchant charges all its customers for shipping and the price depends on the destination country. For instance, delivery to USA costs 20 GBP and it is a flat rate fee. This means that it doesn’t matter if you buy 1, 2 or 10 watches, you pay the same amount for delivery. Also, the packages are sent out with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 10 business days.

I have to say that when it comes to ordering products online credit card feels like the best payment option. This is because your bank is always monitoring and protecting the integrity of your Internet transaction. Other payment suppliers are not that pro-active when it comes to the security of your money. But having a diverse range of available payment methods is a really great way of determining how professional and trustworthy an online company really is. If the store is like and offers only Visa and Mastercard then this isn’t such a great thing. It shows how amateur and unreliable the site really is.

On the website it says that a 14 business days refund and exchange policy is available for all fake timepieces purchased from here. The really neat thing about its satisfaction guarantee is that there are no restocking fees. The only thing you need to do for claiming your refund is to contact the store and ask for the return details. After this you simply ship it back and when it is delivered the refund will be issued in the same form as your initial payment. Please note that the return shipping fee must be paid by the customer.

Maybe you were expecting a contact phone number, a live chat service or even a professional business email, but don’t get your hopes up! This online store is not the type of company that gets distracted with such things. Instead of providing easy to reach and friendly customer care, it has a highly unprofessional and unreliable Gmail account where you can send your inquiries. There are no other communication methods available which is really disappointing. In this line of business, customer service is everything. It can make the difference between a satisfactory purchase and a real disaster. is just like the countless other mediocre replica watches websites out there. It has an incredibly wide collection of products, affordable prices, International delivery and a 14 days refund policy, but even with these great advantages ordering from this store feels like a huge risk due to the lack of alternatives for card payments, the absence of an easy to reach customer service and to its unreliable product pictures which were copied from several different catalogs.

Who doesn’t like watches, especially luxury watches? These are the most desired and stylish men accessory ever. When you wear an expensive brand on your wrist everyone looks up to you. A designer watch empowers you, gives you a certain prestige and elegance. It is all you need to feel like a millionaire. True connoisseurs of our lust for luxury timepieces- online sites- don’t cease to tempt us with extremely beautiful replica watches at prices that meet our budget. The trick is finding the store that mixes affordability with reputability. Is such a store? Let’s find out!

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Judging just by its looks- no, I don’t think it is such a great online shop. It has everything you would expect to find at an amateur site. The design is ugly, the graphic’s quality is quite poor and the homepage is just too busy. At the top there are two overlapping menus, in the left there is a brands menu, in the right a smaller menu with the most popular brands, in the middle a section with sponsored products organized by designers, and under all this there are texts and other sponsored, discounted or recommended products- divided in separate sections. Oh, and let’s not forget the numerous banners from the right side of the screen. tries to offer a considerably varied collection of replica watches as it includes numerous different brands. Still, there are not that many models to choose from due to the fact that the company offers only Swiss fake timepieces. Mostly, these brands categories include only a dozen or a couple dozen items. Naturally, browsing the products isn’t such a tiresome process, but eager to please its customers, the website also includes an Advanced Search option. If you need to filter the knockoffs, there are plenty of criteria to choose from like gender, movement, band material, dial color and case material.

As you would expect from a Swiss replica watches seller, the prices of these products are very high. There’s not much to choose from under $500. Usually, these timepieces range between $550 and $750. That’s just insane for a replica. Sure, I understand that these are supposed to be perfect imitations, but let’s not forget that for $1,500-$2,000 you can get an authentic Tag Heuer or Omega from their entry level line. I think that this replica site should consider aligning its prices to what most fake merchants ask for their Swiss products, $250-$450.

Most of the pictures posted for these replica watches seem to be taken in a professional studio and to reflect the high quality of the products, except for a couple of them that were taken in a different setting and that are of a different quality. Sure, I get that over the years a company will add new items to its collections and it is possible to not have the option of making catalog photos of these replicas in the same studio and with the same photograph, but it still doesn’t look good to have different type of pictures. offers a diversified collection of payment methods. The store accepts the following options- Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union and AliPay. Apparently, if you pay with Western Union or AliPay you get a 20% discount. I sure don’t know what AliPay is, but I know when I should stay away from a replica watches store. And this definitely looks like the type of store you should avoid. Why is that? Well, if you select credit card as payment method the page redirects you to a different replica website. I really do not see a reason for doing such a thing. If you choose Western Union or AliPay it displays the details where you are supposed to send them the money. And that’s it. No order number. No confirmation email.

As expected, is one of those fake watches companies we love so much, the ones that offer free worldwide delivery. The best part about this store is that it claims to offer speedy delivery by EMS, UPS or DHL. Usually, a package dispatched with EMS takes about 7-10 days to arrive and a package sent by UPS or DHL is delivered in less than 5 days. Sounds pretty good, isn’t it? And another thing is that it takes about 3 days to have your replica watch ready for shipping.

The satisfaction of the purchase you make on this online site is guaranteed by a 7 days refund policy. It seems that a full refund can be issue only for quality issues, wrong item or damages during shipping. Of course, this request must be backed up by photos proving the problems. If the reason for returning the goods is different than the ones mentioned above then the company may charge you a restocking fee. Also, all the costs incurred by shipping back the products must be paid by the customer.

The customer care offered by this company is a little different than what we are used seeing at a professional merchant. Basically, you can contact its agents by Skype, MSN and email. The store does not provide a phone number or a regular chat option. I agree that it is still better than nothing, but I would have loved to see that is more preoccupied about offering professional and responsive customer services to its customers.

I do agree that it is very difficult to find a perfect replica watches store and that one should be prepared to accept a few flaws from a website, but tends to overdo it. Not only the company has staggering prices for its products, but it also shocks you with its way of taking payments. The fact that the credit card payment option directs you to a different website and that if you choose money transfer it just gives you the info where to send the money without giving you an order number, all this really makes you wonder if it is such a safe place to order replicas.

It is always about quality. We are constantly looking to get the best quality available, but without compromising out budget. This is how most often we turn our eyes from those much sought after original designer brands watches to the more affordable and average looking replica timepieces. It seems like a reasonable compromise. We decide to get the best quality our money can buy and when it comes to a Rolex, this basically means a knockoff. This is how companies like manage to allure us. They flash before our eyes a couple of best-selling fake watches and we are instantly convinced that we need to have them at once. But whether this is such a wise and secure purchasing decision only time and this thorough review can tell.

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Honestly, in most cases a quick glimpse at the design of a website is everything you need to determine if it is a trustworthy store or not. In this case, my intuition tells me that this merchant is very far from what a decent quality company is all about. The site is very poorly designed. The homepage is the first thing that shocked me. It has a blunt white and black color scheme- plain white background and white menu buttons with black text. The sliding banner is pretty petite, below it there is a large chunk of text and even lower on the page there are the sponsored products. Somehow the page seems disproportioned and difficult to follow. It lacks user friendliness and proper usability. has two menu bars. One is located right at the top of the page and it includes buttons for some important categories (e.g. Rolex, Top 10 Classic, Deals) and for a few informative pages( e.g. About Us, FAQ, Quality Comparison). In the left side of the screen there is the brands menu that features buttons for 16 of the company’s watch names and every single one of them reveals the list of available sub-categories. The collection is pretty diversified, but it is not exaggeratedly rich. Every brand includes from a dozen to about a hundred items. Apparently, the company has selected some of the most popular designs to include on its Internet page. To make browsing smoother, the products can be sorted by price and popularity.

This replica website sells only Swiss equipped imitation timepieces. All of its available brands except Panerai feature watches that are powered by a mechanical self-winding Swiss movement. Only Panerai appears to have a high grade Swiss quartz mechanism. The prices for these Swiss movement fakes start at $500 and can hit $800. Even the Swiss quartz movement Panerai watches cost about $500 or more. This feels like a lot of money for a watch that will go “tick tock”.

The product pictures are plain horrible. The website is a compilation of photos copied from countless sources. There are pictures with a white background, some with a black one, replicas photographed in the watch case, over the wrist, on a blanket, on a piece of furniture and even some obvious catalog photos. Also, on some of the black background images there is the watermark of a different website. Those say “”. My honest opinion is that no one should ever buy a product from such a store unless the company sends him photos of its actual products. accepts the following payment methods- Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Wire. On the website it says that the card options are “new order payments” while Western Union and Bank Wire are called “email send payment methods”. Also, Western Union orders enjoy a 8% discount. My main problem is the Payment Form page that isn’t secure. It does not have the “https” at the beginning of the site’s domain. This means that the webpage is not encrypted and the information you put in can very easily be hacked by a third party. I do not recommend entering your card info on such a page.

Are you ready for some good news? Then let me break it to you! The company offers free worldwide delivery. How about that? Face it, there is nothing more rewarding than finding out that a replica watches store offers free of charge delivery. This merchant sends all its packages with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 10-15 business days. Needless to say, all dispatched orders have a tracking number available.

I do not like the fact that the company does not offer detailed information about their one year repairs policy. On the top of the page it states in bold red letters that all Swiss replica watches come with a one year free repairs warranty, but nowhere on the site does it say what are the terms and conditions of this warranty. Also, there is no mention on the entire webpage about having a refund policy. No question about it, all customers want to know what happens if they get the product and they do not like it. How can they claim a refund?

I am not sure about the customer service provided by On the website it has that eye catching live chat button, but when I was on the page it said “offline” so I simply left a message. The thing, is that on the contact page it didn’t say what are their business hours so how should anyone know when to contact its agents? Also, I did not see any phone numbers or customer service email addresses. The only way of getting through was by using a plain Contact Form. is not all about quality, if you ask me. This replica watches store has a poorly designed website, considerably high prices, copied product pictures, terrible customer services and does not give out any information about its return and repairs policies. The only thing that might trick you into ordering its products are the free delivery and its one year repairs warranty claim.